SimCity PC Origin Key £10.99 @ GameKeysNow

SimCity PC Origin Key £10.99 @ GameKeysNow

Found 7th Jul 2014
This is an EA Origin key code for the latest SimCity game!

Despite the awful launch and following months after release, the latest patch seems to have fixed the mess.

Now allows single player offline mode and gets good reviews now, and this aint a bad price at all.

Its part of the GKN 7 Years Birthday so only lasts 24 hours.

Hope it helps someone, dont care about heat.
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How does this run with a HD 4000?
like Oscar pistoriois without his legs on
I want it but its gotta be less than £9.99 it's my rules!!!

I want it but its gotta be less than £9.99 it's my rules!!!

Well get this for 10.99 and then your next purchase has to be 8.99

All about balance haha
not even worth it. u shud rather buy sim city 4000
i am surprised how fricking good this is! considering the amount of complaints and the people wingding about no offline mode i was dubious!

don't be fooled by these people, this game is awesome and the online mode is fantastic! yeah u can play by your self with offline mode with other as its so much fun and weirdly brings in some fun elements!

i got it from gmg last week for 11 quid and have put in a good 20 hours already. so much fun

have some heat sir and spread the good word
Even though the cities you can build with this are tiny compared to earlier versions?

Even at £10.99, buying this is rewarding a company that launched this knowing it would not run properly.
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