Size 12 Leather Jacket £3.90 + P&P from BonPrix
Size 12 Leather Jacket  £3.90 + P&P from BonPrix

Size 12 Leather Jacket £3.90 + P&P from BonPrix

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Leather jacket, snug pigskin jacket with a hood. Faux fur hood lining and trimmed hems and seams. Imitation horn duffle buttons. 100% leather (pigskin).

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Don't forget your Quidco 8% discount

I would be quick if you want one as I would imagine the stocks will be low at this price.


Oh my god - how weird is this site?? I keep getting shown peoples card numbers when I try and order - I could commit fraud here!!! Wouldn't touch with a bargepole for this reason, dodgy!!

I have just been on their website and have found a security flaw with their online ordering. I seriously advise not to put credit card details on this site.

Their website seems to be a bit screwy at the moment. My order confirmation for this coat gave a name and email address other than mine :? and I certainly hadn't order the items of ladies underwear it seems to think I have :? :?!

I have just got an e-mail saying I ordered 2 jackets and paid by Mastercard - I DIDNOT DO THIS!!!! I am worried now!!??? I didn't even get to the payment page so how could I place an order?

I just ordered from them and gave my card details...bit worried now. I didn't see anyone else's card details though, seemed all fine when I went through checkout.

do not order from this site.

Please People - Do Not Order!!! Vote Cold!!!

I already ordered... Really worried as people are saying they can view other people's payment details?

i cant see anyones details and the page is secure

i went to checkout but did not put in any details tho

Well I tried to order several times, everytime I placed in basket {1 item} is said I had about 4 things and showed more than one persons details - phone number, e-mail and card details. I tried once more, same thing - different names this time though, eventually I thought sod it, it's not worth it - I then get an e-mail saying I'd ordered 2 and paid by Mastercard - well firstly I didn't process ANYTHING, secondly I DIDNOT enter MY card detail - I only got as far as trying to register - with my address and e-mail, that's all. I have e-mailed them as I don't want to get into trouble. AVOID!!


i cant see anyones details and the page is secure

Well I saw about 6 people details....as did other people by the sounds of it - stay clear.

I phoned them and they asked me to contact them via there website which I have done.


Think I'm going to remove this until the security issues are ironed out.

Edit: Session ID info now removed- this should be fine now.
Let us know if there are any more issues.

Possible pricing error, picture says £390 but the price in the drop down box says £3.90

Original Poster

My apologies folks, if I had known about the security issues I would not have posted the link.

I'm rather worried as I ordered a jacket but saw someone elses credit card details. I deleted and replaced with mine (stupid to have not stopped right there I know!)

Having read the comments here I'm beginning to panic. I have contacted BonPrix by email and asked them to look into this but wondered if anyone has any suggestions as to what else I should do. Realise I'm closing the gate after the horse has bolted.........lesson learnt!

I ordered and had no problems quidco tracked as well. If you used a credit card you should be covered against any potential fraud.


Ok, if there were any security issues they are resolved now. How much was P&P for this item? The jacket itself is very cheap. I would have ordered a few but its pigskin

I still haven't heard back from them since I e-mailed yesterday : (

I emailed them and they've told me my order has been cancelled but I can place it again..........now that the offer has finished!

Oh yeah, and they seem to have glossed over the main point in my email i.e. THAT MY BL**DY CREDIT CARD DETAILS WERE LEFT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!
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