Sixth  -  Big List Of Free Kindle Books  - Download Free @ Amazon

Sixth - Big List Of Free Kindle Books - Download Free @ Amazon

Found 14th Dec 2011
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Action & Adventure

By: Rye James (Maverick Spur Publishing)
A small town sheriff arrests a man responsible for killing an innocent man in a card game. The murderer's father, a wealthy, ruthless land owner, uses his gang of gunfighters to try and get his son out of jail, putting the town in the middle of a huge battle. The sheriff is trapped and unable to get his prisoner out of town or any help in until a mysterious stranger rides into town...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Master of Ordum and The Beginning of the Legend (Book #1)
By: J. A. O'Bryan (J. A. O'BRYAN)
Christopher is a boy who inadvertently discovers an exciting secret. From that moment his life will never be the same, extraordinary events will open the doors to a world full of evil and amazing events.

Being just a young boy, Christopher becomes a key to solve a puzzling problem, while his new friends Rodrigo and Brandon will help liberate the evil power of black magic.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: Lili Tufel (Fantasy Island Book Publishing)
Book Description:
Dallas is a Special Forces Lieutenant who is driven by his promise to protect the Colonel's daughter Abby from an opium drug lord. He is torn between duty and his love for her and when he discovers that the drug lord's charming-murderous son has befriended Abby, there's no limit to how far he is willing to go to protect her...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Destiny Repeats Twice (Isabella (Izzy) & Aiden Black Series)
By: Eri Nelson (EAN LLC)
Isabella (Izzy) Tulley and Aiden Black Series are a collection of adult books that take dark desires on a modern day mythology ride.

Eri Nelson once again shows that she truly enjoys the shadowy sides of writing. Taking readers faster and farther into hidden realms. Where life and death pursuits push heated lust to all new heights...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: Juliet Waldron (BWLPP)
Born to a runaway teen and Iroquois Warrior, Genesee struggles to find her place, her loyalties eternally torn between two warring peoples. When the American Revolution sets the Mohawk Valley ablaze, will a young soldier's love prove strong enough to save her?
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Apocalypsia Part 2: The Awakening
By: Jerry Veit (CreateSpace)
Part two of three introduces a new ally as well as a new villain. Lazul continues to develop his army as humanity start to realize it's time to come together once again and prepare for war.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Neveah (A Broken Forever)
By: Angie Merriam
Shep was Lilly's soul mate. He shared her birthday, her love of nature, and he held her heart. On their eighteenth birthday Shep proposes and Lilly tearfully accepts. What should have been a joyous day quickly becomes a nightmare when Lilly's mother vanishes leaving only a note. The search for Lilly's mother leads them to Neveah, a magnificent parallel world, unknown to the Ordinaries of earth...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Diseased Libido Volume 7 - Death on the Highway
By: Carter Rydyr (Storm Publishing)
Contains one horror story, entitled "Death on the Highway". On a desolate highway, in a post apocalyptic world terrorized by mutant gangs, two old friends set out on a long and foreboding journey. Seeking a safer life in a more civilized environment they, instead, encounter soul-destroying horror as their dark, tragic past catches up with them.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Story Tellers' Anthology ((A collection of tales from the writers at Fantasy Island Book Publishing))
By: J. Darroll Hall (Fantasy Island Book Publishing)
All proceeds of this work to both the publisher and authors go to charity Water to the world!

A collection of tales from the writers at Fantasy Island Book Publishing from not only the four corners of the United States, but from around the world.
The United Kingdom, Wales, South Africa, and Australia, with story's for all types of readers adult, young adult and children...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am
Arts & Entertainment

Money Run
By: Dathan Floyd (
A roller coaster ride of mob money and murder with an old fashioned twist at the end.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Key of Solomon, A Screenplay
By: Howard Clarke (Howard F. Clarke)
A taut thriller in authentic screenplay form--specially formatted for easy reading on the Kindle--"The Key of Solomon, A Screenplay" is an occult/detective tale of the coming "last days," the days preceding Biblical apocalypse, when the rules change and cracks begin to appear in the natural laws of our universe...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Miracle of Stalag 8A (Stalag VIII-A) - Beauty Beyond the Horror: Olivier Messiaen and the Quartet for the End of Time
By: John William McMullen (BIRD BRAIN PUBLISHING)
The Miracle of Stalag 8A is a retelling of the fascinating story of Olivier Messiaen's composition of his Quartet for the End of Time. Set in France & Germany from 1939 to 1941, Messiaen served in the French army, was captured at Verdun, and sent to Stalag 8A in Gorlitz, Germany, where he composed the great work, The Quartet for the End of Time...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Life Among the Shadow People
By: Susan Ripley Rodgers (The Empathy Project)
Autobiographical free verse poetry book about what it is like to live among "the shadow people" (those people who hide in the shadows).
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

I May Be Unique in this Cookie-Cutter World, But, I Still Have Wings to Fly (One Stutterer's Search for Societal and Self-Acceptance)
By: Susan Ripley Rodgers (The Empathy Project)
Autobiographical poetry book which expresses how she has felt being a life-long stutterer and her struggle to for societal and self acceptance.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Ghost Nation : Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Society
By: Ron Breland
A true story about the experiences of an american soldier's, and his family's, experiences with PSTD. The road may not always be a
short one, but the light at the end of the tunnel is certainly worth it. For
the Soldiers and their spouses who read these words; God bless you, and
thank you for your service...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: John William McMullen (BIRD BRAIN PUBLISHING)
From the forgotten history of 1830s Indiana, John William McMullen unearths the true story of Benjamin Petit, a French Attorney turned missionary priest, and his mission to the Potawatomi People in the Diocese of Vincennes, Indiana.

