SingStar: Take That (Solus) (Sing Star) Playstation 2, £3.99 @

SingStar: Take That (Solus) (Sing Star) Playstation 2, £3.99 @

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Featuring a collection of new and classic tracks from their multi-million album selling career, SingStar: Take That is packed full of those tunes that will tug on your heartstrings and have you delivering the performance of your life. Grab your Wireless SingStar Microphones (sold separately) and get your mates together for a harmonious performance of uplifting, chart topping single 'Shine' - or serenade your loved one with the heartfelt 'Back For Good' and 'Could It Be Magic'.


Good find, one purchased and will be ready for a singing weekend.

Good price!

bargain price

Can this be played on the PS3?

If you've got a ps3 singstar game you can get the ps2 games to work. Put the ps3 game in and as u go through the menus it should say swap disc,press select and swap the discs over

Thanks, ordered.

Quality, thank you!

Thanks sozmic!

now risen in price to 12.99 - missed it gutted - luvs a bit of singstar
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