Similac Growing up Milk FREE on Boots PointCard

Similac Growing up Milk FREE on Boots PointCard

Found 10th Apr 2017
Got this Similac growing up milk 1-3 years 850g for FREEE! You should check on your boots point card as the offer expires tomorrow.. worth £9.95. Also options are for the first infant or the 1-3 years which is the one I got.. make sure you check your points card as this is such a good freebie to try out on a full size!!
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Was this just sitting on yr card pls. Are you a member of parent club ect.
i have logged in but couldnt find anyting
That sounds illegal to me as no promotion is allowed on any formula milk which I presume this is.
I have this on my card. will see if I can pick up and give to someone who may be able to make use if it
How did you see it did you put your card in one of their machines and it was there
No offers allowed on 1st baby milk, they can do anything they like with follow on milk!!!
Hi. I have the boots app and the offer came up saying I can get Similac Milk for free so I had to double check and ask the worker at Boots who said if the card says it then it's true and it was for free.. the offer will show up on your boots app so try logging on there and it'll come up hopefully. Expires tomorrow so hurry if you are want this.. receipt shows this was £0.00 so I'm sure it's legal as Boots is a big leading company.
If it comes up on my card, I'll donate it to local food bank
I collected one from instore for free, no problem at all as long as you have the promotion loaded to your boots card from the app. My baby boy seems liking the milk! Great freebie!

Donating to the food bank is a very good idea.
Thanks op picked mine up today and donated it to a food bank.
My card was showing another tin of these for free. Valid until the first few days of may. may be worth checking the app. Picked it up and donated to a food bank.
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