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LG OLED55B7V 55" £1499.99 @ Simply Electricals
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
LG OLED55B7V 55" £1499.99 @ Simply Electricals
Back to down near the Black Friday price with 0% interest finance for 12 months and 5yr guarantee. Decent! Quidco do 2.2% cashback, but I've not included it as I find sale items d… Read more

still holding fire ....waiting ....waiting


Looks like a lot of retailers followed to the £1499 price


Yeah totally. Having had IB on my last two Samsung phones I know it's a real issue. Especially with apps like Waze. Different thing on the TVs sure but my daughter sure does find the worst channels for logos (I'm looking at you obnoxious 100% opaque white HD letters in Disney junior HD). Can't face the anxiety any longer! My wife thinks I'm making her change channel for educational reasons 🤣


It's an odd one from sony, the xe90 is direct lit bit the xe93 is edge lit. I was always under the impression that direct lit was preferable! I have a 2012 Panasonic plasma so anything is bound to be an improvement at this stage :-) the GT50 was a great set in its day though. Also it's IB not IR that I'm concerned about, unlike my plasma where I run my "commodore 64 loading screen" disc every now and again to even the IR out, the organic material in OLEDs actually degrades and the only thing you can do is degrade the rest to match lowering the overall brightness of the screen. Now in practical, real life examples these things can be hit and miss, depending on usage. But as a long term plasma user id rather be shot of the concern. Also I'm saying this more to convince myself as I realise the LG will have a better picture. (embarrassed)


That’s the thing, I’m not too keen on too much faffing about with more gear. Just want a simple tv setup with better than average sound without spending more money on amps and speakers and cabling.

BRAVIA OLED KD65A1 65" HDR 4K Smart TV (possible £500 Sony cashback, plus 2.88% TC cashback, could make it £2,918.39 effective)
Found 29th Nov 2017Found 29th Nov 2017
BRAVIA OLED KD65A1 65" HDR 4K Smart TV (possible £500 Sony cashback, plus 2.88% TC cashback, could make it £2,918.39 effective)
65" 4K OLED TV with HDR 10, Dolby Vision and HLG HDR processing. 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Free delivery. £500 cashback from Sony (until 24 December 2017). Details at: http… Read more

Any owners of this TV and can confirm if its had the Dolby Vision update yet?


Thanks for the info Darren. As most processing settings are a hangover from trying to sort out the deficiencies of the LCD days, I'm struggling to understand why you should need processing? If a producer wanted you to see something different from there video capture, surely they would apply the process on there end so everyone benefits? IMO, the great thing about Plasma and now OLED, is that the panel is good enough to provide a fantastic picture without the need for any processing at all. I've demoed lots of TV's from Sony in the past and I've found the processing can make things look better at FHD but this always comes at the expense of SD being filled with artefacts and being totally unwatchable.


With no processing LG is exactly the same as Sony with no processing. Switching Sony's processing on, take it to another level all together.


Lol the guy is lying to you. No atmos.


I have no idea just saying what the guy at Curry told me. Whatever was coming out of it, it sounded really good.

Samsung UE55MU6100  4K HDR with Voucher Code £638.99 (£538.99 with Trade-In Cashback) @ SimplyElectricals
Found 17th Jul 2017Found 17th Jul 2017
Samsung UE55MU6100 4K HDR with Voucher Code £638.99 (£538.99 with Trade-In Cashback) @ SimplyElectricals
Samsung UE55MU6100 4K TV with HDR (8-bit) using the Samsung trade-in promotion and SALE10 for an extra tenner off. This TV is £729 in Richer Sounds and I've seen it more expensive… Read more
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Seems expired, seeing 748.99 now :(


In case anyone is still interested I got my tv delivered a week ago and I love it. Very good tv for the money. I know there's better out there but at this price I think this is hard to beat.


Now £638.99 with £10 voucher and £100 trade in cashback.


thanks nick, I read the Samsung promotion. there is no criteria for the TV you give. it has to be at least 32" and working. great for someone looking to upgrade. pity there is no extended warranty. I checked john lewis, but they don't have this model in stock


I didn't want to put the price to include the cashback since it's at the discretion of Samsung and the initial outlay of £638.99 still needs paid. But yeah - all being well it should be £538.99 after the cashback. *UPDATE* Noticed that wasn't clear in the title so changed it to try and be clearer. I also tried Richer Sounds but they won't match the price.

