Simpsons Game of Life only £9.97 at Amazon!!

Simpsons Game of Life only £9.97 at Amazon!!

Found 30th May 2007
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Welcome to Springfield, USA - The town that put the "fun" in dysfunctional! Whether enjoying the shotgun sociability of Moe's Tavern, a creamed corn-sicle at the Springfield Retirement Castle, the gene-altering radiance of the Springfield Nuclear Plant, or the warm perspiration of a Kwik-E-Mart heat-lamp dog, you'll always feel special in Springfield - The town America calls "Shabby"! So please visit us here in Springfield, where - compared to us - you're royalty! Will you get an education or a cool tattoo? Maybe you'll invent the Flaming Moe, drive the monorail or raise tomacco. Perhaps you'll join the Stonecutters or catch a three-eyed fish or appear in the next McBain film. Just beware of all-syrup super-Squishees, Quetzlzacatenango peppers, and the exotic wiles of Princess Kashmir. Make your mark on Whacking Day and you might retire to Monty Burn's Manor. Or forget all that and just play this great game! Contents: Gameboard, 6 Plastic Cars, Pink & Blue "People Pegs", 3 Mountains, Bridge, 7 Buildings, Spinner, Label Sheet, Stack of Play Money, Insurance Policies and Promissory Notes, 25 LIFE Tiles, 36 Cards, Banker's Tray and Instructions.

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Cheers amibees :-D I loved the game of life when I was a wee'un!!

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