Under the urging of the saintly Bishop Simon Brut鬠Petit joined the northern Indiana Potawatomi tribes in 1837, a year before their forced removal west...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

From The Killing Fields to the Healing Fields - The Good, the Bad, and the Political in a Medical Mission Trip Across the World
By: Howard Clarke (Howard F. Clarke)
A frank, behind-the-scenes look at a medical mission trip to Cambodia and the transformation of a military Vietnam-era vet from reluctant participant to humbled servant. With more than 30 high resolution photographs from the trip, the journey follows the author as he experiences the good, bad, and political aspects of trying to aid people in dire circumstances--people who include former enemies...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Journey to a Better Land
By: Nancy LaPierre (NBLBooks)
This is the story of a young girl coming out of an alcoholic home. Finding strength through her grandmother, she determines not to repeat the mistakes of her parents. Follow her journey, and experience the love, hope and forgiveness that she finds. Read the touching stories of her husband and three children, and how they taught her patience, kindness, understanding and self control, even while living in a converted school bus...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

A POCKET FULL OF MEMORIES And Other Loose Change...
By: Ron Breland
The Four Horsemen,
The Magnificent Seven,
the Steel Horse and her crew,
Darrin, Top (T-Rex), John,
and those who have borne the battle
shoulder to shoulder with me
on many fronts
so that our children and grand-children
may enjoy the sweet taste of freedom...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: Abhishek Chandel
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Emails from the Edge: When Friendship Spans the Distance.
By: Kristie Leigh Maguire (KLM Books)
Email from the Edge defies today's world of political correctness where every word is carefully censored so as not to offend anyone. Kristie Leigh Maguire is open, honest, and sometimes over-the-top funny in her email correspondence with her friend back in the States with whom she shares her thoughts and feelings while living overseas as an expatriate wife during the decade of the 90s...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Through the Gates of Thought
By: Nana Awere Damoah
Once again, Nana Awere Damoah has a splendid achievement to his name in this, his second book of stories, articles, aphorisms and poetry. His style is graphic, entertaining and indisputably Ghanaian. Whether he is lauding the efforts of his countrymen, exhorting everyone to thoughtfulness and faith, deploring the politicisation of local issues or making astute comments on his schooldays, he is frank and 'in your face' Seriously funny, amusingly instructive and liberally Christian, Damoah offers insights from many sources and hope for the future for his pioneering homeland...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Rare signatures of many legends of India
By: Natarajan S (AB Publishing House)
Your will be delighted to posses the collection of signatures of such great Indian personalities.

This book is in full colour.

You may be Antique and signature collector or want to have glimpse of what the famous personalities signed like , this is a great book. Photographs separately included...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

First Bass and Other Stories
By: Terran Moffat (Zapstone Productions LLC)
There are no Death Stars or sparkling vampires in this book, or enchanted swords, or mushy, six-hanky chick lit tales. No. Instead, there is lots of mud, dirt, animal hair, the smell of dead worms baking in a hot car, and maybe a giggle or two. Come along on these six zany 99 44/100th percent true tales of the outdoor life...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Memoirs of a fighting dog
By: Keisha Keenleyside (Keisha Keenleyside)
Memoirs of a fighting dog is a look through the dogs eyes at the world he lives in, the short story shows what life of a fighting dog could be like and tells of what might go on behind the sub culture. All profits made from this story will go to animal charities.

Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

DOCTORS WHO KILLED - Harold Shipman, Marcel Petiot, Michael Swango, H.H. Holmes, John Bodkin Adams
By: R.J. Parker
In this book I have written about several Doctors who have killed their patients, including;
Harold Shipman, Marcel Petiot, Michael Swango, H.H. Holmes, and John Bodkin Adams. These are only some of the dozens of doctors who have been convicted in our history. It's amazing that these people had chosen a profession that's purpose is to help save lives but yet they preferred to kill...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Looking for Windows (In a World Full of Slamming Doors)
By: Susan Ripley Rodgers (The Empathy Project)
Book which details the author's journey to find her niche, in a world, which she finds is filled with "slamming doors".
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Peace Child (A Letter from the Heavens)
By: Susan Ripley Rodgers (The Empathy Project)
Autobiographical account describing the author's very personal experiences with UFO's, extraterrestrials, and other unknown entities.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

I May Have Been Born Backwards, But it Has Turned Out to be a Gift
By: Susan Ripley Rodgers (The Empathy Project)
Autobiographical free verse book which discusses how difficult it is to be a "different" type of person. But, it turned out to be a "spiritual gift" for the author.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Simple Guide To Nelson Mandela
By: Chris Scott (TSGT Publishing)
This short, simple guide tells you all about Nelson Mandela, from his early years with the ANC, through the turbulent times and tough decisions on the use of violence for the cause, to his working with the South African government to end apartheid. On becoming president and transforming the great nation of South Africa...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Melancholy Journey (A Collection of Poems)
By: Susan Ripley Rodgers (The Empathy Project)
Autobiographical, free verse, poetry book regarding the journey of a lifetime.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Provocative Thoughts and a Miracle
By: Asokan Ponnusamy
Read about a real miracle that happened to this author's wife.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: Rena Kornreich Gelissen (Beacon Press)
"I do not hate. To hate is to let Hitler win." Rena Kornreich Gelissen

"The most important book of the modern age!" Neal Lavon, Voice of America

"The most historically accurate book ever written of the first transport of women into Auschwitz--the only book ever written by a survivor of that transport, who survived 3 years and 41 days in the camps...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am
Business & Finance

Selling Used Books Online: The Complete Guide to Bookselling at Amazon's Marketplace and Other Online Sites (Harvard Perspectives in Entrepreneurship)
By: Stephen Windwalker (Harvard Perspectives Press)
Selling Used Books Online is a comprehensive how-to bible for America?s newest and fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, the sellers on Amazon Marketplace and other online venues. Selling Used Books Online meets the needs of booksellers and business readers who want to stay current on market changes, best sources, insider?s tips and tactics, and best practices...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

What Is Personal Branding? How to Creat a Memorable & Powerful Brand that Sells YOU!
By: Jim Kukral
"What Is Personal Branding' holds a great wealth of information that anyone interested in being successful in business needs to read." Jorgen Sundberg, Personal Branding UK

Learn about all about Appearance, Personal Branding, Responsibility, Brand Names, Social Media & Much More!

Are you interested in having a successful personal branding campaign both online as well as offline? Do you want to further your professional career and promote the positive image of success? "What is Personal Branding?" by acclaimed marketing writers Jim F...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Moonlighter's Guide To Using For Immediate Income
By: Connie Brentford (Moonlighter Media)
This is the second book in the Moonlighter's Guide series from bestselling author Connie Brentford. has become a global phenomenon. Why not start using to make money today? This Moonlighter's Guide teaches you everything you need to know from the basics of account set-up to the advanced selling techniques that will take your gig sales to the next level...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Turn over million $$$ dollars with no money down. It's your career, your business.
By: VAL Gridnev
The book is a success story how I started career in the real estate with no money down and went all the way up to the success in the real estate industry
It includes diagrams, calculations, improvements, presentations, meetings, sales techniques, real interviews, retire early and action plan. The book is a treasure for individuals who want to succeed, who are keen to turn millions of dollars and create multimillion dollars portfolio without risk.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Learn about Budgeting (Costing - Solutions)
By: Globalexperts 4U
This Learning Material describes various concepts of budgeting including Master budget, Cash Budget, Production Budget, Flexible Budget and Static Budget.

