Singstar with Microphones - PS3 (Vol1) £22.01 @ Argos

Singstar with Microphones - PS3 (Vol1) £22.01 @ Argos

Found 25th Dec 2008
Was looking around for some and bumped into a set for only £22.01.
This set does include mics.


great find, just reserved one

Super price - Am looking for this but for PS2 - Missed out on one set FS on here So if anyone knows of a good price or has one for sale please shout!!!

Happy Christmas Day!:santa::stocking::gift:


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I missed out as all places near didn't have any reservations left but life goes on I suppose , and hopefully they'll be a few more stores having this at around this price in the sales.

Tequilla , I advise you look at places like ( i think it's .com)

As I got their emails the other day about big sales.

got one from local store, rep added, cheers.
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