Simoniz car shampoo 5 litres - £1 @ Asda

Simoniz car shampoo 5 litres - £1 @ Asda

Found 9th Aug 2010
Simoniz car shampoo 5L - instore @ Asda

Had quite a few in my local (Havant) + others reporting the same in various stores so seems like its nationwide

Not tried the stuff yet but seemed like good value.

"up to 300 washes" "cleans to a shine every time"

(The link is Wilkinson as I originally thought £5 was a good deal but seems not!)

Thanks for letting me know guys about the £1 offer
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hmm bought this for £1 in asda eastlands a week or so ago
5 litres for a quid? any good?
yeh 5 litres. dont know not used it yet
£3 in my local asda, brings audi s3 upto a lovely shine
now thats a deal!
no deal for wilkinsons then, maybe change it to asda £3
changed the title, seem to be different offers floating about
oh they also had carplan demon shine for a fiver as well i think. might get some of that
Had to double take

Looked like a gallon of cider!!
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I picked a few of these up at Havant for a £1 each. They are all out of date mind. Doesn't seem to have caused any problems. My car comes up great with this!

might have to take a trip to asda! im sure this stuff last quite a long time even if out of date.
i got 6 bottles of this last week from great bridge for £1 each. great buy!
bought two bottles from asda. returning my 5 quid bottle from wilko!
Nice amount of shampoo for your money!

Also works on dogs, leaves a great shine on their coat!
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