Sim Animals @ Netto For £1.79

Sim Animals @ Netto For £1.79

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It looks like Netto Try there best to go into the Entertainment Market but couldn't So they are Selling Sim Animals On Wii For £1.79 what a Great Deal I pick up one Yesterday for my child as he is getting a wii for Christmas Great Present for Christmas


I was in mine yesterday were they stick the dvds and stuff they did not have any there.

Good price if you can get one.

Wow that's a really good bargain if you can find one!

However unfortunately, Netto have never heard of Wales, so none anywhere near me.

which nettos have people tried?

Never been to one of these stores. Where do they exist even?

£9 in the Netto in Rugby :-(


which nettos have people tried?

King's lynn

:roll:just been to Grimsby Store £8.99 said they have never been cheaper and they are new in,

They are located at the tills on a display stand.

Wife has just come back and asked the bloke who she know, he said they was £7.99 but was never that price. she went to get somemore pepsi but they ran out :-D

None in Stockton store.

Display said 'Video Games for DS and Wii from £8.99'. Couldn't see any Wii games although the display stand didn't look as though it would hold many games.

Wonder if the OP bought from the markdown section?

None at any price in Newark

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It Must Maybe Only in Peckham Then
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