Six way mains conditioner - £24.99 @ Maplin

Six way mains conditioner - £24.99 @ Maplin

Found 14th Aug 2007
This mains board got 5 stars from what hi-fi last year, which is pretty good.

If you order on-line then add £3 for postage and packaging,
but why pay more when you can get it in-store!

3% Quidco too

Manufacturer: Tacima

Powerful mains conditioner reduces interference
Improves picture and sound quality from AV equipment
Includes surge protection

This unit contains a powerful mains conditioning filter which will reduce or eliminate interference coming through the mains electricity supply and help to enhance the sound and picture quality from your AV equipment. The filters are specifically designed to combat both ''asymmetrical'' as well as ''symmetrical'' interference, both being effectively suppressed by the introduction of high frequency capacitors and a single choke. In addition the unit also incorporates an earth line choke to stop interference through the mains earth line and uses a screened mains cable to eliminate the effects of radiated noise interference.

This is my first deal post (about time too I hear you say) - I don't care if you go easy on me or not :-P


Added the deep link to the OP and added a price and retailer name to thread title...

Excellent piece of kit, bought one earlier this year and it works a treat - no more clicking through the speakers when the washing machine is on!

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Thanks Emma - I forgot to add a link! :oops: :giggle:
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