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2 year lease Octavia 1.0TSI 115PS SE Technology  £2490 initial rental and then 23 monthly rentals of just £90 at Simpsons Skoda
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
Been looking at a few lease deals I think this is a bargain £2490 initial rental and then 23 monthly rentals of just £90 including VAT. Mileage allowance is 8000 per annum. 24 Mo… Read more
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I'm in the MY18 SE Sport that they offered two years ago and I have been in touch to renew on this. Keen to look at what will happen with lead times and handing my car back. Hoping they'll run the lease on for a short period to cover.


And aircon on


I just got confirmation of my order, I went for the auto as will be used for school run in the city for £103.20 per month I think auto is a worth upgrade, if doing lots of city driving. I got my order in Purley, London Skoda dealer as it’s my local dealer.


I got a price match at £4446. They can shape the 23 payments any way you want, so I deducted the saving off the deposit. Approx. 16w lead time.


Leasehub had this offer for couple of weeks now. My friend ordered one with 10K miles per annum. Excess miles are only 3.6p per mile, so if you need 15K or 20K per annum, it's cheaper to pay at the end. Expected delivery in November.

Skoda Karoq Personal Hire - SKODA Karoq 1.0TSI 115PS SE Technology - £2490 initial rental - 23 payments of £109 inc VAT £4997  @ Simpsons skoda - More in OP
Found 3rd Nov 2017Found 3rd Nov 2017
THE ALL NEW SKODA KAROQ SE TECHNOLOGY - AVAILABLE TO ORDER FROM JUST £109 PER MONTH INC VAT.This offer is available on 'Personal Contract Hire' with only a £2490 initial rental and… Read more
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Do you understand the time value of money? I.e. net present value? Cashflow? Etc? If so, then you know why 1+23 is far, far, far better than 9+23.


I got the Yeti, last year, Simpsons was great, the car was delayed though, took a good, 3/4 months. Love it though, great car so far, MPG on th e1.2 DSG no where near what they claim. Also you nee to watch out for after sales insurance sells. Scratch & Dent repair, costs a few hundred quid, i didnt take it out. But the one that you may well end up getting is GAP cover, Skoda charge £200, what that does is cover any difference in cost between, the value of the car th einsuranc epays out and the value of the car Skoda says they want, in the event of a right off. Now generally your own insurance will pay the full value in teh first year anyway, but it sthe second year where it matters the most. However I took the cover independently for abou £90 and not £200 by the biggest gap cover provider, recommended on honestjohn website.


what difference does it make, over the term you give them the same amount anyway, i feel if i have abigger deposit then my ongoing commitment is coming out of my regular income, so much easier to manage. £109 a month is really nothing, go out a couple of times for a meal with you rmates you spend just as much


12-14 weeks


Thanks for the additional info tyflux. I've been in touch with my local dealer also to use this as leverage on an even better deal - hopefully.

Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
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sorry to resurrect this thread but just wondered if anybody has tested the body panel damage values out?? I had a minor disaster at the weekend when we drove into a carpark and ripped two bikes of the roof of my Skoda damaging the roof and rear spoiler - I recon it's more than a grand of damage if I get it repaired but from the list of charges I think it would only cost me £330? Anybody had any experience with this?


Just got told the same thing following them checking my car today.


vw/Skoda are quite lax when checking for damage when returning the car. according to the lad who came from bca to examine it, they let you get away with more than any other provider


I just looked at Skodas today as it happens. Theres not a pups chance the new Fabia is in line with the new Fiesta. Its cheaper but it very much looks and feels it. The Octavia wouldnt be for me. I'd have a Focus over one no probs. Its the better car dynamically. I'd have a Mondy over a Superb and likewise i gave less for my Passat at a year old than would have bought an equivalent Superb. Decent solid cars, but very much a budget value brand, so i'm oot.


Come on, every single car that Skoda produce is of a high quality than the equivalent Ford, Vauxhall, Mazda etc Fiesta v Fabia - Fabia is the better quality car Focus v Octavia - Octavia is the better quality car Mondeo v Superb - Superb is the better quality car Yet you consider a Skoda to be in a group below Ford with Kia and Hyundai? What?

