Singstar Wireless Microphones PS2 & PS3 £7.00 @ Morrisons (instore)

Singstar Wireless Microphones PS2 & PS3 £7.00 @ Morrisons (instore)

LocalFound 13th Jan 2012
Not sure if this is store specific, but was in my local Morrisons (Thamesmead) this evening and saw these on the shelf in the gaming section. There were a few on the shelf. Seems like a great price IMO considering these are priced over £20 elsewhere.
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Thanks for posting Were they marked up at that price or did they just go through at that price? Are they the official ones?
Hot if this national
Hot as hell if nationwide, thought I'd got a good deal getting them for £12 from Game just before Xmas!

Hot as hell if nationwide, thought I'd got a good deal getting them for … Hot as hell if nationwide, thought I'd got a good deal getting them for £12 from Game just before Xmas!

Same from me too!! I had to pay £25 for them a couple of years ago as these never seemed to drop in price. Great if you can get them.
I paid 30.00 for mine when i first got them hot hot hot…KPU

If you cant find them worth looking out for when the party pack comes back in on amazon for £30 you get the 2 mics and 20 songs which must be worth about £23

depends if you buy songs I suppose

Also these also work in windows also with singstar clone Ultrastar or similar


Were marked with a big red sticker on them. Also had Wii stuff fo £4.00 (gun) & £7.00.
Want a pair of wireless ones. Hot!:)
I paid 30 a year ago for singstar with wireless microphones. Lots of fun.
The motown one is good for us oldies :-)
Any confirmation if this is national? Not got a Morrisons too close to me so need to know before dashing out. Hot otherwise.
How do you wireless ones work with a ps2? Really want this, no morrisons near me though
Gutted, not in Lincoln! Want a pair so bad but they get used enough to pay the 25 knicker that Game want. Good find OP, lucky ****.
Them stars are for the word b . u . gger. Sorry, won't do it again. Lucky person.
surely this is just part of the Morrisons £7 and £12 deals.....
so it's anyones guess if they will have it in your store...
Great Deal, and heated, but they are clearly "doing a tesco" by starting a month long campaign so people keep going back to look for these £7 deals...

The only difference being that Morrisons do actually seem to be restocking from time to time !!
We've had a coupel of great titles for £7 , but nothing like many other stores..

Great deal anyway, just don't see it as any different to the main thread.:p
Just picked up a set in my local priced up at 29.99 but scanned at £7, bargain
40 min walk to nearest Morrison's and they had none there, argh! They couldn't tell me if they normally have them, or if they would be getting any in, just some vague stuff about if we do it will be in the delivery next week. They had cruddy single Wii microphones for £12
Just got my set for £7.00 Thanks so much been searching for these had to ask at music desk as they were locked in cupboard on the music desk. Also got Kinect sport 2 for £22 it was £27 at asda and a set of JVC headphones for £12 these are much more expensive elsewhere so thanks for tip also saved us money on other products too and dvd Turtles Tale £4.00 so daughter happy too! Heat added got mine in Wellington, TelfordX)
brilliant , kids would want one of those no probs.
£29.99 on the shelf scanned at £7 brought thanks op.
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