Sony  BRAVIA KD55XD9305 55" HDR LED 4K TV @ £1099.00 From Simply Electricals Inc 5YR Sony Warranty
Found 31st Mar 2017Found 31st Mar 2017
Sony BRAVIA KD55XD9305 55" HDR LED 4K TV @ £1099.00 From Simply Electricals Inc 5YR Sony Warranty
Great Price includes 5 Years Sony Warranty The KD-55XD9305 is 2016 flagship 4K HDR Ultra HD television from Sony. It has fantastic new technologies such as Android TV, YouView and… Read more

Yea I read that before I got it and I don't really see a problem with it. Sometimes is stutters a tiny bit... but it's fine. I don't go in to the endroid interface much anyway, mainly use it for SKy TV and gaming. But when I do (for netflix or Amazon TV or something) it literally takes seconds, no problem at all


I got price match against HERE But price has gone up now by £40


Who can JL price match against to get the KS8000 for £1,099?


Both are the same price at the moment thanks to price matching at JL.


Well anyway after reading online the 3D on this set is supposed to be terrible... will probably continue to wait for the OLED55E6V to come down in price.

Another decent TV deal - SONY KD55XD7005BU 55" 4K HDR Ultra HD LED TV £699.00 with 5 yr guarantee @ simply electricals
Found 19th Jan 2017Found 19th Jan 2017
Another decent TV deal - SONY KD55XD7005BU 55" 4K HDR Ultra HD LED TV £699.00 with 5 yr guarantee @ simply electricals
This years KD55XD7005BU 4K HDR Ultra HD television from Sony brings fantastic new technologies such as Android TV, and YouView along with enhanced premium finish.
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The ue55KS7000 was down to £850 not too long ago, there is a chance it will drop to that again when the new models are released from April onwards. Not sure if you can stretch to that but by then I'm hoping for discounts on a number of last year's models (not guaranteed though!). To answer your question it depends on your needs. If you aren't using much 4k, 10 bit content then probably not worth it. But personally the next TV I get will last 5-10 years and so I want to future proof as best I can.


I've read all of these threads and the only real option to avoid ridicule appears to be 'be incredibly rich.' I'm not, but really need a new TV as my decade-old 1080i 32" Panasonic is going down. My question is as such: what's better, a 55" like this (which I gather is 8 bit+dithering) or a smaller 10 bit eg 49" Samsung k7000? I know bigger is better with 4K, but I can only do £800 at a stretch to last into the next decade.


Hi David can you tell me the model number that you think is better than Hisense 65KU 7000. Thanks and regards


Hiya David. I just copy n pasted the review I posted. Just thought it would be helpful to anybody non techie (like myself) that had no idea about the HDR thing and would have just believed the manufacturers blurb.


Lol, I'll wait then.

Samsung UE55KS9000 55" 4K HDR Ultra HD Curved Quantum Dot TV £1499.98 with code @ simply electricals
Found 13th Dec 2016Found 13th Dec 2016
Samsung UE55KS9000 55" 4K HDR Ultra HD Curved Quantum Dot TV £1499.98 with code @ simply electricals
One of the top Samsung TV's at the moment in my opinion. Now down to £1499.98 with code GIFT150. Also comes with a 5 year warranty and a 10 year screen burn guarantee. John Lewis… Read more

That's why a KS9000 is better, one of the best screens with very low motion juddering. Read the reviews guys. This is certainly not gonna be mine.


That's why i go for the KS9000, the best tv for sports, very low motion juddering. Read the reviews guys for the difference between the Samsung models.


is anyone else getting terrible motion juddering on these sets. I noticed with the footie which I thought was fair enough but even in normal tv watching news etc.. it's really starting to bug me.


Bought a Suhd k8000 55 brand new on the box for 900£ :D


They have the UE55KS7000 for £729.99 delivered, but it has (what looks like) about a 1 inch scratch on the far left edge of the screen. Id argue its hardly noticeable once the TV is on.