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Skoda Octavia 2018 model 1.0TSI 115PS SE Technology 23 x £145 per month with £999 initial deposit 10k annual mileage @ Simpsons Skoda
Found 20th Sep 2017Found 20th Sep 2017
A brand new 2018 Skoda Octavia on a 2 year lease at what seems to be a good price with decent annual mileage. 2 Year lease 10k Miles per year £999 up front £145 per month x 23 No… Read more
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Deal is now £990 initial rental and then 23 monthly rentals of just £159 including VAT. Mileage allowance is 8000 per annum. 24 Month Contract. Excess mileage over 16000 is charged at just 7.2 pence per mile. Which I make to be £4,647.00.


Typically VED is included, yes.


Hi, my Octavia vRS came from Simpsons a couple of years ago. The finance is through VW Financial Services and tax was included for the full duration. But you should always check rather than leave it to chance.


Thanks for that.....I wonder if tax (1st year) is included in the deal? I'm very tempted.


You need to maintain the warranty, therefore one service at end of year one.

Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0 TDI 184. 24 Month lease 10,000 miles p/a - £5917 @ Simpsons Skoda
Found 26th Jan 2017Found 26th Jan 2017
Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0 TDI 184 24 Month lease 10,000 miles p/a 20,000 miles total. All prices include VAT. £2490 initial deposit followed by 23 x £149 monthly payments so £5917 t… Read more
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Got this before xmas with black pack and spare wheel from Simpson's. 1700 deposit and £200 per month. There is some flexibility if the deposit is too much.


Thanks for this. I've signed up for one. Apparently, stock is running low. In transit from Germany so it could be a months wait for some.


​I can't tell you about how easily it scratches but if you Google it I'm sure the forums would answer that. There's no admin fee as it's direct from the dealership and tax is included for the duration.


Does it scratch as easily as said earlier in the deal? Also is there an admin fee. Is tax included?


Got this deal from these guys 6 months ago defo would recommend this Car and Simpsons Pm me with any questions I'll do my best to answer

Found 29th Nov 2016Found 29th Nov 2016
This offer is available on ŠKODA Finance 'Personal Contract Hire' with only a £2490 initial rental and then 23 payments of £109 per month. Mileage allowance on this example is 1000… Read more
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Anyone that wants one should get in there before the face lift model comes out next month free upload image image hosting 30 mb


Correct, I took the 20k over 2 yr option. Been a high mileage year and will be at least 10000 over maybe more but budgeted for this at 4.2ppm additional cost. Happy with that.


The word has become meaningless in all retail sectors - regardless of what price they charge, it seems to be prefixed by 'only' :)


Surely if you have done 18000 miles already you are going to be looking at 40000 miles when your lease is up, most leases are 10000 miles per year max.


Thank you so much for taking the time out to post I am going to go with a Hyundai when my car lease is up whether as a lease or to buy I have made my mind up !

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Skoda Rapid 1.2TSI Sport, £179.00 Initial Deposit, £179.00 / month PCP, Total £13,075.00 - 42 month term @ Simpson Skoda
Found 16th Nov 2016Found 16th Nov 2016
Skoda Rapid Sport 1.2 TSi 8,000 miles/annum Deposit = £179.00 41x Monthly Payments = £179.00 42 month term Optional Final Payment = £5,557.50 Click 'get deal' and there are some… Read more

I had a black one - and a blue one a bit later on - did 16000 miles in black one in a year - pretty cheap motoring car was only £250 :) Couldn't agree more with regards to over-heating incidents, i broke down on the Runcorn bridge (twice) during early morning rush hour causing a large tailback and congestion - really, really sorry Runcorn people :( It did handle very well and was awesome for going round roundabouts and corners - just very, very basic inside - lol :)


A superb has more rear space then an s class Merc and a bigger boot than an e class. Don't base everything on the floor plan. Octavia is Mondeo sized in side


I had one too, garish orange complete with bodykit.. Plenty of overheating incidents, but it did handle well. Often used to get waves from 911 drivers in the know! I imagine theirs made it to their destination though X)


But it's not as simple as just platforms as the Octavia is based on a stretched golf platform and I think Skoda meant it to be positioned in the Mondeo segment. However, it's the smallest car in that class but large for the Focus-sized one. Other manufacturers have increased their general sizes and got rid of their largest sized car (remember the Granada and Omega?), but Skoda still have the Superb to compensate at the top end.


