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Posted 10 June 2022

Sim Only 5G 50GB Data (100GB With Volt) + Unlimited Mins/Texts + 6 Months Disney+ - £12p/m (12m) £144 @ O2

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Get deal here - moneysupermarket.com/mob…es=Good deal, especially if you have Virgin broadband. 12 month contract

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    Switched to O2 5G last winter. Easily the worst network data service I've ever experienced on a phone, when using the phone across the South East.

    I took the deal due to the Volt upgrades, but the issues have rendered the extra data pointless. eg. sitting in Brighton last weekend, with a full set of 4G bars but no data speed whatsoever. Mass participation events, (eg. football matches) in London with full 5G signal displayed, and no data throughput. I was under the impression that 5G dealt with network contention, but apparently not.

    I can't recommend O2 and am actively looking to switch.
    I work around London and the speeds are absolutely atrocious, I imagine it’s the same in any built up area.

    I have contacted their support and there response is ‘we are experiencing busier than usual traffic atm, try to connect to a hotspot instead’ which translates to ‘we are over subscribed what our network can handle, deal with it’
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    Hi Everyone,

    Ok I have done a bit of research as I asked the question many times on here and there was no answer, so I hope this helps anyone thinking of taking out what is an excellent simo deal here. Yes O2 is not as fast as EE but its cheap and personally I feel the cheaper price out weighs the more expensive options.

    Right, I am an existing O2 customer and I am also a Virgin fibre customer so I get the Volt benefits of double data, BUT, there are also other benefits for Volt customers that give you the O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Bolt On:

    My existing line is a 12 month simo with 100gb which has been Volted to 200GB but when I scrolled further down on my account page I found this, clicking on that + icon shows I have the Travel Inclusive Zone as part of my Volt benefits:
    I have the Inclusive Travel Zone so I am happy.
    I then took out an additional line on this deal with the 50GB option and customer services/sales confirmed that once I add Volt to it by doing within my account then it would add the additional Travel Inclusive Zone:

    For new contracts if you are not with Virgin then the following below applies:
    Unless you have a special arrangement with customer services as an existing customer then it will be the Plus Plans that only have the Travel Inclusive Zone applied.

    Hope that helps someone... (edited)

    Replying to

    This deal did not allow me to add the travel inclusive zone, but it did get eventually get added after I e-mailed the o2 complaint escalations e-mail.
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    O2 becoming another Three.. giving you loads of data but no speed.. whats the point
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    As is always the case with mobile signals it is always dependant where you are so this is just my experience - I took advantage of a previous volt deal to move to O2. I have had terrible signal in the town where I work and recently went on holiday and experienced the same. I complained and they have cancelled my contract.
    They are pushing hard for new customers, have alot of companies piggy backing on them and I have found their infrastructure is now found wanting.
    Like I say, personal experience so loads of areas no doubt good.
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    You can upgrade if your already a customer of o2 with this deal. Go the checkout click it and the option appears then.
    Well I've tried it with every uSwitch deal and it allows me to get to the check out screen then tells me its not working .
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    After reading a number of the comments in signal issues I’m thinking twice…having switched to Vodafone last year after being with three for many years I’m really disappointed with Vodafone signal it’s worse than three dare I say. And what makes it even worse is the customer service. Definitely worse than three. Atleast three admit to poor signal Vodafone try everything to avoid it. I was thinking to switch to o2 but the comments have left me wondering…
    You should check the O2 signal first by using any cheap SIM which works on O2, like Giffgaff. O2 may be better or worse for you.
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    O2 have some of the best deals but their data is slow and very unreliable and I live in a big city where signal should not be an issue, it may be that they are just over subscribed with all these cheap plans. Was on EE before and their coverage was way better, the only reason I switched was because where I work there was a EE blackspot. I think you are better of paying the few extra quid for a better service elsewhere . Will definitely be switching when my contract is up with o2. (edited)
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    Can anyone confirm if this includes the international roaming extra for roaming in USA?
    Yes, with speeds capped at 500kbps, so don't expect to download or stream anything in a hurry 🙈
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    I spoke with them through their online chat last week about if the cheap uSwitch deals are applicable for the Volt benefits and I was told that they aren’t. Can anyone confirm if they got Volt this way?
    You can get volt benefits, 100% without a doubt
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    I transferred 2 of 2 SIMs to o2 last week and had nothing but trouble with the reception, so now moving them both back to EE (Plusnet).. We did some travelling in South UK last week and the reception was absolutely rubbish.. Screw VOLT, I rather have good speed. O2 used to be the best, what happened???
  11. Avatar
    OK, take my money! What a deal.

    Just to add, it doesn't seem to be available via the O2 app, (10GB for £15 or 120GB for £20 is the closest). Well not for me anyway. (edited)

    Replying to

    Where is that offer please, 40GB fir £8?Thanks
  12. Avatar
    This is amazing, thanks OP! Would be silly not to upgrade.

