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Posted 17 September 2022

Simoniz SIM0010A Original Carnauba Wax 150g - £4.59 @ Amazon

£4.59£843% off
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Looking arounf for some car wax and came around this. Wondering if it's any good.

  • 150g Original hard wax with natural carnauba
  • Lasting protection, brilliant shine


Simoniz SIM0010A Original Carnauba Wax 150g £4.59 @ Amazon UK

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Simoniz Original Wax

Shine Guaranteed

Simoniz Original Wax is assured to give you a deep, long-lasting shine that you can be proud of and makes it easier for you to keep your car looking good for months.

Our classic wax has been trusted for decades and still wins awards today, thanks to its powerful protective properties and high-quality finish.

  • Brilliant shine
  • With natural carnauba
  • Long lasting protection against marks and fine scratches
  • Lasts up to 12 months, even between washes

Deep, long lasting shine
Your car will be protected with a mirror shine finish that will last for months.

The Original and Best
For over 100 years, our award-winning car wax has been helping motorists protect their paintwork

Get a Brilliant Shine
Our classic paste wax has been trusted for decades and still wins awards today, thanks to its powerful protective properties and high-quality finish that brings a lasting shine to your vehicle.

Long Lasting Protection
Thanks to our carefully developed formula, your car will stay looking its best for up to 12 months – such is the power and durability of our beloved Original Wax.

With Natural Carnauba
Carnauba wax is insoluble in water so will protect your car in all weather conditions, even after washing.

How to use Simoniz Original Wax

Applying Simoniz Original Wax is simple.

You’ll need a good quality applicator pad as well as a microfibre cloth for buffing, both of which should be clean and dry before you start.

Ensuring that your car is cool, apply to a small area and buff to reveal a beautiful, deep, glossy shine. Don’t allow the wax to set or it could become difficult to remove.

Work on one body panel at a time and don’t allow the wax to dry. Buff with a clean, dry cloth.

Expert tip: To prevent premature drying and to extend the buffing time, try dampening the application cloth first.

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    Price matching Euro Car Parts should anyone want to avoid Bezos.
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    Difficult to apply but good when on. If your not used with a hard wax I would pass unless you have an electric/pneumatic polisher as your arms will be tired before you've done the bonnet.

    Goof old turtle wax in the green bottle (the original ) is good on a budget (just dont get it on rubber).
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    I've got 2 tins of this. Used it once. Absolute nightmare to work with, never again. So many good spray waxes nowadays I will never waste my time with a hard wax again. Unless you enjoy the pain it's just not worth it imo. If anyone lives in Falkirk area you are welcome to the 2 tins I have.
    Agree with this. Spray wax once every three months at 5 minutes per application compared to an hour with a paste wax.

    Still got 3 bottles of turtlewax dry and shine after the euro car parts error a year ago.
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    Will this work on hair?
    You have a hairy car?
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    Funnily enough I've just waxed my car with some stuff I found on my garage shelf "Greased Lightning" showroom shine I bought off a TV shopping channel a good 10 years ago! It contains Carnauba wax and it was brilliant.... excuse the pun. So easy to use still and it doesn't need much effort to get a good result.
    The tins of wax polish takes me back to the 60's.
    Is that the stuff that is for waterless 'washing'? I think I have some still in the garage also. It was a decent wax
  7. Avatar
    Any good for my surfboard?