SingStar: Take That (Solus) PS2 - £11.73 / PS3 - £14.73 delivered @ The Hut! (Pre-order)
SingStar: Take That (Solus) PS2 -  £11.73 / PS3  - £14.73 delivered @ The Hut! (Pre-order)

SingStar: Take That (Solus) PS2 - £11.73 / PS3 - £14.73 delivered @ The Hut! (Pre-order)

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PS3 version - £14.73
PS2 version - £11.73

Featuring a collection of new and classic tracks from their multi-million album selling career, SingStar: Take That is packed full of those tunes that will tug on your heartstrings and have you delivering the performance of your life. Grab your Wireless SingStar Microphones and get your mates together for a harmonious performance of uplifting, chart topping single 'Shine' - or serenade your loved one with the heartfelt 'Back For Good' and 'Could It Be Magic'.

Pre-order now for delivery on 20 November 2009


This is great, seeing as it is one of the games that can get you half price off MW2 at Game!!

hmmm at £14.73 then getting £22.50 for it seems a steal and i can use it towards MW2!!!

EDIT: According to The Hut its not out till 20th (9 days after MW2) I can't wait that long! lol :w00t:

And the game deal ends on the 19th Guessing they're wrong.

does this *** with micro phone?


does this *** with micro phone?

Thats what i`d like to know...would`nt think so though.

It doesn't come with the mics. It's the solus version

According to the Amazon website its being released on 6th November! £17.26 from them though!


does this *** with micro phone?

I think that "solus" versions are solely the game. No microphone unfortunately. My daughter is going to love this. Heat to OP. :thumbsup:

ooook so where do i get a cheap microphone or two??

Could the PS2 version play on the PS3, like the disney one that lots of people advised on here could??

:w00t:whoooo looking forward to this, after seeing the boys at wembley this year! guna drive hubby craaaaaaaaaaazy haha

Finally a singing game that I don't have to know how to sing to be amazing at. Woo!

could it be magic?!! I think so :thumbsup:

And dont forget quidco!

Brilliant, thank you :thumbsup:

Ordered for other half chrimbo present - thanks for heads up.

Have some heat (only 2 degrees though unfortunately!)

I remember this is one of the chart on the list that you can trade in at game in store to get Modern Warfare2 half price
Could be wrong info but worth a check!

I was going to make a jk about other boybands releasing SingStar games, but I don't think I will.

Second the question re microphones - if anyone has any suggestions? (amazon has them for about £30)


NICE ONE OP! Just canceled my previous order with oddly enought THE HUT for £17.73 and re-ordered, heat and rep to you. The Hut state expected 20th Nov

does the hut charge when you order or when they dispatch teh goods?
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