It does seem a bit contrary to the average pub bore opinion: (JD Power 2016 dependability ranking) 1. Skoda 2. Suzuki 3. Kia 4. Vauxhall Interestingly, BMW, Mercedes and Audi are in the bottom 5 along with Dacia and LR.

Skoda Rapid 1.2 TSI Sport Brand New £12995 at Simpson Skoda
Found 11th Nov 2016Found 11th Nov 2016
A good price for a brand new Skoda Rapid. sport edition. The boot and rear leg room is huge on these cars, makes them a good option as a family car. I'm not normally a fan of VA… Read more

Swings and roundabouts. I've owned a Skoda before VW takeover. The bodywork was terrible. Razor thin sheet metal on the wheel arches that rusted just by looking at it. This was very much improved when VW took over. However they made some puzzling cost cutting measures that appeared to just be an attempt to grab as much money from owners in future. For example. On the old 1.3l Skoda engine the thermostat housing was cast aluminium metal. If the thertmostat failed you needed a new thermostat £5, and a gasket <£1. When the Fabia 1.4l 8v MPI was released based on the same engine, it had a plastic thermostat housing. The problem with this thermostat is it was held in tension against a spring with two plastic prongs. Eventually the plastic breaks up internally, and the whole thing has to be replaced at a cost of £50. And that's the thermostat housing failing, not the thermostat itself. I personally think Volkswagen have too much brand cachet, and Skoda not enough. But it's clearly VW Group's mission to fill a bit of the market to try justify higher prices for the "better" VWs. We're seeing the exact same thing with Renault bringing out Dacia, but having just been to a Renault/Dacia dealer yesterday I can say the difference in quality between the two is bigger than between Skoda and VW. I picked up a Duster brochure, sat in the Duster, put the brochure back X)


Just so we're straight your argument is that cars are nothing but mere appliances and frippery and badges mean nothing? While at the same time Volkswagen must be commiting financial suicide by selling a brand without cachet? You then somehow bring Brexit into it which I guess explains your disjointed thought process. Let's consider some of your other points, the ones that don't concern celebrity paedophiles that is. The brand is so "Toxic" (your fave word, eh?) that they are cheap and resale values are poor? Except of course Skodas have an above average second hand value: Volkswagen didn't get to where they are by operating Skoda has a ramshackle operation that would lose them money. It's clear that it's a successful member of their portfolio. I'm sure however if you give Wolfsburg a call and pass on your expertise they'll be incredibly grateful. Still it's a moot point anyway. Once the pound is worthless after Brexit no one will have any money to buy new cars regardless. But we'll have plenty of sovereignty and control to go around. Whatever they are.


Can you still get the 0% finance low deposit deal on this?


not nippy is not rapid, if you want rapid don't get a rapid


Nippy isn't rapid though ;)

Skoda Octavia 1.4TSI 150PS SE Sport £99p/m, 10000p/a, £2490 down, 24months @ Simpsons
Found 26th Oct 2016Found 26th Oct 2016
Just had this come from from Simpsons Skoda, don't think its a national deal but could be wrong. Good deal for a fully loaded Octavia. Before someone says it..... no you don't own … Read more

Seems a very good someone says ~200 a month


Not bad... it's a decent spec but far from "fully loaded"


You do know how leases work, right?


"only a £2490 initial rental" LOL cold


Only yesterday I test drove the Octavia with this engine but with DSG box . I have to say I was impressed by the engine and the steering but less so with the suspension. I found the 1.4TSI 150PS engine to be a sweet quiet engine that smoothly delivers adequate power, (much nicer to drive than the 1.6tdi that I also tried). Though I have real doubts if it can deliver anywhere near the claimed combined 55.4 mpg (58.9 with DSG). Anyone know the "real mpg" i.e. not what the computer says because they always give a rosy figure.

