singleton of dufftown malt £14.49 @ Sainsburys

singleton of dufftown malt £14.49 @ Sainsburys

Found 23rd Oct 2010
good price for a good malt

price reduced from £28.49 to £18.49 instore, however use voucher from following link to reduce by another £4.00, from the 4 brands of malt included in the voucher offer, the singleton seems to be the best value…php




Dufftown? Sounds like duff beer.

nice and mellow got a bottle yesterday

good find, cant beat a good whiskey, some good whiskey deals on at sainsburys at the mo

WHISKY - no E as it is Scottish

thanks for that - I have had the voucher for a while but first time I have seen this reduced - heat added.

This is not the best malt whisky in my opinion, I found it to be rather bland and flat. Having said that at this price is worth getting to give it a go, if you don't like it then it is cheap enough to use as a mixer.
Heat added
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