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The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset (PS4/Xbox One) £16.85 Delivered @ Simply Games
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Order Your Copy Today and get ‘The Queens Bounty Pack’ Exclusive Digital Items: Court of Bedlam Costume Pocket Salamander Pet Treasure Maps Psijic Vault Crown Crate Experien… Read more

I need only code for the queens bounty pack can someone sell me the code please?


Sadly no, TheCroz: Am i correct in thinking this doesn't include morrowind? morrowind did with this for a limited period only. Also the base game ESO Tamriel is not included


I have an account on PC. If I bought this could I play my character on PS4?


Am i correct in thinking this doesn't include morrowind?


Vielen Dank, lieber Herr.

Yokus Island Express (PS4/Xbox One) £12.85 (Switch) £19.85 Delivered @ Simply Games
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Say hello to Yoku the Dung Beetle, a new hero who has arrived on Mokumana Island to relieve the resident pterodactyl postmaster, or Posterodactyl, as he’s known, of his duties. He… Read more

Cheers for the heads up Mixi... Going to put the game on my Wanted List.


All now out of stock - it seems that putting this on the list to deal with in the evening wasn't the best of ideas. :( Ah well, I've gone ahead and bought it on PS4 from, which now seems to be the next-best option, at £14.99 - which is still a great price!


Only Switch left in stock


I had a lot of fun with this on my switch. A little short, but loads of little hidden extras to keep playing.


Games is really good. Best description I can give is it's like Ori and the Blind forest is the platforming was pinball mechanics.

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Onrush PS4/Xbox One £24.85 @ Simply games
Found 10th JulFound 10th Jul
Onrush on PS4 and XB1 now £24.85 at Simply Games
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<£10 and I'll bite


Now £23.99 on both formats from Amazon 8)


I loved split second. Shame we don't get similar quality games like blur or split second no more. I preferred split second but don't recall it being really successful. Blur on the other hand was I think Wouldn't mind a blur 2


This will be £10-15 in a few weeks and sub £10 in 2 months, I’m fairly sure. Also it’s pretty much multiplayer only and the community is already disappearing so I’m not sure it’s even going to be worth that once it comes around....


Top game blur. Grown up Mario Kart. Not seen anything close to it since Split Second which in itself is not the same.

Sushi Striker The Way of Sushido (Nintendo Switch) - £19.85 @ Simply Games
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
The ultimate food-fight! In the fast-paced world of conveyor-belt sushi fighting, match coloured plates and types of sushi to hurl tall stacks of plates at your opponent. The more … Read more
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Gonna give it a miss project octopath traveller is out next week and captain toad both will be picking up


was going to buy it but the extra fiver stopped me and u thought maybe crash instesd


I have it on the 3DS and I am a bit addicted to it. However the game is very unhelpful at telling you how to fulfil certain criteria's. I spent a lot of time trying to catch the oppositions sprites only to find out they unlocked when you got a certain number of stars or S ranks or rainbow ranks. One of the triumphs require online playing and currently the online is very empty. I've had to resort to someone playing the game at work just to get the 1st level crown rank. And another is gained playing an in-game puzzle game that's equally annoying as there is no quick button so you have to watch the robot beat you up for getting it wrong. Apart from those bug bears I do like it and I'm almost finished unlocking the main map areas.


Fair enough, but shouldn't still be showing as £19.85 when it hasn't been for quite a few hours now


Still £19.85 for 3DS on Simply Games if anyone is interested.

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A.O.T 2 (Attack on Titan) Steelbook Edition  (Xbox One) £19.85 Delivered @ Simply Games
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
A fresh perspective on the events of both seasons of the worldwide anime hit, 'Attack on Titan'. Action-packed with the thrilling narrative players can come to expect from A.O.T. … Read more

Its showing as sold out and at £42.85 for me ;(


Not played the second, but the first was really good. People said that one was repetitive, but I never found it so. I'm sure this one is great too and will pick it up when it hits this price for PS4 :-)


"accidentally" (cheeky)


Just posting to apologise for accidentally down voting. I didn't even know this game existed nevermind know enough to comment on price. Hope my single downvote doesn't dissuade someone in the fence...


Thanks ordered I've just started season 2 and I'm hooked

Dynasty Warriors 9 Steelbook Edition (Xbox One) £19.85 Delivered @ Simply Games
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
The most immersive and ambitious DYNASTY WARRIORS experience to date Explore China through the waning days of the Han dynasty + emergence of the Three Kingdoms era Classic "one v… Read more

Just received the game and my first thoughts of this game is that it is quite bad. The graphics if anything look like they have regressed and the text is so small I have no idea what the on screen messages say. I'll try and play a little bit more this weekend but so far I'm not impressed at all as it's nowhere as good as Warriors Orochi 3 or the previous SW or DW games.


