SingStar Dance: Move Compatible For PS3 - £11.99 Delivered @ Gameplay

SingStar Dance: Move Compatible For PS3 - £11.99 Delivered @ Gameplay

Found 19th Mar 2011
SingStar Dance for PlayStation 3 is a unique extension of the SingStar music gaming experience that adds dance gameplay to the familiar karaoke-like performance action that the franchise is famous for. Dance activities utilize Sony's PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera combination to replicate precisely choreographed routines on-screen, while singing gameplay uses standard USB microphones compatible with the PS3. Additional features include 4-player multiplayer that includes multiple dancers, 50 audio/video tracks, additional downloadable tracks, the ability to upload performances to the SingStar online portal, and more.

Get into the groove with SingStar Dance:
SingStar Dance is tailor-made for all you dancing machines and pop stars in the making. Utilizing the fun, new PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye peripheral combination, along with traditional compatible USB microphones* used in previous SingStar games, SingStar Dance adds a whole new performance aspect to the SingStar experience by allowing players to dance as well as sing along to your favorite chart hits all within the same game. The game supports up to four players, with either one or two of these singing via a USB microphones, as the remaining players use PlayStation Move motion controllers to dance along to fully choreographer routines developed for the same song. The game contains over 50 audio/video tracks by original artists. These are all move-enabled, with the progress of singing players tracked on-screen via a familiar tablature notation, while dancing players have their own tablature, as well as a silhouette that mimics the motions picked up by the controller-camera peripheral pairing. Additional functionality includes new dance tracks downloadable via the SingStore and the ability to upload your video performances to My SingStar Online.

PlayStation Move Motion Controller and PlayStation Eye:
Equipped with a three axis gyroscope, a three axis accelerometer and terrestrial magnetic field sensor, the PlayStation Move motion controller tracks the precise movements and the angle of the controller, while the PlayStation Eye camera, aimed at the player, allows the PS3 system to detect the absolute position of the controller, and thus to a large extent the player, in 3D space. Together this facilitates the highly sensitive movement tracking and intuitive gameplay that gives the impression that the player is actually physically within the game. The PlayStation Move motion controller also features the familiar PlayStation controller button orientation, for seamless play from the very first use.

Key Features:
- Strut your stuff solo or get moving with a partner; up to 4 players can sing and dance with 1 or 2 microphones and PlayStation Move motion controllers
- Be a star performer as you hit all the notes and move yourself to the music to outperform the competition
- Use the PlayStation Move motion controller to spice up your video playbacks and enhance your dance moves with cool special effects
- Download new SingStar Dance tracks from the SingStore
- Upload your video performances to My SingStar Online
- A mix of great pop tracks included, providing classic SingStar gameplay great for social and family gaming


So do you need a mike in one hand and the move controller in the other?

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So do you need a mike in one hand and the move controller in the other?

You either just dance or other people can sing whilst you dance, you don't do both
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