Table of Contents

1) Introduction to Budgeting - Page 4
2) Importance and Limitations - Page 5
3) Master Budget - Page 6
4) Case Analysis- Victoria - Page 7
5) Case Problem - Page 19
6) Static Budget - Page 22
7) Flexible Budget - Page 24
Restrictions and budgetary concerns for capital projects - Page 29
9) Production Budget Case Page 34
10) Conclusion- Page 36

Case Analysis of Master Budget

Victoria Kite Company a small Melbourne firm that sells kits on the web wants a master budget for the next three months beginning Jan 1, 2005...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

How the Skull and Bones Cult Hijacked America and Sped it Into the New World Order
Famous economist and Stanford University Fellow, Antony Sutton, examines the blood boiling history defining how an evil cult has hijacked America.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Filing for Bankruptcy in Washington D.C. Made Simple
By: Theodore Connolly (
Don't file for bankruptcy in the District of Columbia without reading this simple and inexpensive guide.

Bankruptcy can solve many financial problems- but not everything. Whether or not you are getting a lawyer to help you, you need to know what you are doing in your bankruptcy case so you don't get burned...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Success is a choice! 20 Action Steps to change your life. NOW!
By: Michael Henry (SuccessTopics Publishing)
Special Pricing!

Be Decisive! Get this book until 12/31/2011 for only $4.97.

Beginning 2012 this book will cost $17.99.


No matter if you are young or old, rich or poor - everyone can take actions that will change their life. These actions include very small details that add up over time to legendary results...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Corporate Blogging Book [Updated Edition With a New Preface]
By: Debbie Weil (, Inc.)
A refreshed and updated edition of the original and definitive book about corporate blogging.

This is the how-to bible on corporate blogging recommended by best-selling author David Meerman Scott (The New Rules of Marketing and PR, 2nd edition). Writing in a style that Kirkus Reports called "smart, witty and accessible," Debbie Weil deconstructs the myth surrounding company blogs (they are boring and pointless) and shows you how to write a compelling blog that will, ultimately, increase sales...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Handbook: 12 days Rescue for the Survival of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
By: Madalena Fernandes
All SMEs should have this handbook. Author used 1 year to research on SMEs operations and management to write this book. This handbook provides you with information concerning the problems of SMEs and recommendations for SMEs' rejuvenation.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am
Children's eBooks

How Did the Butterfly Get Caught in the Spider's Web
By: Susan Ripley Rodgers (The Empathy Project)
A parable, for children and adults, about a foolhardy butterfly who made the wrong decision.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Night Watchman Express
By: Alison DeLuca (Fantasy Island book publishing)
Each night, thirteen-year-old Miriam hears the eerie whistle of the Night Watchman Express.

The sound of the train gives her visions of an underground factory and a terrifying laboratory...

Miriam has only her guardians' son for company, and she and Simon dislike each other from the start...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Billy Barnaby's Twisted Christmas
By: Scott Reeves (Aether Wind)
Set in a world just around the corner from our own, where Santa Claus really exists and uses your neighbors to keep track of your deeds, Billy Barnaby's Twisted Christmas is a sometimes dark but ultimately uplifting story of how a truly good heart can redeem even the most heartless evil.

When teenager Billy Barnaby wins a contest to accompany Santa Claus on his Christmas deliveries, he's delighted at the opportunity to try to turn Santa from his Big Brother-like ways...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Our Dog Oliver - Book Two
By: Danielle Hess (Karen Hess)
The second volume of the Oliver stories is here! Join Oliver in more adventures as he finds mud (and the fun he has in it), goes for a walk, discovers the joy of shoes and visits the groomers. Danielle Hess has put together another selection of wonderful stories that allow us to share our Oliver stories with you and your family.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Bad Hat (The wizard Wart)
By: Jane Watkins
This book concerns Emma Blunt, who was turned into a witch by a wizard named Wart when they argued over a parking space. Once she was pretty. Now she is ugly and will stay that way until she helps someone who is in distress. Sadly no one wants her help because she is a witch and she must always wear her black pointed hat, even though it makes her bad-tempered...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Our Dog Oliver - Book One
By: Danielle Hess (Karen Hess)
Meet our dog Oliver, who has single-handedly managed to turn our lives upside down, all wrapped up in a 22 pound white package. Our Oliver series of books puts little twists on his every day adventures and proves that a tiny dog can achieve big things - all in five charming children's books.

In Book One Oliver gets a new home, meets the other dog in his new home Max, goes to the dog park and takes a nap...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Sounds in the Dark
By: Gaines Fox
Two boys discover a cave at the bottom of a steep crevice and use it as a secret hideout until becoming trapped by a rock fall. Using the few resources at their disposal and learning from their environment, they manage to escape after two frightful days in the darkness. The boys learn a great deal about bats, perseverance, and honesty as a result of being trapped in the cavern and from their experiences after their escape...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

My Name is Angel: True Life Adventures of a Lady Donkey (Angel Ears)
By: Penny Loeb (Angel Ears Press)
Heart-warming story of friendship between a donkey and a retired racehorse. Praised by youngsters: "My daughter has a hundred books, but every night she asks for the 'Angel' book," said the mother of a three-year-old.All proceeds donated to a nonprofit equine rescue group.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Puppies Are Love (A Bedtime Story for All Good Little Doggies)
By: Susan Ripley Rodgers (The Empathy Project)
Bedtime story for good children and puppies (about love).
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Dustin's Christmas Adventure
By: Kimberly Irish-Tarbox (Tarbox Media)
Dustin is a little boy with ADHD. He is worried his behavior will get him on Santa's naughty list. Santa invites him on an adventure and he learns he is a good boy.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Kittie & Friends: The King of Pops
By: Eve Gu
This is the second book in the Kittie & Friends series. Follow Kittie as she has a new car, new housekeeper, and new friends that need her help...

