SingStar Popworld With 2 Microphones [PS2] from SoftUK - £19.99 (+2% Free Fivers)
SingStar Popworld With 2 Microphones [PS2] from SoftUK - £19.99 (+2% Free Fivers)

SingStar Popworld With 2 Microphones [PS2] from SoftUK - £19.99 (+2% Free Fivers)

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SoftUK are selling "SingStar Popworld With Microphones" for the Sony PS2 for £19.99.
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You can get cashback via some sites (e.g. 2% Free Fivers, making it £19.59). You can also get 6% cashback through SoftUK's 'Collector' program

£29.99 is the next best price from Play.


Complimenting the acclaimed SingStar range with a fresh new look and a broad contemporary song selection, SingStar Popworld includes 30 new tracks and supports the impressive list of household-names already featured in the SingStar range, a great recipe to spice up any party!

All the tunes in this unrivalled line-up are easily recognisable and fun to sing with many chart-topping hits of the last three years. The track list is filled with music superstars including original artists such as Avril Lavigne, Jamelia, Keane, Robbie Williams and the Black Eyed Peas.
Classic gameplay modes from previous SingStar games make a welcome comeback in SingStar Popworld. Pass the Mic and Duets return, along with new original features such as Rap Scoring. Gain extra points as you battle against your crew to see who is the master of the mic, with the ultimate MC showdown! In Medley mode, short segments of five different songs are strung together, challenging would be pop stars to think fast and score high before the tune changes. In addition, SingStar Popworld incorporates brand new voice filters that can be used in Playback Mode to distort and enhance players vocal performance.
Developed by SCEEs London Studio, SingStar Popworld comes with two microphones that plug into PlayStation 2 via a USB adaptor, offering an instant multi-play experience as the SingStar technology analyses the players vocal skills, based on their pitch, tone and rhythm. The game is also EyeToy® compatible allowing players to actually see themselves singing within the game.


That's a good deal, there isn't many online retailers that still sell this along with the microphones because it costs too much but this is a must buy for anyone that likes karaoke or loves singing along with their kids.

"softuk Price : £30.49 "

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"softuk Price : £30.49 "

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