Single White Female / Single White Female 2 - The Psycho  -  DVD  -  £2.99

Single White Female / Single White Female 2 - The Psycho - DVD - £2.99

Found 17th May 2007
Good price for this Dvd Box Set - £2.99 Delivered.

Single White Female:
An innocent Flat Share Ad opens the door to murderous, unrelenting terror in this pulse-pounding psychological thriller. When New Yorker Allie Jones (Bridget Fonda) suddenly finds herself single, she advertises for a flat-mate, hoping for some company. But when mousy Hedra Carlson (Jennifer Jason Leigh) moves in, she doesn't just take over Allie's spare bedroom, she takes over her clothes, her friends, her identity... and then tries to take her life. Before Allie's eyes, Hedra makes a startling transformation from the perfect roommate to the perfect nightmare.

Single White Female 2:
When Holly Parker (Kristen Miller) moves into her new apartment, she thinks she's found the perfect roommate: Tess Kositch (Allison Lange), a sweet and shy young woman who desperately wants to be her friend. But underneath Tess's shy exterior lies a killer, a woman who believes there's nothing sweeter in life than murdering a friend in pain.


SWF2 was such a dreadful film that even at £2.99 this isn't that good a buy!

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