Be sure to check out these other great books from Porterlance Books:

A Stranger At Christmas by James McCullough
One Stormy Day by James McCullough
Kittie & Friends: The Happy Family
Is There Love After Abuse? The Story of Kobe by Lori Susewitt
The Day The Sub Came by Carol Gilbert
Lil Glimmer by Angela Muse
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Prophet Adam(as) (Stories of the prophets)
By: Sarah Adam
A short story about prophet Adam(as) for children
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

The Messenger
By: Warren Throckmorton
Without warning, eight-year-old Levi is transported to another world - Parakimon - from the woods behind his house. There he is called upon to deliver a message and become part of the fulfillment of a prophecy. When he delivers the message to the evil Kakos, he finds himself involved in a battle for the future of Parakimon and Earth as well...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Let Me Count The Ways
By: Sherri Walker
Let me count the ways is a children's short rhyming book explaining what we do that shows them our Love for them. It is things that they don't see, or quite understand yet but reading and hearing about these things will help them to better understand why we as parents do what we do and say what we say.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Hades Revenge
By: Gary Edgington
He burst through the door to his chamber and noticed the drapes in the open window whipping in the evening wind in the far corner of the room. It betrayed the assassin. Ares felt the presence of another. He could hear it breathe. The moon light cast a light glow in the room. The candle on the wall flickered and beat its light against the walls...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Putt McGee's Chiffchaff Flocking (Putt McGee's Flockings)
By: Timothy Smith
Putt McGee, an eleven year old boy growing up in Georgia, dreams of flying over his house and around his neighborhood, like a bird, for three nights in a row. On the third night, Putt's chaperone, Limosa William, comes to take Putt to Point Aves Island to be tested at his Chiffchaff Flocking. Before Putt leaves for Point Aves he has to deal with Wayne, the local trouble maker...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

The Lonely, Little Castle
By: Susan Ripley Rodgers (The Empathy Project)
Children's book which embraces the power of friendship.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Pinky Bunny's First Day of Kindergarten
By: Kristina Cardoza
It's Pinky's first day of Kindergarten, and she's nervous! When she gets there, it seems kind of scary, but after a while, Pinky feels good about Kindergarten because she meets a new friend and has fun playing with him. Later, she meets Hops, the class bully, and he's bullying Pinky and her new friend! What will she do now? Follow Pinky on her adventure to see what happens while having fun learning colors!
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Blister teen version (Teen 'Tank' Series)
By: Conrad Jones (Gerricon Books)
`Blister` is a thriller which will blow your socks off! Another real page-turner written at his usual supersonic pace. If you like realistic action thrillers then they don`t come much better than this superb new author does. --The Reporter Book Reviews

The story behind Blister is a true one, the author has a talent for blending the facts with the fiction to the point where you believe the whole plot...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Santa Tracking Tales (The Christmas Connection)
By: Philip Hetherington (Onteca Limited)
It's that wonderful magical time of the year again. Are you looking forward to Christmas? Everyone at the Santa Tracker headquarters is. We'll be keeping a close eye on all the goings on at the North Pole, and our reporters all over the world are on the lookout for Santa and his elves. Also Santa himself will be writing a special diary for us all to read...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Dance of the Butterflies (The Golden Key Series)
By: Susan Ripley Rodgers (The Empathy Project)
Children's book which takes the reader on a magical journey to "Butterfly Heaven".
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Sue Twinkle Star in Dreamland
By: Susan Ripley Rodgers (The Empathy Project)
Children's storybook about a magical fairy named Sue Twinkle Star (and her adventures in Dreamland.)
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Soul Returner Kyuu
By: Pamila Daniel (Studio Daniel)
If you like a bit of hijinks with your horror or some biting satire mixed in with your thrills and spills - you will love SOUL RETURNER KYUU!

Find out why the residents in the Tornado Bait - er - Toronado Estates Trailer Park are acting so strangely...

And why several disturbed graves in the local cemetery look as though they were dug out of instead of into...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Addy Love
By: Mikayla Holden (KidPub Press)
In this epic western tale, sixteen-year-old year old Addy Adams becomes the woman of the house after her pregnant mother passes away due to an illness that ravishes her small Kentucky town. She soon finds herself mothering her sister when she sees that she has fallen in love with a young man named Ned...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: John William McMullen (BIRD BRAIN PUBLISHING)
Set in 1981 during the last week of summer vacation, Eugene Thomas dares Lambert McChesney and his adolescent peers to walk across the alleged haunted railroad bridge in the middle of the night.

Reagan was President and the threat of nuclear war and the proverbial doomsday scenario hung over every American's head...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Bug Island
By: R.G. Cordiner
They destroyed the mighty Mayan Empire. What hope for a few shipwrecked survivors?

A South American cruise. It should have been a once in a lifetime experience. And it was. But not in the way they imagined. Barely surviving a horrific shipwreck, the remaining passengers have to try and cope with finding food, water, shelter, let alone the constant arguments...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Larry the Lizard Visits the Moon
By: Victor Alfaro (
An adventurous lizard gets the ride of his life when he hops on a spacecraft headed for the moon.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Snoops, Clues & Boos: A Children's Mystery Snoop Tale
By: Gio Pago (Alm Hlgh)
Word count: 6,550

A funny mystery bed time story for children between the ages of six and twelve years of age. Join Erick and his two little pint sized super snoop cousins, Marcus and Morris the Eve of Halloween night as they search for clues to debunk or prove the rumor that new tenant Dr...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am
Comics & Graphic Novels

My Step Sister Pretty Little Mouth Volume 1
By: Maria Cruz (Maria Cruz)
"Ah, he was just complementing you on your pretty face," I assured her. She looked sad still and I asked her why she was so sad.

"A couple of my friends said it meant something bad," Jenny groaned and twirled her left pigtail in her fingers.

"What, what did they say it meant?" I asked, playing dumb and thinking this conversation was getting better by the second...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Interracial Gangbang Volume 1
By: Maria Cruz (Maria Cruz)
I knew I was running outta time here so I had to make my move. I walked into the living room and smiled as he showed me all his hard work. I asked him to help me with something in the bedroom. I followed me into it and commented what a huge bed it was. I told him to lie down on it and see how comfortable it was...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Wicked Desires: Steamy Sex Stories Volume 1
By: Mariz Cruz (Maria Cruz)
Husband is blackmailed into sharing his wife.

After he got few questions wrong Brian said "Hmm, maybe she's only lucky for you, Dave."

