Single Malt Whiskey Offers at Tesco

Single Malt Whiskey Offers at Tesco

Found 8th Sep 2017
There are some really significant savings (ranging from £2 to £17) on several brands of malt whiskey at Tesco e.g. Cardhu Gold Reserve reduced from £42 to £25 for 70 cl. In store and online.

Not my tipple of choice so I can't comment on the quality of any, but ideal Christmas presents!
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Tallisker Storm from £40 to £30 would be my pick of that bunch. But there is always decent malt whisky with big reductions at the big supermarkets and amazon. You'd be literally mad to ever pay the full price, you'll never have to wait more the 6 months for them to be on offer somewhere.
Cardhu Gold Reserve is £25 half of the time on Amazon (including currently).

Talisker Storm is also £30 on Amazon but that's it's average price there and it often goes lower than that

tintowellfan11 m ago


Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey ... My spell checker doesn't know the difference.
I am running out of space to put all of it now
Cardhu is nice good find ave added heat
Takisker storm is horrible
Tullamore Dew @£16 , Monkey Shoulder @ £22 & FG black @ £15 are decent enough deals. Cardhu Gold is usually £25 somewhere and is way too light,sweet, one dimensional and bland for me. Talisiker Storm is okay but it's another NAS premiumly priced over it's better age statement brothers
I'd like to start drinking whiskey, always struggled in the past but trying to expand my pallet. Tried a 50% Japanese at the weekend and was strangely hooked (initial shudder followed by a pleasant after taste, don't ask me its name though!) so thought I'd give it a go again. Looking at this the Cardhu comes up as quite a light sweet delicate, which I think sounds ideal for a beginner, would any of you agree or have suggestions please?
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