Simply Drums - Book, DVD and Drum sticks - Head was zavvi (Sheffield) £4.00

Simply Drums - Book, DVD and Drum sticks - Head was zavvi (Sheffield) £4.00

Found 6th May 2009
Discover the oldest instrument in the world with Simply Drums. Join Cameron Skews as he shares his passion for the drums and for playing a beat. drummer for over 20 years, Cameron has played drums over a diverse range of music styles and is an experienced performer and drumming teacher. Cameron takes you through the basics of drumming, from choosing your drums and setting up the kit to reading music and applying a rock beat.

With information ranging from holding the sticks, hitting the drums and cymbals, using the bass drum pedal through to fills, flams, and advanced exercises, there is something for everyone regardless of their experience. Simply Drums covers essential rudiments such as the single stroke, the double stroke, and the paradiddle and includes over 100 drumming practice exercises to reinforce learning and build good drumming and sticking technique.

Whether you're wanting to lay down a solid beat, perform with a band, or play a killer drum solo, SImple Drums will build your skills and help you to achieve your musical goals.


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