"No man, you got to rub her butt, like a genie bottle." Marc quipped. Everybody laughed -- I had been busted. On his next turn, just before he rolled the dice, Brian put his hand behind my wife and gave her ass a quick pat, saying "For luck...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Feather #2 Comic Book
By: Steve Uy (Steve Uy Productions)
From acclaimed graphic novelist Steve Uy, creator of Jova's Harvest, Titan's Tears, and artist of Marvel/ DC books Uncanny X Men, Avengers Initiative, and Legion of Superheroes Animated, comes Feather, his first creator owned series, available for the first time in digital format!

Sehven, a half breed dragon, lives a carefree life as a wheat thresher with his brother Clip...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Death of Super Duper Man - plus preview and historical art and cover art (Super Underwear Man)
By: C.J. Walworth
As a little boy, Super Underwear Man was forever changed by the untimely and tragic death of his favorite boyhood hero, Super Duper Man! Super Duper Man was cut down in the prime of life by a tragic and horrific (yet, somehow kinda humorous) accident. Super Duper's body has yet to be recovered. The only remaining part of Super Duper, was his cape...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Lesbian Fantasy Volume 1
By: Maria Cruz (Maria Cruz)

"Is once a day too often?" she asked.

"Not often enough," I said. She kissed me again and again.

"Do you need anything?" she asked.

"I need you," I replied. "Will you let me love you the way I've been dreaming of?"

"Are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life," I said...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am
Computers & Internet

How To Legally Get 40,000 Likes To Your Fan Pages
By: Tim Greene
Most Markets Use Black Hat , White or Gray Hat Methods To Increase Their Fan Base. With This Guide We Will Show How To legally Increase Your Fan Pages To 40,000 In a week.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am
Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

Race Traitor
By: Elisa Hategan (Incognito Press)
Described by publishers as raw, explosive and frightening, Race Traitor is inspired by the incredible true story of a Jewish teenage girl who becomes recruited by a neo-Nazi terrorist group.

To sixteen-year old runaway Lara Aslan, the new friends she finds in the secretive Patriot Front are the family she's never had...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Screwed By The Pooch (A Short Story)
By: Lawrence Kelter (F Street Books)
Who is Lonnie Ormandy and why is she getting so much attention? Life among the rich, the arrogant, the corrupt-Lonnie plays in all three worlds as she weaves her plan of revenge. Can you guess her secret before the curtain falls?
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

A Crack in the Line (The Aldous Lexicon 1)
By: Michael Lawrence (Wordybug)

Naia Underwood doesn't know it but she has a double. A male double. In another reality. For almost seventeen years their lives have been identical, but for one thing. Two years ago, his mother died following a horrific accident - the same accident Naia's mother survived...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Uncubicled Part 1
By: Josh McMains (Josh McMains)
First half of the original, higher-priced novel.

**Warning: reading this book may endanger your co-workers.**

Joe Tompkins was having a bad day at the office: boring meetings, pointless assignments, and this feeling that he was being watched. When he could take no more, he did what anyone would do...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: Paul Levine (Ransom House)

"BALLISTIC is 'Die Hard' in a missile silo. Terrific!" - Stephen J. Cannell

A Nuclear Missile...
A Band of Terrorists...

And Only Two People Who Can Prevent Armageddon.

When a doomsday cult captures an U...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

China Imports
By: Gene Camfield
An unidentified homeless man is killed by a hit and run driver in the seedy part of town. A chance encounter with a witness who says he discovered the body, results in a radio sound bite that initially brings kudos from radio station management for novice reporter Timothy Townsend.

Fame is short-lived as local authorities learn the decedent is an undercover state drug enforcement officer and when Townsend's source can't be located, he becomes the focus of a police homicide investigation...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: Dave Davies (Dave Davies)
Autumn 1944: V2 rockets are being fired by the Germans from Holland against London. They must be stopped, whatever the cost!
A riveting and fast paced story of suspense, deception, sex, and betrayal, in a superbly authentic setting.
It is early September 1944 and in the West the Allied armies are advancing inexorably towards the borders of the Reich...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Growing Up A Killer
By: Charles Romano III
What makes a killer?
Simple genetics?
Maybe it's environment?
Perhaps it's caused by a form of insanity?

In Gio's case it's all of the above.
The story that unfolds shows a young man, not even eighteen, trying to deal with the unfortunate abuses of his parents in the only way his shattered mind can think of: to kill them both...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Mommy's Choice
By: Scott McElhaney
"McElhaney's story telling is deft, well-paced, and with an ear for conversation" ~ Beacon Journal Book Review

The bestselling author of One Crazy Summer, Talking to the Moon, Event Horizon, and Saving Brooksie now brings you his 2008 award winning novel "Mommy's Choice" - a tale of woman who seems to be losing her sanity in the midst of losing her son...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

By: Saira Viola
A sharp edged urban satire with an innovative baroque edge. Set in London the book deals with the topical issues of greed celebrity and mass consumerism.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

No Vacancies A Collection of Short Stories, Vol. 1
By: Lucien Black (Lucien Black)
The No Vacancies Adventure Series starts here in Volume 1. Using short tales, Lucien Black introduces readers to his episodic on-going series of short tales offering various genres of storytelling including action/adventure, horror, mystery, superhero and fantasy.

Volume 1 introduces two episodic adventures; the action packed High Stakes and the supernatural Outcast...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Soft Target Teen Version (Blister Teen Version)
By: Conrad Jones
Soft Target is the first book that I read by this author and what a book it is. The raw talent of this new thriller writer oozes out of every page. There is one word for this title `Unputdownable!!` --Eriona Book Reviews

The first of the best series of thrillers I have read in many years...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Memory Slaves (1)
By: Ernest Lloyd (biosantas)
Memory Slaves by Ernest Lloyd
'The first man to stand up for mankind was an ape'
A tragic- comedy romantic science fiction thriller, the first part of this Trilogy introduces Dmitri a Russian scientist who has turned back the clock found eternal youth and the secret of stepping from the Now and into the realms that we all can share beyond...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

No Laughing Matter: A Short Story
By: James Scott Bell (Compendium Press)
Sometimes, comedy can seem like death...

For Pete "The Harv" Harvey, stand up comedy is a serious business. At least, he wants it to be. But the struggle to make it in the glitter dome of L.A. hasn't exactly been a smashing success.

