SIX litre bottles of Candia Milk - £1.45 @ Costco
SIX litre bottles of Candia Milk - £1.45 @ Costco

SIX litre bottles of Candia Milk - £1.45 @ Costco

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Have bought these and put them in the garage, at this price you cannot go wrong.

6 x 1litre bottles of Candia milk (skimmed or semi) for £1.45, equals just under 25p a bottle.

Also on the bottles are tokens to get bodum jars, I think 12 tokens gets you a 0.6 litre jar.

Quite good dates and excellent milk (about half the price of the cheapest UHT milk in Tesco I think)


Its excellent this milk, cheap and nice too, (Semi skimmed one) so cheap last ages store it away and put in fridge when needed, would reccomend, you can also get this in sainsburys but not sure how much there.

This is UHT too, you only mention UHT in the comparison.

'skimmed of semi' = 'skimmed OR semi'?

When are the expiries?

So many questions - but heat and rep waiting.

Its three quid in makro for six litres just now.

What is a bodum jar?

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Yes skimmed or semi

Bodum jar is a glass jar, high quality

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I've tried this milk and it tastes disgusting.
If anyone can drink 6 litres of this stuff then they deserve a Bodum jar as a prize.

its about 79p in sainsburys a litre ...

I think for UHT milk its got a great taste when cold, I got one in a free moving home box that was listed on here...

I am not easily surprised, but being brought up on sterilised milk, (a working-class North East thing!) which most people retch at the mere thought of, I thought I was the only person who can stomach UHT milk to drink (as opposed to in tea or coffee). It is milder but similar in taste than sterilised, but even I don't actually "like" it, and only have it at home for emergencies or cooking when you don't notice so much as it is being heated anyway, as that is what gives it it's odd taste.

They were still £2.90 in Costco Manchester yesterday.
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