SingStar with 2 Microphones (PS2)  -  £17.99 delivered

SingStar with 2 Microphones (PS2) - £17.99 delivered

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Found 14th Jan 2007
SingStar with 2 Microphones for the PS2 is just £19.99 at ChoicesUk. Use discount code: TECH0107 to get it for just £17.99 delivered. Cheapest elsewhere is £29.99 from Gameplay.

Details: Singstar includes a fantastic collection of chart hits and the opportunity to emulate your favourite pop stars. The two USB microphones allow players the chance to test their singing skills against the computer. The pitch, tone and timing will be tested to give the ultimate feedback for all budding singstars. Includes single play or the opportunity to test yourself against your friends in the ultra-competitive multiplayer modes.


got the kids this for xmas but the wife claimed it

Thank you very much! - why are these games so expensive everywhere? and not usually included in any offers?

Thanks millercat - nice one

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You're welcome big_tam and jayhab

Excellent deal, half it's normal price!


Superb find, bought the Legends and microphones at Christmas, I was going to buy this disc for £15 next week, so £3 for spare microphones is a bargain.

Cheers OP

Thanks OP.

Yet another drain on my money.

/ I must keep off this site!!!:oops:

I've been after a Singstar game since Christmas but they've all been out of my budget. Thanks so much for this :).

No microphones with that Amazon one though...

I have found the microphone one on Amazon, £32.99 though so this really is a good price.

Ordered and received confirmation e.mail but says awaiting stock, just have to wait and see if I receive it I suppose.

many thank ,great deal, ordered one today,just need to find a bargain deal on ps2 console now.

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You're welcome Welcome to the forums RDN, ando330 and shaunyboi, good to see you all posting! :thumbsup:

I looked for this over Xmas and couldnt find one anywhere near as cheap as this.

Ordered and thanks

Cheers matey. Been looking at this site for the past few weeks, thought it was only polite to register, and be part of the great experience :-)

I placed my order but received an email from them few min later :-(

You placed an order with us for 821408 - GAME2 - Singstar & … You placed an order with us for 821408 - GAME2 - Singstar & MicsUnfortunately, we have been advised by the distributor that the title is no longer available for sale. We have attempted to find a copy to fulfil your order, however this has proved unsuccessful and the order for this title will be cancelled shortly.We can confirm that no payment was taken for the order, and your order history will be updated accordingly.

Had my order cancelled too

great post, we already have it but thats a great pric as its usually around that WITHOUT the mics

Singstar Rocks is so much better (better tunes) but hey, thats not reduced on, unless anyone's seen it for sub £20

Anyone know if there is anything like this available for the XBOX?

My wife and I have been playing it whenever we go to a Beaulieu (where they have an area dedicated to playstation 2 games).

I do enjoy playing it, but don't want to buy a PS2 to play it on!!!

Order cancelled :-(

The usual unable to source when I suspect a misprice.. It must be on all order systems now as a dropdown excuse.

It's strange that some people have had their orders cancelled, as it's still showing at the same price and available to buy on the site.

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Oh dear ... i hope evreyone's isn't cancelled :-(

Received this order confirmation....
"Please accept this email as confirmation of your order.
Your items will be despatched to you as soon as soon as stock is available and we will send you a despatch email confirming which items have been sent."

Will just have to wait & see if it turns up.:whistling:

Ordered. Had my last order cancelled so I'm not holding my breath. Don't forget quidco... oh, just received an email whilst writing this to say my order has been cancelled! Sheesh! :x

Ridiculous. If you can't buy them why are they still listing them?

:x my status says "Awaiting stock"...

'Awaiting Stock' for me too ;-(


First time posting - have just ordered this and got e-mail saying it will come when stock is available - so fingers crossed!!!

Thanks again. :-))

No luck - had my ordered cancelled just after placing it - so don't know why they are still listing the item??l

Tried placing an order for this twice. Both times my order has been withdrawn. Oh well, at least the neighbours won't be complaining about the singing.

Now showing as "item withdrawn by supplier". I've not had the cancellation email through yet though, so I guess it's just a case of waiting to see if they send it.

Just had an e-mail saying order has been dispatched..:-D

Confirmation here aswell :whistling:


Just had an e-mail saying order has been dispatched..:-D

Ditto :). Thanks a lot to the OP for posting this.

As above, thanks

Confirmation of dispatch received here as well. Massive thanks to the OP for this deal - been after this for ages and this is a fantastic price!!


Despatched here too!

Yabba Dabba Doooo!

mine shows as awaiting stock last time i checked.


Excellent, received this morning.

Thanks again,


mine came today too :whistling::whistling::w00t:
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