Singstar Abba PS3 £14.71 Instore at Tesco

Singstar Abba PS3 £14.71 Instore at Tesco

Found 16th Dec 2008
Just bought this game (instead of mirrors edge) for £14.71 instore at tesco mansfield, its the solus pack so no mics but still seems fairly cheap ^^



unusable without mics?


unusable without mics?

or a PS3 system!!! Once you have the basic Singstar (which comes with the mics) you can buy additional singstar games or download individual tracks from the Playstation Store.

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unusable without mics?

Yeah but you can pick up SSv2 with the mics for £24.99 somewhere atm, cant remember which store but the deals on this site somewhere. Remember everygame has 2 versions, one with the mics (usually £39.99 +) and one without (Usually £20-£25). doing it with 2 mics and the game for 24.99 delivered

Ordered it and recieved for XMAS pressie for the wife////

do they have any other singstar solus for that price? i bought the singstar vol.2 with mic's from gamestation. the playlist is not to my liking. the offer has expired now. considering selling the singstar vol.2 thank you!

£14.39 at till with the extra VAT took off!!!! :w00t:

Was posted last Friday as went and got a copy after reading the post

Official Singstar mics twin pack on sale in Argos 566/7163 not seen in book but spotted on website.
On box it states suitable for Playstation 2 and 3
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