Simpsons Movie: Blu Ray £7.99 @ HMV
Simpsons Movie: Blu Ray £7.99 @ HMV

Simpsons Movie: Blu Ray £7.99 @ HMV

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Fresh from the hit series, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE expands the adventures of the Springfield residents into a feature-length film. Here Homer's selfish antics and his affection for a pig are responsible for a horrific ecological disaster that could spell the end for Springfield. So it's up to the paunchy patriarch to save his family and the town from the mess that he has created.
Just as in the award-winning show, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE skilfully combines smart satire with inspired silliness. Dan Castellaneta, Harry Shearer, Hank Azaria, and other regulars of the series provide laughs with their vocal talents. Though THE SIMPSONS MOVIE is best seen after a lifetime of watching reruns of the show and repeating its endlessly quotable lines, viewers don't have to be die-hard fans to get the jokes. Screenwriters Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, and company are at the top of their game here, channelling the show at its best. The film comes after 18 series of the series, but it's certainly more in the spirit (and quality) of the show's best years.


Spider-pig :-)

cool, was waiting for this to come diwn in price

now just need iron man to be cheap

Great entertainment

How could this look better in blue ray :whistling:


How could this look better in blue ray :whistling:

It's one of the best Blu-Rays there are, mostly due to it's simplistic nature.

Because of the palette used the colours and contrasts are so clear and bright and the picture really does jump out of the screen. Also bear in mind they used a far better animation quality in the movie over what they use for the standard programme (If that's whet you were comparing it to).

A nice Blu-Ray which shows off what hi-def can look like but not a film you'd watch more than once. At this price though it's competitive to own over just a rent which would be a few quid cheaper.


great price for a blu ray.

it's an OK film. not great. Perhaps if you're a REAL fan of The Simpsons and follow the series you'll love it, for the rest of us, it wasn't the best thing we've seen. Still, not a bad way to waste an hour or so.

Great deal, voted hot, been looking for this on Blu-ray for a while. The SImpsons looks amazing on HD. having seen the traliers I know the film will look just as good

Dont forget quidco another 5% off.

£6 used at ]cex (3 in stock online atm)

Very nice deal.

I've been waiting for this to go under £10 for quite some time!

Good price! For a long mediocre episode. Still arguable one of the greatest TV shows ever made!
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