    How did you manage that? Can't see how
  13. Avatar
    Ordered this OP, cheers

    However - went through uswitch instead for the same deal (as TopCashback offer £12.60 for uswitch SIMO)

    Will update if it tracks. (edited)
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    I switched to O2 last year from Vodafone, and will be switching back. All over the UK and overseas I find 02 data rates are barely usable. I’ve even done side by side comparisons with my wife who is still on Vodafone where I might be lucky to get 1Mbps on 4G and she can get 20x that on Vodafone. The situation is even worse in the US on roaming where I am lucky to get 3G data rates of 500Kbps. This is the case in New York City, New York State, Texas and California. Occasionally I get 4G speeds but even then it is unusable. Fortunately it is cheap so I haven’t lost out too much and am paying them out and going to move my number back.
    Funny enough I was just in nyc last week, and I can confirm this. My other half has ee, and that was perfect. My o2 on the other hand I couldn’t even load a page half the time. WhatsApp messages never went through at times..
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    Managed to upgrade my existing plan which was 20GB for the same price with this deal. Thanks!

    In terms of reception, O2 have been pretty good around central London area - I get service everywhere you would expect service and 5G a lot of the time. Plus, pretty much being the only company that does eSim and European roaming for free, it was a no brainer for me.
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    Don’t click on ‘Get Deal’
    You need to look just below that there is a big link via money supermarket. It was right in front of my face…(annoyed)
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    If I got the 100hb for £15 via uswitch , does volt kick in then ? I am sure it used to say it on the uswitch page and no longer does .

    Replying to

    OK cool, been tempting to get it for 2 weeks as Vodafone contract is up. Just been a little nervous in case volt didn't apply.
  18. Avatar
    Check description
  19. Avatar
    Upgraded both my lines to this, thanks OP
    Can I upgrade a current O2 contract to this? Can't see how
  20. Avatar
    Thanks. Plus free roaming
  21. Avatar
    Thanks I'm currently with Virgin paying £17.87 for 50GB contract ends in a few days so think I'll swap to this deal now
  22. Avatar
    Nice one
  23. Avatar
    Link doesn't work properly for me ?
  24. Avatar
    Just to echo what others are saying, o2 signal is fine...but nothing works. Sent out a replacement sim and hasn't fixed anything really. Lucky to get phone calls sometimes! Cannot recommend them at all.
  25. Avatar
    Same signal issues with me on 02. Absymal when I’ve supposedly got full bars of 4g. Any mass events, sports, concerts etc forget it. Call drop outs too.
  26. Avatar
    I’ve been with o2 for years and years. They’ve always been brilliant up until the past year. Despite having full 4g signal, there’s absolutely no internet access at all in any city centres. I went into an o2 store and they told me I just needed a sim swap. They did that for me. Still get the same issue of no internet access. They’re now telling me it’s an issue with my phone. I’m just going to move over to EE at some point soon when I can get a decent sim only deal from them.
  27. Avatar
    No issues here with O2.

    Every network will have their ups and downs, all depends where you live.

  28. Avatar
    Thanks just ordered
  29. Avatar
    Do you get the roaming included with this package?
    Ive just been on the chat and they say its included.47611069-e5WOW.jpg
  30. Avatar
    It has eu, but not USA
  31. Avatar
    I just signed up with virgin media broadband with Volt. The sim is only 5GB boosted to 10GB Volt for 12gbp + 18months.
    I want this deal but since my sim was only just activated my account says I am not able to change my tariff since the sim was only just activated.
    I am still within 14 days to cancel the contract... Should I call up, cancel my o2 deal and sign up with this one? Or is there an easier way to get this deal without canceling?
    Personally I would speak to the CS team. I navigated with a guy on the phone to the Uswitch deal, he was aware of it and matched it on the spot for an additional line. Also, I mentioned the TC cashback and he gave me 10% off which gave me the cashback of £14.40 off. That could be because I already have a line with them though. I made the call early morning though so I spoke to someone in the UK....FYI.

    I can also confirm my Volt benefits have been added and I have the Travel Inclusive zone etc. (edited)
  32. Avatar

    Replying to

    Yeah realised my mistake quite quick, but you were quicker!
  33. Avatar
    How do you get the 100GB do I have to have virgin media or something, if so, which I don't have, does that mean I can only get 50GB (edited)
  34. Avatar
    Will you be able to get nhs discount on this?
  35. Avatar
    Working now?
  36. Avatar
    Link sends me to an Iphone 12?
  37. Avatar
    Link is broken, this deal isn’t available though O2, probably 3rd party/affiliate
  38. Avatar
    None of these links works for me is it because I'm already with O2 Just evenutally end up on a page that says "this page is not working" lets me get as far as check out them boom
    I am on o2 and used the Uswitch link at the top of the page no problem.
  39. Avatar
    ill never go with these again always put my price up very often too
  40. Avatar
    Anyone know if this plan has inclusive roaming? (EU + 27 countries)