Skoda Octavia vRS 20.CR TDI, Nav, Metallic Paint PCH £159/month, £2490 deposit, 10k miles/year Total £6147 @ Simpsons Skoda
Found 4th Oct 2016Found 4th Oct 2016
This deal seems to always be on but they adjust the payments. However I believe this is the cheapest it's been. Diesel Skoda Octavia vRS with Nav and metallic paint, 10k miles a y… Read more

Exactly: diesels are more efficient because they have higher compression ratios, rev slower (hence produce more torque), last longer (because they rev slower and have to be stronger due to high compression) and produce much less CO2 than Otto cycle engines. Petrol motors are lighter (because they do not have to be so strong), have higher specific power outputs (due to higher engine speeds) and produce less NOX. Neither is perfect, but each suits some circumstances better than others. In the UK with very similar tax regimes on the fuels the market for cars is pretty equally divided with electricity and LPG being bit players (for the time being).

If modern diesels were over-stressed they would fail quicker. They don't for high milers. There is a reason high mileage drivers almost invariably go diesel. They also don't smell either (your first post) - i don't get out at work and have to scrub up due to the car i drive. You have also omitted to mention better torque so far superior for high load applications such as towing as well as the obvious better economy and range. Many modern diesels are a joy to drive, smooth and refined. You can barely tell they are diesel once warmed and have great mid range punch for over-taking. True VW were caught out but they also produce plenty of other diesel engines that perform just as well as those that cheated without resorting to hoodwinking the tester (mine being one of them). I have owned more petrol cars than diesel and would happily purchase either in the future. Its horses for courses really.


​Yes, but not in the time you'll own the car for.

ollie87 There are plenty more.


I think we will have to agree to disagree. I (and 45.9% of drivers) like diesels, in particular the compression ignition engine's inherent advantage in thermodynamic efficiency (over the spark ignition engine) that will always lead to better specific fuel efficiency for diesel cars, which must be good for the environment and our pockets. No government (not even the Labour administrations that presided over the increase in popularity of diesels) has lied to us owners, the information is plain to see. There are advantages and demerits of diesels and petrol cars (I have one of each), but very clearly neither is 'complete crap' (your words), so let's just leave it there.

Found 8th Sep 2016Found 8th Sep 2016
Blurb off the website but seems a great deal for a well spec'd motor. This offer is available on ŠKODA Finance 'Personal Contract Hire' with only a £159 initial rental and then 2… Read more
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Probably too late now but they listed a few metallic colours + red (which I think looks best on Monte Carlo). Delivery seemed close to year end.


​Do you happen to know delivery time and which colours in stock please?


They still had this in stock yesterday. Probably the last place in UK with such price because they preordered a few in advance. Yes-lease told me that non-outdoor model is now discontinued and they cannot place any more orders.


Cracking deal this,no brainer against buying new


My son just got one from my dealer who confirms they are available still until 30 Sept

Skoda Octavia VRS Diesel Hatch Lease Deal (24 months) £6077 Simpsons Skoda 10k Miles/Year
Found 27th Jun 2016Found 27th Jun 2016
The wesbsite shows £189 a month but if you ring them up then the price is £169 a month until 30th June. £2190 down, £169 a month (23 months) total £6077. 10k miles per year which… Read more
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Or you can't afford a second hand because things that are used are money pits and owning a deprecating asset is the road to financial ruin.


Ordered today! leeds are £1500 more for same deal!


Currently driving one of these, just be wary of going overboard with the extras. Think the figure was £8 per month for every extra £100. Heated Seats/Window Tints/Leather/etc etc start to add up... Happy with the car though, its very nice to drive. Simpsons service was great and they delivered it for free which was a nice surprise. Should mention that you should take your test drive over speed bumps and make sure you are happy with firm suspension. The scout may suit for people who aren't.


Lol because if you have to go for this crappy finance deal the probable explanation is that you can't even afford a second hand car.


