Sims add on packs, some big reductions,  i.e. City living £13.99 @ origin

Sims add on packs, some big reductions, i.e. City living £13.99 @ origin

Found 20th Nov 2017
Some pretty good reductions on add on packs, not the new pets one though. Shame there is no way of buying as a gift without it automatically adding to the receivers account. Having the option of getting a code to redeem later would of been ideal for my daughters Xmas present.
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Try buying on cd keys, get the code emailed to yourself then keep the code into xmas
Have done before, but they are more expensive than this current deal, was after 3 packs at this price, cdkeys have 2 of them at £19.99 atm.
Never understood why these are so expensive in the first place.
Hot for City Living. As said, shame you can't buy a code to give as a gift. Will have to hope that my daughter doesn't notice it until Christmas.
A bit dubious about city living on amazon, instead of add to basket, it is place order and asks for card details to verify who I am? Surely being logged in to my account is already showing that. Never come across this before. The 2 other add ons, get to work and get together are the usual add to basket.
I know exactly what you mean - it set alarm bells off for me too - having done online chat with them they assured me it is normal - although for the second one I have just bought it did not go down that route.

They confirmed they were the seller so no risky 3rd party.
I too want them for Christmas presents - it's crazy Origin not allowing you to download a code like you can do on Amazon or other sites!
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