Sins of A Solar Empire PC £2.77 Impulse

Sins of A Solar Empire PC £2.77 Impulse

Found 27th May 2010
A great space RTS game, seems to be priced at £2.77 on impulse.
The games can span over different solar systems and I would really recommend it.
I paid £20.
Digital only.

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This is a no brainer.

get it. It is such a good game

Wow, I've never heard of it and it won IGN 'PC Game of the Year' for 2008.…tml

BTW Do you ever find that you buy more games than you actually have time to play...

Unbelievable price for a stunning game

Been meaning to check this game out for ages, no excuse not to now. Thanks!

I picked up a copy for 1.99 in Gamestation a few weeks ago. Heat added.
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