​clearly not to cater to your overblown ego

SKODA YETI 1.2TSI MONTE CARLO WITH ŠKODA FINANCE 'PERSONAL CONTRACT HIRE'with £2190 deposit. Total £3317 for 24 months and 20k miles @ Simpsons Skoda
Found 27th May 2016Found 27th May 2016
Skoda YETI on Personal Contract Hire I test drove on of these and it's a nippy beast with good mpg and the Monte Carlo model is a nice spec. PCH not for everyone but a cheap way t… Read more
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Do your homework no it isn't it's a mechatronic!


I think that deal ended yesterday


OP, I can't find this link on the Skoda website, the link takes me to a sitemap - could you help me find it at all?


Yeah, I've got a formal quote. Just double checked, it's 4.32p per mile inc VAT so my figures in the previous post are a couple of quid off. 4k miles is £172. 12 week lead in.


are you sure that 4.2 inc vat? have you got a formal quote from them... what the lead time on this car btw?

Octavia vrs personal hire, £225 a month plus £1995 deposit. 8k miles per annum £7165 @ simpsonsskoda
Found 1st Sep 2015Found 1st Sep 2015
Seems a good deal if you're in the market for a hire agreement, I noticed you have to be signed up by end of September.

​Deposit contribution generally implies that you need to contibute a BIG deposit yourself.


More ways to buy The ŠKODA Octavia vRS Hatch Available with a £500 deposit contribution Monthly payments of £205 0% APR representative with a Solutions Personal Contract Plan# Direct from skoda


Not the VRS


How's that a better deal....its a different specification car altogether

chrissym46 better deal

Skoda Yeti Outdoor 2.0 TDi Elegance - £149per month with £1890 initial rental @ simpsons skoda
Found 6th Jun 2015Found 6th Jun 2015
Another Skoda deal I am afraid but I was looking to get one of these and this is a bit of a bargain for this high spec model.
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Well my dishwasher prefers the outdoors.


The 170PS engine was discontinued by Skoda in April, so this will be one of the last chances to get one of these brand new. From Skoda Geneva Motorshow press kit: The ŠKODA Yeti will be available from the end of May with new EA 211-series 1.2 and 1.4 TSI petrol engines: 81 kW (110 PS) 1.2 TSI, 92 kW (125 PS) 1.4 TSI and 110 kW (150 PS) 1.4 TSI. The new EU6 diesel engines (EA 288) for the Yeti will be the 81 kW (110 PS) 2.0 TDI and the 110 kW (150 PS) 2.0 TDI. The 125 kW (170 PS) 2.0 TDI will be discontinued. Source website.




My local Skoda dealership said that they would match this deal, but they only had one grey car in stock.


NOT TAXED, LOL ======= Vehicle details ✗ Untaxed Tax due: 01 April 2015 New keepers must get tax before using the vehicle. Please be aware that if you have taxed, made a SORN or had an MOT in the last 5 days these details may not have updated. Tax due: 01 April 2015 Vehicle make SKODA Date of first registration 01 March 2012 Year of manufacture 2012 Cylinder capacity (cc) 1968cc CO₂Emissions 155 g/km Fuel type DIESEL Vehicle status Not taxed Vehicle colour RED Vehicle type approval M1 Wheelplan 2 AXLE RIGID BODY Revenue weight 2080kg

Skoda Superb PCH £175 per month / £1750 deposit @ Simpsons (SAT NAV etc)
Found 5th Jun 2015Found 5th Jun 2015
ŠKODA Superb 2.0CR 140PS SE Business Estate in Metallic Paint for just £175 per month and £1750 deposit This offer is available on ŠKODA Finance 'Personal Contract Hire' with only … Read more
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Your opinion of what is clean and what is dirty is outdated, by about 10 years.Diesel tech has come a long way for particulates and NOx- a brand new EU6 compliant diesel is cleaner than a brand new EU6 compliant direct injection petrol in terms of what comes out of the tail pipe. If all the car manufacturers embrace cylinder deactivation (like the VAG ACT 1.4TSI 150ps unit) and they can't find a way to make it work for diesels (they currently can't) then i'd agree that diesels are doomed in the longer term as petrol mpg catches up with diesel mpg. Right now though a new EU6 compliant one isn't the filthy noise box you are making it out to be.