One night, after bombing onstage at a local club, Pete wonders if his next stop is managing a car wash...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Reluctant Killer
By: John Osipowicz
The Reluctant Killer----------------Mystery Novel----------------379 pages

Millard Whitney is in his third day as a detective. So far, no clients, but then a beautiful blonde walks in. Millard is smitten. He is now filled with a Blythe spirit because that is the girl's name...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Mississippi Vampires
By: Vicky Renee Johnson (Vicky Renee Johnson)
Jonathan's human life had not amounted to much. He began his days in Amory, Mississippi, the eldest and only son of Robert and Judith Garland, born April 26, 1905. Even though he was a child of the great depression, his childhood had been a privileged one. The state of the economy had not helped his father's business, but it had not hurt it either...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Land of the Free
By: Krakondack (Krakondack)
Cam Burrows of the Border Patrol discovers a massive military complex and air base in northern Mexico, staffed by Chinese nationals. He is captured and may not be able to get word back unless he can escape and find a way back to the United States.
Meanwhile Robbie Linssman uncovers a conspiracy involving his employer, a large shipping company...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Permanent Interests
By: James Bruno (Lulu Press)
"Readers of Silva, Forsyth and Ludlum will enjoy this taut political thriller in which corrupt White House officials sell out to the American and Russian mobs to re-elect a weak President Corgan at all costs. American ambassadors and Russian spies who get in the way are killed. Diplomat Bob Innes falls into this conspiracy of political intrigue and murder and becomes the target of hired assassins and Russian mafia hitmen...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Quiet Professional--and Other Stories
By: Bryan Cassiday (Bryan Cassiday)
Meet John Cane. He doesn't know you, and you don't know him. You don't want to know him--especially if you're a bad guy. Cane used to work for SEAL Team Six. Now he works for the National Clandestine Service, the black ops department at the CIA. No op is too black for him. These three black operations take place in Hollywood and, as everybody knows, nobody can be trusted in Hollywood...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Promise Me Eternity
By: Ian Fox
Dr. Simon Patterson is a successful and well-respected neurosurgeon at Central Hospital in the town of Medford. Married, though without children, he keeps himself so busy that one day is not much different from another. Until, that is, he saves the life of the powerful mobster Carlo Vucci.
At a dinner in honor of Dr...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

The Software Conspiracy : A Novel
By: Sai Sankalap
Bangalore-based career obsessive Program Manager, Swaminathan Velliparasham has no idea that he was going to be engaged in a conspiracy involving his company until he runs away from the Seattle Police and he becomes a target himself. Determined to clear his name and find the killer, he uses his project management skills to solve a deepening conspiracy...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

The Twelfth Of Never
By: Lillian Francken (Amazon)
The Twelfth of Never - Espionage Thriller

Gideon LaMont thought he knew all the angles about survival. He thought he could control the demons hiding beneath the surface. The only thing he had to ease the pain was a picture of a woman he knew not how he came to having it or if she was real, but it was the only thing he had to hang onto when the demons surfaced...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Phase Four
By: Gary Carson (Blasted Heath)
On a remote desert highway in Nevada, a classified military convoy transporting nerve gas for incineration is hijacked by a group of Middle Eastern terrorists.

In San Francisco, Homeland Security investigator Matthew Drake is assigned to put one of the suspects under surveillance. But when the gas is released inside a luxury high-rise hotel in an apparent attempt to assassinate the President, Drake realizes - too late - that the hijackers weren't terrorists, the convoy wasn't carrying nerve gas and that something is very wrong in Washington D...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Billionaires, Bullets, Exploding Monkeys (A Brick Ransom Adventure)
By: Mike Attebery (Cryptic Bindings)
"Die Hard meets The Office"

Seattle billionaire and software titan Jeff Pepper couldn't have chosen a worse day to check up on the research project he's been funding at the university for more than a decade. When gunmen move in, seizing control of the building in their search for a previously unknown weapon, Jeff is caught in the middle of a nerve-wracking hostage situation, one in which he is an all-too-valuable pawn...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The last time I saw Steven ... a ghost story
By: Michael Jeffries
I tried to convince myself that the uneasy feeling I had in the house was just my imagination.

Then Steven came up missing, and the explanation was far from rational.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: Ryne Douglas Pearson (Schmuck & Underwood)
For fans of Scott Turow, Michael Connelly, and James Lee Burke... Knowing screenwriter Ryne Douglas Pearson brings to life a novel of vengeance, revelation, and redemption. Three bullets. Two killers. One secret that must be kept. Five years after his sister, Katie, was murdered, Father Michael Jerome has moved on with his life, but has never forgotten that terrible time...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Blood Ruby Covenant
By: Nelson Umeh
The Blood Ruby Covenant
The no1 fiction thriller g
Millionaire...thief...lover...marked man
Damon Black's secret double life as a New York real- estate tycoon and one of the worlds top jewel thieves, has been going flawlessly for over three
years, inspite of ace anti-robbery detective Jack Tyler's resilient pursuit...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Last Witness (Lou Mason Thrillers)
By: Joel Goldman (Joel Goldman)
If you love the twists, turns and suspense of John Grisham's legal thrillers, you'll love The Last Witness!

"Fast, furious and thoroughly enjoyable, The Last Witness is classic and classy noir for our time, filled with great characters and sharp, stylish writing. "
--Jeffery Deaver, author of The Vanished Man and The Stone Monkey

"The Last Witness is an old fashioned, '40s, tough guy detective story set in modern times...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Legally Lucky
By: Ram Gulrajani
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a multi -millionaire? Of course... but what if it's not all that it's cracked up to be?
I Raj, like many of us, aspires to become wealthy, want for nothing and live life to the full.
As many others around the planet, he takes a weekly punt on the national lottery...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: Guy Kessler
After his mother dies in a car accident, Jackson struggles with making a new home among a pair of kind and wealthy foster parents. But before he settles in, the rise of a cruel and efficient totalitarian regime stains Jackson's hometown with blood. In order to survive the coming genocide, Jackson must dodge the lethal intruders and make his way to safety...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Crimson Lake (A Leonardo da Vinci Mystery)
By: David Wisehart (Albedo Publishing)
Leonardo da Vinci must solve a locked room murder to save the city of Florence from certain destruction. (Short story.)


Gian Paolo put a hand on his cousin's shoulder. "Francesco, calm yourself. We must know the truth."

