Sins of A Solar empire: GotY PC £9.95 delivered @ Zavvi

Sins of A Solar empire: GotY PC £9.95 delivered @ Zavvi

Found 18th Feb 2010
Assume ultimate control over one of three galactic powers: an ancient alien civilisation running from a terror of their own creation, a loose coalition of traders forced to annex their own people or an exiled empire of powerful psionics bent on revenge. Will you lead them to salvation or condemn them to extinction? The choice is yours...

In the future, the survival of humanity stands on the edge of utter ruin as three powerful factions vie for control of the galaxy. Take command of one of three space-faring races as you work to establish your domination of the galaxy in Sins of a Solar Empire. Through a combination of diplomacy, economic skill, cultural influence, and sheer military might you will establish order over your corner of the galaxy!

* Explore & Conquer Star Systems:
* Amass and command epic fleets
* Discover space anomalies and artifacts
* Fortify and develop key planets
* Build A Thriving Empire:
* Master culture and trade
* Forge alliances and declare bounty
* Research advanced technology
* Dominate In Real-Time:
* Smoothly zoom from metres to light years
* Compete online in epic multiplayer
* Save online games for later play


Bargain for the GOTY at under a tenner.

Also Gold edition is listed on ]Amazon. Due 19th March 2010

This Game of Year edition doesn't include any expansions, that are normally associated with GotY editions of games, e.g. Fallout 3 with the DLC expansions included.
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