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Beat the Average: Hardcore Game Developer Bundle @ SitePoint Shop (£7.32) + additional 10% off
Found 11th Mar 2016Found 11th Mar 2016
Beat the Average: Hardcore Game Developer Bundle @ SitePoint Shop (£7.32) + additional 10% off
Great start for anyone looking to get in to Game Development. Plenty of courses to pick which route you prefer from a good source of courses ***UPDATE, thanks to Elivercury*** Co… Read more

Starting Computer Science at Reading University in september, these courses should keep me going for now. Thank you!


It's also worth noting that there's another reduced game design course with a current BTA price of £14.20 here: Plus there's a whole load of free stuff available, including GAME DEVELOPMENT COURSES: 1. Learn to Build Your Own iPhone Game 2. All-About-Android Coding Bundle ASSETS 1. BundleStorm Design Assets 2. Design Asset Bundle 3. Iconnice 192 Designer Icons


Added in to the main body, thanks for the update. I have done some of their other courses and they were good.


Thanks, I'd been looking into learning more programming and attempting to make a few games as a hobby. Can't argue with about £6 to get some (hopefully) quality resources for it. Incidentally it may be worth noting that all the codes need to be redeemed within 30 days, which is not something I'm used to. Probably not a major issue or dealbreaker for anyone. EDIT: Also I got offered 10% off as soon as I entered their site provided I signed up to their newsletter.


Done, thanks.

AnonVPN 1 year for 73p @ SitePoint
Found 15th Jan 2016Found 15th Jan 2016
AnonVPN 1 year for 73p @ SitePoint
$1.01 for 1year VPN Pay the average for lifetime subscription. (Currently $20.11 (£14.46 on Paypal)) If you choose the Pay the Average bundle you also get lifetime Nonkly disposab… Read more
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Only good for activating none UK Steam codes.


Only 5 servers, all in USA. Pretty crap interface looks like I made it in Visual Basic in '99. Not sure i'd use this for anything other than streaming tv, certainly not banking or any secure communications for fear of data leakage. Pretty poor user interface.. can't even close the app without right clicking in the taskbar!


Yes it is compatible with Android. It's not really that fast though, better for web browsing so unlikely to be that useful for the use you require (Unless you like lots of buffering) On a Virgin Fibre connection that always give me 200+Mbps down/12Mbps up I get 10-15Mbps down/5-10Mbps up when VPN is connected For Kodi streaming you'd be better off looking into a Proxy DNS service


with this be compatible with kodi for firestick?


Really? looks fine to me......:p[image missing] Post for the same deal at CultofMac is still valid as well

Today, you can grab EVERYTHING SitePoint has to offer (digital) FOR JUST £65
Found 1st Aug 2013Found 1st Aug 2013
Today, you can grab EVERYTHING SitePoint has to offer (digital) FOR JUST £65
Super quality books, courses and articles. Perfect for a beginnner or expert. Today, you can grab EVERYTHING SitePoint has to offer FOR JUST $99 Enroll in EVERY course, and read … Read more
SitePoint summer Sale. Up to 88% off various products for the next 3 weeks.
Found 25th Jul 2013Found 25th Jul 2013
SitePoint summer Sale. Up to 88% off various products for the next 3 weeks.
For the next three weeks, SitePoint is offering a wide variety of 72-hour deals with deep discounts on top-shelf items. If you've been keeping some digital goodies on your wish lis… Read more

Think it depends on the course, some are just a few lessons.


Looking through the details, it seems rather than getting a course you get the first few lessons


That's a good point. It would of helpded if I'd done that.


For those that work in Pounds Sterleing (this is Hot UK Deals and not Hot Aussie Deals), $27 is about £16


First Deal: Choose 3 Courses for $27… and just $9 for each additional course Select 3 or more courses from the list on the webpage ( The more you buy the more you save! Courses include video lessons and code downloads. 1-year access, starting the day you begin the course. PLUS, every order comes with $207 worth of freebies, including responsive themes, tools, and bonus ebooks.

The SitePoint Christmas Sale is ON!
Found 29th Nov 2012Found 29th Nov 2012
The SitePoint Christmas Sale is ON!
If you’re interested in web development and design or want to be interested in it then this deal is for you!! I’ve been in the ‘internet’ industry for years and I still find that … Read more

Thanks! Just got a freebie today, will check it out


Hoping to see discounts on the NodeJS and Backbone books.


indeed, its definitely worth keeping an eye on every day to see if something comes up.


That's a good point. Some deals do have a shipping cost, other deals for electronic products obviously don't incur a shipping cost and sometimes free shipping is part of the deal.


worth noting, shipping to UK is $10.

Save 66% on a Mega Bundle 16 of SitePoint Ebooks. £95.35 (149 US$)
Found 29th Jun 2012Found 29th Jun 2012
Save 66% on a Mega Bundle 16 of SitePoint Ebooks. £95.35 (149 US$)
sitepoint, amongst other things, write and publish books on website development and design. They are currently offering electronic versions of all 16 of the books they publish at a… Read more

I have about 5 reference and text books on the go at any one time. It's not like fiction.


When the cost works out at $20-40 instead of $149 I expect quite a few would be willing to wait. It's not like you can read all 16 at once is it? Example: 8 Smashing eBook pack $20: http://www.****.com/deal/smashing-deal-for-web-developers.html Smashing Magazine quality is on par with all of Sitepoints eBooks imo.


Never seen a bundle for all 16 though. And who wants to wait for all the individual deals, or smaller bundle deals to appear.


These come up cheaper all the time in various other deals and smaller bundles. Appsumo, Mighty Deals, Get Dealy, Bundle Hunt etc


jQuery: Novice to Ninja, is an "ok" book for learning/re-remembering jQ. Not looked at the other ones. Not a bad deal if you or your company wants the eBooks. I know you can learn things like this online free of charge, but the book highlighted a few points that I hadn't seen covered anywhere - and I'm an experienced developer!! Plus it has some really nice "real-life" examples. Free sample of a chapter from this book:

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SitePoint Christmas sale. Up to 81% off!!
Found 5th Dec 2011Found 5th Dec 2011
SitePoint Christmas sale. Up to 81% off!!
If you’re not interested in web development and design then this deal is not for you!! If you’re still here then SitePoint are doing another Christmas countdown. Every day during… Read more

Web design is one one of the most unrewarding, poorly paid and soul destroying careers known to man. Good luck to you.


great .


Great deal, weighs in at a tad under GBP40 for the three books (inc e_book versions that can be downloaded immediately)

Free eBook "jQuery Novice to Ninja"
Found 12th Jul 2010Found 12th Jul 2010
Free eBook "jQuery Novice to Ninja"
Spain has won! And now, jQuery: Novice to Ninja is free for 24 hours! Simply enter your email address and download your free copy! Usually pdf is $29.95 Hard copy on Amazon is £2… Read more

Downloaded, thanks, heat added :)


.........and isn't ajax to do with washing dishes?


sorry, if it ain't sci-fi I want fup all to do with it................


A fast, concise, library that simplifies how to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add AJAX.


what the hell is this???