Simoniz Alloy Wheel Cleaner 500ml Halfords £1 + other items

Simoniz Alloy Wheel Cleaner 500ml Halfords £1 + other items

Found 9th Jan 2015
Some bargain deals to be had in halfords.

The two local stores to me had lots of stock

alloy wheel cleaner £1…0ml

Simoniz Protection Tyre Treatment 500ml £1…0ml

here is the link to halfords cleaning products, starting with the lowest first…igh


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I thought it might of been as it is a good deal, but I did search for Simoniz, but the halfords dead did not come up. may be it is under a different title?

My mistake..... it was Wonder Wheels for £1 .sorry!

Was going to post this because I saw a guy clothes lining the lot when I was picking up some Wonder Wheels.

I think I've used Simoniz alloy wheel cleaner before and it can only shift surface brake dust, anything else and it has no chance. Probably only worth a quid anyway.

Great stuff! Car needs a clean so ordered a few different products at £1 each...thanks OP!

Site is getting slow, shelves raided!! Great offer so heat added
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