Without doubt my fave just for the amount of playable characters, levels and customisable options! Not seen too much info about the new one yet but I’m hoping it will be as good as the last


Warrior's Orochi is just brilliant! I can't wait for the new one coming out at the end of the year.


What draws me to the DW franchise is the fast-paced button-mashing euphoric buzz from slashing your way through hordes of NPC characters whilst racking up huge combos. What doesn’t draw me to the franchise is vast empty brown/beige areas with small huddles (not enough people to warrant being described as a crowd) of lifeless NPCs dotted around with enough distance between them to ensure no plague outbreak will ever spread leaving little time to generate that all so sweet euphoria which dampens when you realise most of the game is running/riding to the next huddle of npcs. Dont get me wrong, I love open world games and I love dynasty warriors - indeed my hopes were high for this game, possibly too high! After all, what could go wrong? - Everything! IMO DW9 does not have a single redeeming quality apart from the fact that they tried to do something different. However, ‘tried’ is open to debate given the lacklustre effort. You build an open world, you need to make people want to explore it. Make things for fans to discover and feel rewarded for finding. Populate it with colour, life and interesting things. Okay, given how graphically lacking previous DW games have been, I don’t think anyone was ever expecting anything on par with Horizon Zero Dawn or Assassins creed origins. But when you basically create a single castle, a single outpost and a few other buildings all made of brown/beige and then copy and paste them throughout your brown/beige barren landscape. It makes you want to die inside knowing after 10/15 minutes you have already seen pretty much all the games assets and that is all you are ever going to see! So, I would completely avoid this game and stick with DW8 or WO if you like fun, frantic button mashing mayhem. I would also avoid this game if you like to explore open world games as this offers nothing outside the first 10/15 mins and is slow, dull and lifeless compared to other open world games - even those on ps2! I must admit, I only played up to the 25 hour mark and took 2 characters through the campaign but it was a slog - a damn hard slog. Now gone back to WO.


This one's hard to decide, i am a hard-core DW fan i gave played all if them and watched the reviews on this. Many say it's terrible and I guess so due to the world being empty. No multiplayer as well. So far there have been 4 patches to fix the imbalance as troops are unresponsive and buggy. It's worth it at this price as new dlc has been released. Especially when it comes with the steelbook. Try it I say! Just because it has received bad reviews doesn't mean its actually bad due to the critics hating on it.

[Xbox One] Dark Souls Remastered - £19.85 - Simply Games
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Cheapest by about £6, I think :) Then, there was fire. Re-experience the critically acclaimed, genre-defining game that started it all. Beautifully remastered, return to Lordr… Read more
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Bluepoint Games are currently working on an announced project right now so could possibly be Demon's Souls (cheeky)


Any news on a Demon Souls remake? Bit of a chore to keep getting the ps3 out!


This was always going to be heading down in price fairly rapidly , excellent game for the money especially for those that are playing the game for the first time.


Yeah this is a great remaster. Feels refreshing to be in Blighttown and it not be lag hell. On my way to the all weapons trophy for the plat, and then I'm done, for the second time... No idea why I do it to myself.


This game is amazing...1st playthrough for me on release of on my 3rd playtrough..and still want more...class

Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Neon Blue) £249.85 @ Simply games
Refreshed 26th JunRefreshed 26th Jun
In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they cho… Read more
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R the codes just for first time buyers do u know?


Do you get warranty with this or not?


I’ve emailed them anyway asking for one to be sent. If I try and plug that in behind my tv unit it would never fit.


I just had a little moan stating that it does not say anywhere that it comes with an EU plug do I want to UK one sending


Interesting. I’ll try that.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Nintendo Switch) £42.85 @ SimplyGames
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Cheapest pre-order price atm. £48.99 @ Base £59.99 @ Nintendo UK Store SimplyGames Pre-order Info Payment for order will be captured when we dispatch your items unless your ord… Read more

I don't think so. It's not currently listed on SimplyGames' eBay shop.


Can you get off eBay


Yep. I've never had a problem with them. They have delivered my previous pre-orders on or before the release date.


Anyone ordered from simply games..


Still got over 700 heat so haters gon'hate!