"I have told you the truth...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Sun Beyond the Clouds
By: Wil Zeus
A young Asian woman, Kira Nakamura, struggles to deal with her self-destructive thoughts, brought on by the suicide of her mother when she was a young child in Japan. Still living in the California home where her aunt and uncle raised her, an unexpected letter arrives from Tokyo and changes the course of her life...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Fishy Deals: Beneath the Surface
By: Larry Jarboe (Huggins Point Publishing LLC)
Commissioner Jerry Largent undergoes a massive change of attitude as events beyond his control propell him into taking a drastic change, to fake his own death!

Here is a sample:
The August full moon lit up the mouth of Indian Creek in front of the bedroom window in the Largent home that faced upriver toward the small town of Benedict in neighboring Charles County...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

THE LAND OF THE FREE: 2084 - Tomorrow is Today
By: John William McMullen
The year is 2084 and the world has spiraled from economic collapse, limited nuclear war, and global anarchy into a United World under the protection of The Program. History has effectively been forgotten, religion eliminated, and the distinguishing line between reality and fantasy ceases to exist.

The story follows Joe Peregrine, an officer with Death Patrol of the state media...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Super Nova
By: Lee Emerick (Lee Emerick)
Set over 100 years in the future, Commander Jack Emerick finds him self in a difficult situation. His team have been tasked with securing a disabled military facility in a far flung uninhabited area of space. However when they get there they find something far more sinister than a mutinous crew or terrorist activity that threatens the future survival of all mankind...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: Jeff Faulkner
He is a brilliant geneticist professor who has a very dark plan brewing. If he carries it out, it may bring him the woman of his ultimate desires. But, will it pay off, or be his downfall?
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Christmas Eve Can Kill You
By: William Marantz (Outskirts Press, Inc.)
When country-singer-turned-talkjock Val Virgo (aka Izzy Miller) receives a phone-in death threat from a self-described aboriginal militant, he laughs it off as a sick joke. When he wakes up in a hospital bed, he is no longer amused. Why would any self-respecting "terrorist" plant a bomb in the apartment of glorified disk jockey? In search of the answer to this vexing question Virgo takes a trip down memory lane, to the mean streets of his misspent youth, one step ahead of the mad bomber...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

By: Norman Spinrad (Norman Spinrad)
OSAMA THE GUN, set in a not-so-far future when the "Sons of Osama" have re-established a powerful Islamic Caliphate with Pakistani nuclear weapons and Arabian oil money, is the story of one of those "sons" of the martyr, a naive and sincere young man named after him, who becomes a Caliphate secret agent just to escape its closed confines to see the world, and stepwise finds himself becoming the reluctant hero of the title, as told to the reader by Osama the Gun himself...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Before I Wake
By: Anne Frasier
Originally published by Penguin/NAL.
If you are a fan of Fringe, you might like Before I Wake.

Caught between dreams and reality... A madman murdered her family, leaving her a shadow of the woman she once was. So one-time criminal profiler Arden Davis did the only thing she could: She volunteered for an experiment to wipe out the horrific memories that haunted her every waking moment...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Game Of Justice
By: Mark Radford (Mark Radford)
Britain, in the year 2027, is under military rule by a hard-line Animals' Rights organisation. Military Crimes Officer Carl Treyer, on an investigation into a man's death, discovers a trail of murder that leads to a top-ranking official. In trying to bring the perpetrator to justice, his life is placed in jeopardy...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Providence: A Play in Two Acts
By: C.S. Drury (C.S. Drury Productions)
The year: 2017

The setting: The basement of an abandoned building in a traditionally working class neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island.

A series of nuclear terrorist attacks has occurred in the northeast corridor of the United States and the country is in turmoil. A small group of revolutionaries calling themselves "Roger Williams" has organized to protect their homes, save their families from displacement, and resist the authoritarian atmosphere that has swept across the country...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

A Vietnam Love Story
By: charles Hinton
A Lieutenant fresh out of West Point falls in love with a woman he met at a local bar. He stays with her for thirty days and leaves for war. It's a heartwarming love story.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

This is a book containing twelve worksheets on addition.

A perfect revision help.

Aimed mostly at students aged between 11 and 14, but suitable for anyone struggling in the subject.

It also contains ways in which to work out mental arithmetic sums quicker.

This package contains full answers to all the questions...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Ubuntu, Truth, and Reconciliation
By: Oliver S. Lawrence
Combining the South African Truth and Reconciliation and Ubuntu ideas, this book explores a practical guide to implementing these concepts in an American context. Ubuntu is the concept based on our common reality and the Truth and Reconciliation process was defined by Desmond Tutu's committee that granted amnesty for political acts during the Apartheid years...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

10 More Myths of Modern Academia Exploded
By: Mark Hodges (Mark Hodges)
This volume is a continuation of the exploration of the myths which underlie the whole of modern academia. These are the cultural presuppositions that fuel and shape our curricula and teaching programs. Our children begin to learn the basic information behind these myths long before they attend their first pre-school class, as they are taught or implied in almost every program aired for children on TV...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Keys To The Mind Learn How To Hypnotize Through Conversational Hypnosis
By: Quashay Labron
How many times have you found yourself in a situation that called for mind control or the power of persuasion? Think about it. How great would it be to have the power to completely influence and change other people's thoughts?

Others have mastered this life changing skill. Of course, their reasons are always above reproach - bank robbers, international spies, terrorists, hardened criminals...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am
Fairy Tales

Kat's Tale (Undying Love Vampire Series)
By: Teresa Mummert (Teresa Mummert)
Kat is a small town girl whose world is turned upside down when the existence of vampires becomes known. While struggling with the murder of her brother she meets a handsome stranger named Caleb. He is everything she has ever wanted in a guy. But Caleb is keeping a dark secret from Kat that could cost her, her life!
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Sweet Rain Falls
By: Bernice Irene Bonewitz
An adult Aquarian Age fable inspired by the works of Carl Jung.

The authors first conceived The Sweet Rain Falls during the turbulent 1960's when the sexual revolution made daily headlines and the Flower Children bloomed.

Being intrigued by the studies of Carl Jung into the Archetypes of the collective unconscious, they decided to begin a work to greet what they hoped would be an intellectually honest Aquarian Age...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am
Family Saga

The Breadwinners
By: Jan Hurst-Nicholson (Just4kix Books)
An epic family saga set in South Africa.

