Simoniz Original Car Wax 150g - £1.50 Instore @ Tesco

Simoniz Original Car Wax 150g - £1.50 Instore @ Tesco

Found 11th Jul 2015
Simoniz Original Car Wax - £1.50 Instore @ Tesco

Got a couple from the Ingleby Barwick store yesterday

Bargain at £1.50 per tin!
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Must be store specific. In my local Tesco, this was at full price yesterday.
Found it my local store too.. Rotherham..
£6 in wath
Arms like Arnie for everyone! on RTC in Cambridge
Got this last week in Tesco Irvine also had Matt dash cleaner. Soz for not posting. They only had a couple and thought it was store specific.
Taste great on strawberries (lush)
How retro! Had some of this when I had my first car - and I'm 136 now!
Worst wax you'll ever buy ...
how compare to carnauba ?

how compare to carnauba ?

Agree, this stuff along with Turtle wax is crap, only polish worth using is Autoglym - expensive but worth it!

how compare to carnauba ?


Agree, this stuff along with Turtle wax is crap, only polish worth using … Agree, this stuff along with Turtle wax is crap, only polish worth using is Autoglym - expensive but worth it!

Based on what exactly? It contains carnauba. It's a good wax, if you're willing to put in the effort.

It's not a polish, it's a wax, they're completely different products. Wax goes on top of polish to form a protective layer.
bargain for £1.50.

as has been said before, this ain't no polish. this be a wax.

polish first, then wax to protect the polished paintwork.

I tend to use a lot of Autobrite, Autoglym and Poor boys products and use Collinite 476s and I find them great.
I seen this wax in Tesco last month, down to £3. For that price, I thought I would try it and if it was rubbish, I could throw it out.
Now, I did find it hard to work with the wax, I found if you slightly dampen the applicator, you can apply it easier.
It is quite hard to buff off, but as long as you put the effort in, it's worth it.
The beading and water behaviour with this wax is brilliant. I would comare it to Autoglym HD wax. It is hard work, but £1.50 vs £45 for Autoglym HD wax.
Remember this is a 2ax not a polish. This will add a layer of protection to the paint, whereas polish with a compound will remove a layer and srp polish is more of a filler. it masks the marks and swirls.

Bottom line, there are easier waxes out there to work with, but for the money, I found this stuff was great.
Can't be that bad if Auto Express gave it 4/5 stars at a £7.99 price point.

how compare to carnauba ?

No need to "compare to carnauba", it is carnauba based.
Kinda funny when people call this rubbish and then call it a polish. This wax is good, lasts a long time and cheap even at the normal price. The trick is to buff off straight away, leave it on for longer than 10 seconds and it will be a **** to get off, so you have to do small areas at a time rather than whole panels.
Bought this at £3. Very difficult to buff off and takes some effort. Not as easy as Collinite 476s. Does give a very good shine and beading once done though.
I've used the autoglym hd wax and it's better than any other wax I've used Inc mer , etc , but for £1:50 this carnuba wax has got to be hot
Goodness, this is old stuff, I used to use it 27535 years ago, didn't know they still made it!

However, for our younger viewers, who may wonder how it compares to today's "miracle" treatments at £30 etc, well be in no doubt - this is up with the best of them, as long as you don't mind a bit of hard work.

I used to look after a wedding and funeral fleet many years ago, and this stuff was used. The gloss and water beading are outstanding, and it lasts well. Its particularly effective on black.

Today however it's big problem is that many modern products will give you 75% of the result for 25% of the effort. It's hard to use, you only do a small area at a time, and buffing it off will keep you fit! Woe betide you if you let it dry on.

For the quality of finish potentially available, it's the bargain of the century - make no mistake, an application of this in autumn will see your car through the winter.

and these days, you could try an electric polisher!
Decent stuff for the price. Remember there are three stages to a good car finish :

Clean - wash with a wax free degreasing solution and then clay off any decontaminates.

Polish - use a good quality like Meguiars or Autoglym SRP

Finish/Seal - using a high quality wax , solid or spray

While this may be cheap - technology has moved on so much in terms of waxing. There are other cheap waxes that will be easier to apply and work as well.
Wax On, Wax Off
Mer is on offer in Costco, bought 2 last week £10 for 2 litres

Arms like Arnie for everyone! on RTC in Cambridge

Which one, didn't find it in Newmarket road store.
anyone seen this is any stores ?
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