My journeys are quite short on the commute. Hybrid is not out-dated at all! I think you need to see where manufacturers are going before you make a statement like that. Diesel is doomed in the long term.


What's to go wrong on a DPF unless you're clogging it by only going to the corner shops and back? They're basically a honeycomb-like catalytic structure within a box between your engine's exhaust manifold and teh exhaust itself. The structure traps the particulates and burns them off when the engine gets the DPF hot enough to do so. Nothing majorly complicated with them. I would imagine that pretty soon the petrol engines will have DPFs, when they're all running direct injection as they also produce particulates. The sound and smell of diesels - obviously basing that on being stuck downwind of an ancient taxi's tailpipe - an EU6 compliant diesel's output is cleaner than that of an EU6 compliant petrol, and the newest diesels are quite quiet these days (especially the VAG and BMW 6 cylinder units) - they tick rather than clatter at idle, and when actually moving they're quieter than a petrol because they're operating at around 40% fewer revs at any given speed when cruising. Also, petrols have added Benzene (anti-knock) - one of the nastiest carcinogens about. I'd take a well maintained diesel over a neglected petrol anyday when it comes to exhaust cleanliness. As always, complete combustion is the key. If all of the most harmful components of either fuel are fully combusted then you don't have an issue. Electricity isn't clean while we're using fossil fuels to generate it. Some seriously outdated concepts you have there. If all we had on the roads were EU5/6 compliant cars then the government would be calling the petrol models the dirty ones. I've just swapped a Golf 7 GTD for a Golf 7 R, mainly for thrills, but am under no illusions that the R is a cleaner car, or a quieter car. At 80mph the R is doing 3100 revs and the GTD is doing 2200 revs (both in 6th gear) - the R is noticeably noisier when cruising. Early days on the R's running-in, but a 29mpg average, compared with the GTD's 48mpg average - less CO2, less NOx, it has a DPF filter to get rid of the particulates, and I never needed to clean the exhaust tips. After a week's ownership, the R's inner 2 exhaust tips have a light dusting of soot - I think that tells you everything you need to know about emissions cleanliness between the 2 cars. I obviously didn't buy the R to save the planet.


The next model should be called Skoda Awesome - if it's better than superb. Otherwise it'll be Skoda Alright, Skoda Mediocre or Skoda Sh1tty...


hmmm.. you seem to be missing the fact it is a lease, you don't have to worry about repairs, it is under warranty.

Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0CR TDi 184ps. £199.00 per month with £1990.00 deposit
Found 5th Jun 2015Found 5th Jun 2015
Personal Contract Hire' deal at an amazing £199 per month and just £1990 deposit. This offer is available on ŠKODA Finance 'Personal Contract Hire' with just £1990 deposit and the… Read more

Aso includes Black Design Pack, Sunset Glass, Amundsen Full Colour Satellite Navigation and Metallic Paint and Road Fund Licence for two years.


I was that wise man


Most of the savings gleaned from owning a Skoda are funded by the lack of development costings assigned to the brand. VAG has the Audi and VW brands taking most of that hit - they get the newer tech first generally. Also there's the advertising costs to consider, Audi advertise everywhere, they're all over recent films (generally getting wrecked in the latest Marvel films) - it all costs money that Skoda doesn't spend. They don't build shoddiness into the car. With well designed parts - body panel gaps and the way they're put together doesn't differ between the marques within VAG. The right way to do things will always be more efficient in a high volume manufacturing situation, and therefore more cost effective. Do you really think that VWs or Audis are built with more fettling time allowed for the assembly workers (for all non-automated jobs) to get it just right, and the Skodas just get thrown together? Ridiculous. Everything different between an Audi/VW/Seat/Skoda of the same size and class is skin deep (body panel styling, dash plastics, optional equipment). Audi quite often uses a bit of Aluminium in their body panels (mainly the doors and wings, for weight saving rather than sturdiness), but as far as reliability and warranty go, Skodas generally rate higher than VW or Audi on satisfaction or reliability surveys - perhaps the owners have lower expectations, cause less of a fuss when things go wrong, or perhaps it's because they get the old tech which has been tried and tested? I'm no Skoda fanboi, i've never owned one, but i've had a few as courtesy cars, and recently had a Skoda superb 140TDI courtesy car for a week. It was as refined as the equivalent Golf. I recently bought a Golf R, and spent a while deciding whether i'd rather have an S3. With only £700 between the 2 cars, the main difference between the 2 was if I wanted more standard equipment (Golf), or half leather seats and marginally more of the softer plastics lower down on the door cards, with a slightly different way of navigating menus. If I honestly believed that the Audi for what amounted for 2% more money was any better screwed together than the Golf then i'd have bought one in a heartbeat.