When an ambitious young immigrant opens a bakery in competition with his vengeful former employer it is the beginning of a bitter rivalry that spans three generations of hatred, jealousy, passion and betrayal as the bakeries grow from small family businesses into large corporations...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

'Til I Kissed You
By: Pam Howes (YouWriteOn)
In this sequel to Three Steps to Heaven, Jess Mellor and Nick Cantello are in love. Jess's half-brother Jon is also in love with her. Following a tragic accident, Jess turns to Jon and an incestuous relationship begins, but is it...? Another tangled web of love, betrayal and music.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Oy Vey: A Novel (The Recession Saga)
By: Amelia Noel Sobel (Amelia Noel Presents)
Oy Vey is a soap opera, but it ain't your mamma's soap opera. This dark-witted humorous novel is the first in a saga of four which will feature the luxurious, ridiculous, and borderline-incestuous lifestyles of the "main plot" characters.

Samuel is an aging psychiatrist who is also a self-reflective misogynist...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Easton Hearts: The Complete Series
By: Anna Murray (Murray)
The three books in the Easton Hearts series are now available in one volume at a value price.

Orphaned on the trail and deceived by an outlaw sheriff, Sarah Anders is on the verge of a career as a soiled dove at Lola's brothel. She desperately grabs at her only chance for honest work -- at the Mineral Creek Ranch, owned by handsome Cal Easton...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Soul Gazer : Perfect Dawn
By: James Edwards (James ML Edwards)
"The writing was emotive, it kept me reading, it painted a beautiful picture and kept it up. Very descriptive writing with unique scenes..."

What if you fell in love just as the end of the world began?

When Horo falls in love with the Soul Gazer, Lakura, they are thrown into a war that they must never lose...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

Second Chance Series 1: BEGINNINGS
By: Paul Green (Paul Green)
What would it be like to get a Second Chance at life?

Find out when an old, embittered hermit gets to go back and do it all over again. A wonderfully fun tale with just the right mixture of romantic comedy and suspense, this fast-paced adventure fantasy will leave you satisfied yet yearning to know more about the delightful characters, an ancient nemesis, and their mysterious benefactor...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Army of Wolves (Dark Season III)
By: Amy Cross (Dark Season Books)
Five hundred years ago, a werewolf named Hamish entered into a pact to save his own life. But he broke the terms of that pact, and now an army of wolves is on his trail.

At first, Hamish believes his only chance of survival is to seek the help of his old friend, Patrick. But he then discovers that the vampire has a new companion, a human named Sophie...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Fantasy Stories -- Volume III
By: Robert E. Keller (Smart Goblin Publishing)
In this book you will find roughly 33,000 words of fantasy entertainment, from Robert E. Keller and Smart Goblin Publishing.

There are fifteen fantasy and science fiction tales involving strange Christmas trees, monsters that make sport of humans, nightmare worlds webbed in shadow, epic monster battles for the fate of the world, bargains with serpents, television shows that have gone too far, people trapped in a hellish machine, body armor that can think for itself, and aliens that won't stay dead...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:35am

The Unbroken Web: an interview with Richard Adams, author of "Watership Down"
By: Dale Andrew White (Twin Rivers Press)
An excerpt from the Amazon Kindle collection "Encounters with Authors":

* "The Unbroken Web"
- an interview with Richard Adams, author of "Watership Down," in which he discusses his approach to storytelling

* "Nature of the Beasts"
a short story by Dale Andrew White
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Fate and Destiny (The Books of Cain)
By: Stuart Timms (
430 year old Robert Cain is unlike other Vampires... and they know it.
He is sworn to protect the human race against his own kind and other supernatural forces, but when he fails to stop an English town from being massacred by a race of deadly demons; he decides to leave these shores and head for America...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

From Acorn to Oak: The Tale of Buck Badger
By: Carl Hendy
Family banishment, growing angst, and all the usual troubles of a young badger struggling to survive in a world filled with fear, violence and mutant squirrels is the theme.

A post-apocalyptic wildlife adventure for all ages, 'From Acorn to Oak: The Tale of Buck Badger' tells the story of Buck, a young badger who longed to escape the confines of the badger sett...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Teddy Bears and Tea Parties: A Horror Story (Apocalyptic Visions)
By: S. Boyd Taylor (S. Boyd Taylor)
A week ago, the world ended. The magic came back and made everything alive -- teddy bears, houses, everything. And everything that lives must eat... And humans are tasty snacks indeed.

A little girl with a knife ventures forth into this hell to find her missing sister and to make the teddy bears, who betrayed them both, pay...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Silas: A Supernatural Thriller
By: Robert J. Duperre (TRO Publishing)
Ken Lowery is a man at odds with his life. He hates his job, is disappointed in his marriage, and feels resigned to leading a mundane existence.

That all changes when his wife brings home a rambunctious Black Labrador puppy named Silas, who forges a remarkable connection with Ken and begins to heal his inner turmoil...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Sword of Destiny (The Young Merlin series)
By: Jane Watkins
This book is the first in a series that involves the young Merlin, on the planet Xann, where he meets Asgard, The Keeper of The Universe. In exchange for his help he will have possession of the sword Excalibur and join the crew of the spaceship Endeavour to combat evil in The Known Universe. As part of Asgard's team Merlin will have seven lives and (potentially) seven gruesome deaths...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

Bards and Sages Quarterly (July 2011)
By: Todd Austin Hunt (Bards and Sages Publishing)
The Bards and Sages Quarterly features original short speculative fiction from both new and established authors. Our writers include first-time authors, Pushcart Prize nominees and Nebula award winners. With each issue, our goal is to bring readers the most inclusive collection of speculative fiction available...
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

From the Passages of Revenants (The Dark Verse, Volume I)
By: M. Amanuensis Sharkchild (Armored Books)
Twenty-six short tales of fantastical horror that will follow you to the visions of your sleep. This is Sharkchild's first cosmic collection of Lovecraftian-style stories, a silver medalist in the category of Horror in the 2010 Independent Book Publisher Awards.
Updated: 12/14/2011 02:34am

The Wizard, the Farmer, and the Very Petty Princess
By: Daniel Fox
The evil undead are marching. As the human kingdoms stand on
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From the lists posted previously, I noticed a lot of them end up with … From the lists posted previously, I noticed a lot of them end up with prices fairly quickly, Hot if you can find a title you're looking for for free though

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Thanks for another great post Boz. I'm loving the precis for each book. … Thanks for another great post Boz. I'm loving the precis for each book. Saves an awful lot of time manually looking for each book on Amazon.Keep up the great work!

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