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Samsung UE55KS7000 4K HDR Ultra HD TV , £948.99 (with code) @ Simply Electricals
Found 11th Dec 2016Found 11th Dec 2016
Samsung UE55KS7000 4K HDR Ultra HD TV , £948.99 (with code) @ Simply Electricals
Currently 999 from Currys. Great TV. Cheapest I've seen it at the moment. Use code GIFT100 for the extra £100 off.

The voucher code doesn't seem to work anymore :(


I just got the price match as well, I'm in two minds whether to pull the trigger!


I got John Lewis to price match this last night. Delivery on Monday. If the stuttering is an issue it will be easier to replace with JL. And if it drops in price in the sales I'll claim the difference back.


Mines on order from sonic direct defo 10 bit as that's what I'm looking for. And got it at Black Friday price


I was worried about this as I had all my cable chased into the wall. however just used simple picture hanging velcro to stick it to the back of the tv. simple

Bosch Heat Pump Dryer 8kg (A+) , 2 year Warranty £359 @ Simplyelectricals
Found 21st Oct 2016Found 21st Oct 2016
Bosch Heat Pump Dryer 8kg (A+) , 2 year Warranty £359 @ Simplyelectricals
Uses half the energy of a condenser tumble dryer (A+ energy rating) the offer is @Simplyelectricals but John Lewis have price matched when I contacted them, comes with a 2 year Bos… Read more

Arrived yesterday, very happy so far! The display is nice and sharp, easily read. (or did you mean its hard to understand what its telling you) The other half loves it as no more hanging washing out all the time, I love it as she can dry all she likes without using all the electricity! :p


You are very welcome, i have found that the LED display the numbers are a bit unclear, did you have the same problem?


JL matched inc next day P&P, so JL £500 down to £359 with next day. Winning. :) Thanks OP!!


Absolute bargain, have raised a price match with JL, lets see if they do it...


They must have mistaken the title as heat pump dryers are called heat pump condenser dryers. This is the John Lewis link for the same model and John lewis price match simplyelectricals: John Lewis

SONY KD49X8307C 49" Android TV 4K Ultra HD LED Smart + Sony 5 year guarantee + Free Delivery £749.00 @
Found 12th Aug 2015Found 12th Aug 2015
SONY KD49X8307C 49" Android TV 4K Ultra HD LED Smart + Sony 5 year guarantee + Free Delivery £749.00 @
Sony 5 year guarantee included The Sony KD49X8307C is part of the latest generation of UHD televisions from Sony. The power of this television is delivered through the 4K processor… Read more

It's XR 900Hz


what is the motion rate on this tv please?


Picture quality is superb however the processor on the android platform is underpowered. I bought a Panasonic tx-50cx802 instead. Indeed more expensive but the blacks looked better and the quality of the set and speed of the OS is much better.


John Lewis Sony Bravia KD49X83 £899.00


Had confirmation from John Lewis that they will price match this offer & will do it for both the silver & black version of theTV.

Sony bravia KD55X8509C £1169.00 delivered at Simply Electricals
Found 28th Jul 2015Found 28th Jul 2015
Sony bravia KD55X8509C £1169.00 delivered at Simply Electricals
The price for the bravia KD55X8509C has started to fall....never used the dealer....but this is a very good price.
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gone up to £1249 now....


I would recommend the sony because it has android on it. can download any apps on it from unknown sources just like on android phones. only problem you may have is the smart remote you get with the tv is not smart enough to browse through these unknown sources apps. that's why I use this app called TV Sideview, very very good smart remote


I bought a Sony 4K from this dealer in the new year. Very efficient with next day delivery and all paperwork for Sony 5 yr warranty completed and included with the documentation. Based in B'ham with bricks and mortar store - has various names when selling depending upon the type of electronic goods. I paid them £980 for 49" Sony 4K with twin HD satellite tuners as well as twin HD Freeview tuners. Added a £40 2.5" HDD and this will record all tuners at the same time.


Bought this tv couple of days ago. really good picture and motion. Good for gaming too :) got it myself for the same price from currys with currys staff discount ;)


think there are 4k tvs in Sony outlet