Comment Best comment by far


Nothing against leasing and as with all ways of obtaining a vehicle they have their place, just do your research before deciding what is best for you and what you want from your vehicle and agreement, because if your circumstances change you could be stuck with a vehicle that is no longer suitable. With regards to this particular deal there are some things to be mindful of. Your leasing a diesel and its a Skoda - Your friends will say thats a wise choice of vehicle, its both economical and a bit less to buy than the equivalent Audi, VW, so 2 big ticks. Then you tell them your leasing the vehicle for 2 years,so then they ask why did you not lease something a little more adventurous or something you would not consider owning, your reply, well it was a good deal over 2 years and its a diesel, they agree the monthly repayments are good considering its a diesel and it would repay itself over the 2 years compared to an equivilant petrol version once you factor in the price per litre of diesel v petrol and the mileage you cover, you then go on to tell them your restricted to 8k miles per annum and anything over would be charged, now they are really starting to question your logic and you start to think about the deal you have signed up to. But then they say.............. Well at least when you come to sell it the mileage will be really low and Diesels do tend to hold their value better than petrol models (_;)

Skoda Yeti 2.0TDi Elegance 170bhp 4x4 £1200 deposit and £199 per month £5877 @ simponsskoda
Found 17th Mar 2015Found 17th Mar 2015
After the Octavia deal yesterday, i came across this deal whilst on facebook. Full leather, heated front seats, 23 monthly payments, with a upfront cost of £1300, (keep the car f… Read more
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I see that Simpsons Skoda are also doing the Octavia vRS also £199 per month (plus £1500 deposit)... £6077 in total or £253 pm all in. I think that's the best 24 month deal I've seen on that vehicle. Be quick tho, the offer expires at the end of the month.


That told me, I've only done 14k in my 2012 one. Although I have started working from home so that may have something to do with it


I see you get the road tax thrown in. That's worth £360.


I would guess that this is down to an evenings number crunching/research and try to predict the future value of the vehicle in question, also add in the servicing and warranty costs. Ask what would the cars cost be every year, including the depreciation, new and second hand. Remember new cars don't require MOT for the first few years 2 or 3 I cant remember, that can put several hundred pounds on a years cost.


good deal still like the TDI CR version

Octavia vRS 2.0CR TDi 186bhp PCH £1500 deposit and £199 a month for 23 months £6077 @ simpsonsskoda
Found 16th Mar 2015Found 16th Mar 2015
Looks like a good price for the brand new model (v3) Octavia vRS. The estate is available too for deposit of £1700. 16,000 mile allowance over the 2 years with 7.2ppm if you go ov… Read more

Golf R deal over two years works out at a lot less than expected depreciation , so many people cant seem to grasp this leasing carry on lol



Haha, nae probs mate, I was a bit confused for a second :D mind you, doesnt take much to confuse me!! Especially before my morning coffee, lol


Aye, but I think its obvious that he isnt saying its cheaper than buying second hand, or buying new and keeping beyond paying it off :) I understood what he meant, dont think he needed to clarify.


My apologies bigmaz, I deleted my subsequent post whilst you were quoting it, and then wrote it better in the one above. Just in case you do wondered where it went :)