Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available

Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 30GB data £5pm (First Three Months - £10pm Thereafter) 1 Month Contract @ Smarty (Three)

Posted 21st Dec 2021

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Half price offer is back at Smarty for anyone who missed it last time around

30GB of data, with unlimited minutes and texts for £5 for the first three months (£10 thereafter)

30 day plan, so cancel anytime

All plans include

  • 1 month plan, cancel anytime
  • Unlimited calls & texts
  • Unrestricted tethering in the UK
  • No credit check
  • Fast 4G & 3G data
  • No speed caps
  • Roam like home in the EU
  • SIM, Micro-SIM, & Nano-SIM sizes
Full offer terms

All plans include WiFi Calling to supercharge your signal

How’s the coverage?

SMARTY connects to 4G and 3G network wherever it can. SMARTY is not compatible with 2G handsets.

Check our coverage

How can I keep my number?

Simply contact your previous network provider or text ‘PAC’ to 65075 to get a code valid for 30 days. This won’t disrupt your service. We’ll walk you through steps to enter this code to transfer the phone number you want to keep.

Read more about switching

How much do add-ons cost?

If you run out of data, data add-ons are £1 per GB - the same as it costs on our Data discount plans. To call an 084 or 087 number you can add an “Out of plan” add-on in £5 increments. Add-ons don’t expire.

Read more about add-ons

Can I tether while roaming?

Yes. If you’re travelling in the EU, everything works like home. Data comes out of your monthly allowance or data add-ons. Please see our price guide for information on our Fair Use Policy.

Outside the EU, you need to add an “Out of plan” add-on. See the prices where you’re going.

Do all plans get money back?

No. Only Data Discount plans get money back for unused data. Look for the “Money back” icon on Data Discount plans.

How can I contact you?

Check out our contact us page for further information.

How does calling abroad work?

You can now use SMARTY to make calls to other countries from the UK. International calls and texts are taken from your “Out of plan” add-ons.

See the prices where you want to call

Can I use my plan when I travel?

You can now use your SMARTY plan abroad. In the EU it works like normal up to 12GB. Outside the EU, or to call internationally, you need to add an “Out of plan” add-on.

See the prices where you’re going

How can I leave SMARTY?

Don’t forget, you can always pause your plan temporarily if you’re unsure about leaving. Here are details on how to leave SMARTY. We’re sad to see you go. If there’s anything we can do to help or learn from, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Prices may rise annually - full details here

Mobile contract providers tend to increase your monthly tariff by inflation - and exactly which measure depends on the network:

Three: a Fixed Annual Price Change, 4.5% this year.
O2: RPI plus 3.9%.
EE, Vodafone: Consumer Price Index plus 3.9%.

The date of the adjustment also varies by provider:

Three: April
O2: Announced in Feb, effective from April
EE: Announced in Jan, effective from March
Vodafone: Announced in Jan, effective from April

What is Sim only?

SIM only is just that, where you only pay for the minutes, texts, and data you use on your sim-card.

You will have to supply your own device i.e phone/tablet to insert the sim-card into, hence why it's called 'sim only'
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