Forza Horizon 4 - Xbox One (Standard edition) £42.99 @ Simply Games
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Best price so far for the physical standard edition of the game - normally £49.99. Now let's hope for some deals for the ultimate edition. Really excited for this, great to see a … Read more
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Yeah I've used all of them.


Have you used each of those codes successfully on your account? The text descriptions for these £1 offers are very clear that these can only be used if you've not already subbed to game pass (I'll be very happy to be shown to be wrong. Obviously :) )



How is it only for first time subscriptions. I'm on my 4th offer of it now. Got one during Black Friday, then managed to get one just after Xmas, one in March and now another one.


Let's hope a section of the M25 is on the map.. That'll test those Hyper cars (ability not to overheat whilst stuck in traffic). Other realistic factors must be: Road Rage, Moped Break-ins, Pot holes, Temporary Road Works, Speed Bumps, Lollipop Ladies, Parking attendants and wheel clamps.... This is going to be one hell of an edition......

Jurassic World Evolution + Pre-Order Bonus (PS4/XB1) @ Simply Games for £39.85
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
I think this is the cheapest I’ve seen it for preorder :) Pre-Order to Receive Bonus Skins for the ACU Helicopter and Ranger Vehicle! Take control of operations on the legenda… Read more

I'm planning on making Veloceraptors great again! No one will dare try to train my demon dinosaurs muahahaha


Frontier Developments have restricted the games sale on PC hard. No Physical copies so you cant get it cheap on keys sites and they havn't agreed to sell it to any digital retailers so pretty much the only places you can get a copy is on Steam or their website. Hopefully this is just for pre-orders and will change once the game is out tomorrow, otherwise you wont be able to get this game cheap!


Looks pretty decent, haven't played a park builder for a long time. Definitely gonna be a bargain bin buy though for me.


Was exited for 2secs. Can somone pls do a good remake of Turok or Turok 2 pls you lazy.


It'll be £15 in 2 weeks. You've been warned!

Dishonored 2 (NEW) PS4 incl. FREE delivery £7.85 @ Simply Games
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
A good price and a great game. Worth a look if you haven't played it yet.

Unless you can disprove it, your opinion is null and void.


You don't know that for a fact, so yeah, this is a terrible deal...


There's a NEW version of it cheaper currently available? Music Magpie doesn't count as they re-seal their games to make them look NEW.


There's no deal here whatsoever.


Music Magpie claim NEW but the games are re-sealed which makes me believe things aren't as they seem! ;)

DiRT 4 [PS4/XBox] £14.85 @ SimplyGames
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Includes a Founder Icon and Hyundai R5 with entry to an exclusive Hyundai Event THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE FIA WORLD RALLYCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP - Race at Montalegre, Lohéac Bretagne, H… Read more

I made the mistake of getting dirt rally. Its probably a great game but it needs way too much of my time.


Is this more like dirt 2 & 3 in gameplay or is it more like dirt rally?


The Rallycross section is well worth this price alone, blooming marvelous game. (y)

Battlefield V (XBOX One/PS4) - £46.85 @ Simply Games
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Battlefield v xbox and ps4
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and the gurkhas are now taking on women...... (party)


Make this man a prime minister!:) all he says is true! Bring back Bad Comapny and end this silliness!:)


Probably the sane price as asda etc. But with simply games you normally get the game delivered a 2-3 days before its official release date. Simply games always deliver early for me and normally the cheapest price too


I swore I'd never buy another EA game, after the last Battlefield and Battlefront games. So many players said take it back to Bad Company, and they come up with this stinker! Gonna wait for this to he released on Access.


Agree completely.

The Witch And The Hundred Knight 2 on PlayStation 4 £19.85 @ simply games
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
going for around £40 at most oter places so £19.85 is a good buy for this niche game could become a hidden gem as the 1st game holding its value pretty good
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looks like its expired now,hope some got this before it went up as looks like a error,currently have one in progress & payment been authorised so lets hope its fully honoured


Expired now? Showing £39.85

A.O.T 2 (Attack on Titan) Steelbook Edition - Includes Bonus DLC (PS4) £24.85 (Xbox One) £26.85 Delivered @ Simply Games
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Bonus DLC: downloadable Plain Clothes costumes for Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Levi, which will allow them to replace their Scout gear with something a little more casual. Abandon … Read more

Good price for those who can't wait until BF.


They made a sequel? I heard the game was atrocious?


Sub Subtitles. GG, not for everyone but I love to play both AOT games.


Subtitles or English dub?