Six issues of Auto Express £1 plus free 26 piece toolkit

Six issues of Auto Express £1 plus free 26 piece toolkit

Found 9th Jun 2012
Periodic deal available again. £1 taken by direct debit (which can be swiftly cancelled once the £1 payment has been taken and you still receive the 6 issues and free gift).

As a motoring enthusiast, you are invited to claim 6 issues of Auto Express for just £1. This means you could save £15.20 on the shop price, plus get free delivery to your door. To order please click here.

Claim 6 issues of Auto Express for £1
> FREE 26-Piece Toolkit
> SAVE 40% on the shop price if you continue your Auto Express subscription

If you're looking to buy a new car, or want to know the best way to look after your motor so it's worth more when you sell it, Auto Express is the magazine for you.
The largest weekly automotive magazine brings you everything you need to know about cars, motoring and maintenance. Receive weekly issues of Auto Express packed full of:

Britain's biggest car news selection - with pages of all the latest car news and motoring stories
The first and fastest new car drives and road tests with all the verdicts, facts and figures you need to know
World exclusive spy pictures of still-secret cars, so you know what's coming up and don't buy an out-of-date model
FREE delivery in the UK
Money back guarantee - if for any reason you're not satisfied you can write to cancel at any time and receive a refund of the cost of all unmailed issues.
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Good offer if you remember to cancel on the 5th copy you receive. I do this every time they offer this deal which is about 5 times a year.

Would not pay full price because they continues to test a car 1 week then 2 weeks later they test it again in a group test, they also continually concentrate on German cars which is a little boring because a full test on a Audi because it's fitted a new light bulb is really just padding out a weekly that perhaps should be a Bi Monthly.
Took advantage of this last time it came round. Tool kit isn't much good but worth a cheeky quid. And the magazine is ok.

Cancelled my subscription as soon as they'd taken the £1 direct debit and still got the tool kit and all the issues of the magazine.
Plenty more £1 offers here

Including quite a few free gifts (a zippo style lighter with the freakishly tasteless Bizarre magazine).
Cool... Might give it a go
Just ordered - Heat added
In fact...I just received a second tool kit for no apparent reason!
just got my toolkit and 1st issue, how do i cancel now??
I've had 2 issues but no toolkit Shouldn't it have arrived by now?

just got my toolkit and 1st issue, how do i cancel now??

just go onto your on line banking and cancel that way, ( pm me all your bank details and password i will be more than happy to do it for you lol )
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