Simpsons season 10 (bart head) #22.98 at Amazon

Simpsons season 10 (bart head) #22.98 at Amazon

Found 4th Jun 2008
35pound + elsewhere, my other half collects them so been looking all over for this. they also do the normal box for alot cheaper

hope this post is ok, been watching what others right but never done one myslef till now. sorry if it bad.



The regular box set is £14.99 at play, so probably only worth the extra £8 for a shaped box if you collect these boxes.

It's actually £29 from Zavvi, but this is still loads cheaper - good find.


Thanks mummyspam1985, good price for this version

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Just bought this second hand off ebay for less than this but if i'd seen this i would have been willing to pay full price to get it brand new.
The "head" boxsets usually sell out as they go out of print.
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