Simple First Aid Kit - £1 *Instore* @ Poundland

Simple First Aid Kit - £1 *Instore* @ Poundland

Found 26th Feb 2011
Bought one today,nice and light good for hiking i think,plenty of space if you want to add to it.

Pics of contents below(taken with my Fuji Ax250 which i got via hotdeals ).Thanks hot deals.:)

Could Save your life for a quid!
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there ya go...
Dodgy flickr link but have some heat for the deal
Picture 010 by marwood88, on Flickr

there you go.
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nice 1 kudos,thanks.
No stretcher or even an air ambulance?
Nice deal, we actually brought a similar one which also included wipes as well, we got it from the Post Office for the incredible price of 50p, but not sure if they still do them now and if it's nationwide..
i need a nurse...........
No PAYG MOBILE included???! Seriously good price.
Nice one, heat added, a simple kit like this is handy to have with space to add things to eg latex gloves , latex "finger johnnies" etc, this is the sort of kit I bought ages ago & simply keep adding to, keep it in my rucksack for days out at the park (loads of puking kids & cuts etc) well as on the mountains in winter
Thanks for posting, reminds me to get some tweezers!
i love anything from pound land you say to yourself hey cant be bad for a quid.
well if the giant box of plasters i got for a squid are anything to go by then you can forget this.
they ranged from pimple sized to minor abrasion on pinky finger .
in fact if you put the whole pack together you might just cover a shaving cut.
might get one just to ring the alcohol out of the pad for a quick tipple....

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Oh wow, that's a good deal. I am going travelling in 4 weeks time and was looking for a cheap first aid kit! Had no idea they could be £1!!!
bought one of these 2 yrs ago for camping
we added to it eg sachets of calpol,anti histamines etc
good size and fab for £1!

ideal size for popping in the glove box of your car,or rucksack / changing bag for those inevitable kids scraped knees etc !
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