Singstar Boy Bands Vs Girlbands PS2 - £1 @ Asda *instore*

Singstar Boy Bands Vs Girlbands PS2 - £1 @ Asda *instore*

Found 1st Oct 2009Made hot 1st Oct 2009
In store in Newport, South Wales.. was 2 copies there... it was priced on the shelf as £1 so should be nationwide

i should say i bought one of the copies and it is definitely not a mistake as i asked the girl at the counter before she even scanned it!! woo hoo


My Asda never has the bargains, nice if you can find one

i picked up a few bargains today too.

Rockband xbox 360 1 pound
4 copies of sing it ps3 i pound each

sold rock band for 9 squid
and got 6 squid trade for sing it

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yeah fuming, i walked out the shop thinking "why the hell didnt i buy the lot?!" there were about 4 or 5 singits and 2 Singstars.... doh

my local asda also never has any of the offers listed on hukd! plus i have to drive for 50 mins to get there. Anyone who gets any singstar for ps2 and dont want them i would buy and pay p&p

Remember this will work on ANY PS3 (Not just the old 60Gb) as long as you have a PS3 singstar game as well.
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