SimCity: Complete Edition (PC - Digital Download via Origin) for £6.24

SimCity: Complete Edition (PC - Digital Download via Origin) for £6.24

Found 28th Feb 2018
Base Game
Do you have what it takes to build a metropolis from scratch? Find out in SimCity, a game that tasks you with planning the layout and infrastructure of a fully simulated city. Create a single city or up to 16 cities at once, then track the education, wealth, happiness, and more of your region and the Sims that live in it. Anyone can build a city – but it takes a good mayor to make one thrive.

Plumbob Park
Just drop this scenic park anywhere in your city and watch your Sims revel in the great outdoors! Make your Sims happier, entice more to come to your city and improve your rating as Mayor.

Cities of Tomorrow
What kind of future will you build for your city? The Cities of Tomorrow expansion lets you decide, evolving your cities with futuristic tech and all new city specializations. Want to create an environmentally friendly metropolis that runs on clean technology? No problem. Or, create the ultimate resource-hungry mega corporation to transform your city into a giant money-making machine. Just keep an eye out for giant, destructive robots. They're not terribly fond of cities.

Heroes and Villains Set
With the Heroes and Villains Set, you can place and upgrade the Evil Villain Lair to unleash a crime wave or create your own Super Hero HQ to keep your Sims safe. Will you order up some mayhem with the Evil Dr. Vu, or will you summon MaxisMan to combat crime and save the day?

City Sets
British City Set: Place your own Big Ben and watch the nearby buildings adopt England's classic Georgian-style architecture. Sensible and practical, these boxy brick buildings bring a classic British feel to your town. Plop in some iconic red double decker buses and your miniature London will be ready for hordes of tourists.

French City Set: Place the iconic Eiffel Tower and watch your city adopt the renowned architecture that makes Paris one of the most recognizable cities in the world. With warm stone facades and familiar circular layouts, this authentic French feeling really brings the decadent "City of Light" to your town.

German City Set: Place the renowned Brandenburg Gate and see your city transform to the look and feel of classic German architecture. These buildings mesh together an old gothic look with the half-timbered look that makes Germany's colorful, red-roofed architecture so iconic. With all kinds of flowers and boutiques calling out from windows and shops, tourists are sure to stop by this quaint little section of town.

Airships Set
Take to the skies!

Float tourists into your city with the Airship Hangar or add the Commuter Airship Mooring to help the morning commute. Your city will soar to new heights with enormous airships drifting through your city. Two included Hot Air Balloon Parks will lift your Sims' spirits and raise the neighborhood's land values. Gasp in wonderment as lumbering blimps hover above your stadiums during events. Fill your city with airships with the Airships set and see your city really take off.

Amusement Park
Build thrills.

Create your own customized, fun-filled amusement park! Build your park around your city's terrain and layout using amusement park paths. Your amusement park will benefit both locals and tourists alike as they fill your park, riding all the rides and shopping at the concessions. Take your pick from three themed entrances to bring Sims into your amusement park. Draw tons of tourists to your theme park city and watch them stay in your hotels and spend money in your shops!
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Before I waste 6 quid, anything I should be aware of about this game? On release it was slated. ..
ns643716 m ago

Before I waste 6 quid, anything I should be aware of about this game? On …Before I waste 6 quid, anything I should be aware of about this game? On release it was slated. ..

Cities are small, but all in all for £6 its worth it. When it released I paid around 30 and felt I got my monies worth, was annoying the unreliable connection issues when saving cities at first though.
Does this still require a always on connection, been years since i fired this up.
super game
XP2001st Mar 2018

Does this still require a always on connection, been years since i fired …Does this still require a always on connection, been years since i fired this up.

not any more
Honestly its not a bad game. Yes the cities are small but it adds to the challenge.
I love Cities Skylines too, but that does sometimes feel empty as you can just keep expanding.
ethooo1 h, 36 m ago

not any more

Oh that is good, i will give it a bash now, cheers.

last played July 10th 2014. lol
Edited by: "XP200" 1st Mar 2018
Thanks op
I forgot that I owned this, or at least I tried to push that memory of trying to play it when it was first launched from my recollection.
I could never connect to any of the servers, it seemed to need an online connection at the time.
Thankfully City Skylines came out - which now has around 144,000 mods and assets in the Workshop.

I don't think that this game ever realised the potential I expected from it after SC4.
Worth it or still simcity4 is king?
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