Simple Soothings Birthday Gift

Simple Soothings Birthday Gift

Found 19th Feb 2008
Not sure whether uk or not. But i signed up and have to wait and see. You could put your birthday as tomorrow and see what happens.

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well ,just put my b/day for tomorrow have to wait and see
thanks anyway

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well ,just put my b/day for tomorrow have to wait and see thanks anyway

so have i lol! :-D

happy b/day for tomorrow lol

saw the site.. it's in the usa.. wonder if they will send it out over here.. do let us know if you do get it in the post.. good luck!

I will need to remember about this, as I will wonder what the email is when its my birthday.

It will probably be a money off voucher for there site, if you spend a certain amount and it wont even cover the postage. But here's hoping its not.

Happy birthday to those peoples that have two birthdays (all the ones tomorrow !!)

many thanks

a very happy UN-BIRTHDAY!!! to you!

I lied about my birthday too, as can't wait until July!!!!

Gave it a try, I'll wait and see...

i dont know what anyone else got for their birthday but i got an email to wish me happy birthday and telling me there was a free bar of soap waiting for me when i ordered something.
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