Simple Audio Listen at £99.98! @  Lambda-tek / Groupon

Simple Audio Listen at £99.98! @ Lambda-tek / Groupon

Found 15th Dec 2014
I recently purchased the Simple Audio Go (smaller portable version) as part of the black Friday deals on Amazon. What an amazing product. I then looked at the Listen from my living room but the price was a little high for me. This is a bargain, it is £300 plus everywhere else. Has won some decent awards and the sound quality is top notch.


Mixed reviews at £400 and good amazon reviews from people sent free samples as part of the Vine program (no one else buying at full price), probably worth £100.

Bought some of these and they arrived today, very 'premium' packaging, they're a xmas present unfortunately so can't try them out. Looks easy worth £100 though.
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