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Free first aid posters - Download and print posters for your fridge, staff notice board, or classroom. From St John Ambulance
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Download and print First Aid Posters for Your Home - Staff notice board - Classroom Some good info in these posters and could prove useful in an emergency if no first aider is pre… Read more
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Might cost a few with that spelling and grammar :O


great find


Heat - just another way the education system fails us and the NHS, this should all be compulsory at schools and every few years all gov agency staff should be refreshed, intervention before paramedics arrive would save the NHS hundreds of millions on costs. Firefighters in the US all have basic training, we can’t even do that with pathetic Westminster over decades.


Great post you never know. (highfive) I've printed a couple already, laminated them and stuck the on the fridge. (y) (y)


Thanks for sharing. These are amazing! Downloadable laminating i sending comment! 8)

First Aid and Health and Safety Training Courses for the Workplace & Schools @ St. Johns Ambulance
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
St John Ambulance is the first aid and health and safety trainer of choice for hundreds of thousands of companies, local authorities, and members of the public. First aid an… Read more

Wish it happened at the place I worked at because when the woman passed out all they said was oh well just stand around her, carry on serving customers and don't worry about it till the ambulance crew come. It was absolutely ridiculous and will never buy anything from that company or wish to be a part of them again. Especially with the management team all asking stupid questions like would you do her? Is she someone you want in your life. Never again.


It's St John Ambulance not St John's Ambulance (as in the Ambulance of St John) they are quite touchy about that lol


Cold not a deal


This is just information, not a deal.


might be useful but whats the price?

Get a free first aid guide Free @ St. Johns ambulance
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
First aid knowledge at your fingertipsThis pocket sized guide gives you essential first aid advice. Keep it handy – you never know when you might need it. The guide covers six key… Read more

Nope. Not yet. Use PayPal if an option every time vs card. Most get done because of a week password used on multiple websites. We are off topic, although I'd need a chair and inhaler if it happened to me.


Anyone else get fraudulent transactions made on their cards after ordering online?


Don't forget that St John's have an app for both Android and iOs. I was advised to download it as a quick reference guide at the end of a recent First Aid at Work course. You'll pretty much always have your phone in your pocket.


I'd rather a free first aid guide than a non existent one like this: and if anything first aid may be required after.


These First Aid info deals are on here a lot. All HDUKers should be aware of First Aid now and be able to attempt to help!

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Get a free baby first aid guide via St Johns Ambulance
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
First aid knowledge at your fingertips This pocket sized guide gives you essential baby first aid advice. Keep it handy - you never know when you might need it. This guide is … Read more

Thanks OP


I've attempted to submit my details several times on both Chrome and IE but as soon as I click "Submit" it doesn't redirect me to a confirmation page or anything. Did it do the same for you? Am i about to received 347 copies now?


I still struggle to get over that it's "St John Ambulance" and not "St John's".


Thank you


Lovely deal

Free St John Ambulance First Aid Guide and Free phone App
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
This pocket sized guide gives you essential first aid advice. Keep it handy – you never know when you might need it. The guide covers six key first aid techniques: • Choking • Se… Read more

It is.


Absolutely, suits your name too x


I obviously meant heat but wont bother changing it as think this is better haha


Installed it, its treally good and easy to understand. Great find, heat added


Yes getting head is important lol

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Get a free baby first aid guide. Enter details to get this delivered
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
A little knowledge is a good thing.

Don't particularly want the free baby included in the deal, but the first aid gudie seems good. thanks!


Ordered thanks.


Great free life saving guide, theres also a general first aid guide free on the site worth ordering...


Good Idea :)


Thanks ! You can also download the app :)

First Aid advice available for everyone in the UK including first aid for babies and pets
Found 12th Dec 2017Found 12th Dec 2017
This is an expansion of the post by: adam448 [ Original post ] and gerrymig [Original Post] First Aid advice available for everyone in the UK. I highly recommend reading up … Read more

my boss is a firstaider at work ...he fainted when he saw blood coming from my finger...😁


Thank you for posting this :)


I was shocked sja did pet forst aid, I see it is a composite post and it is rspca, have some heat for the giggles


It is indeed Sylvia, I'll add it in to the original post! Thanks!


This is also a fabulous app.

Free Pocket First Aid Guide
Found 18th Oct 2017Found 18th Oct 2017
St John Ambulance are giving away FREE first aid guides to help people deal better with emergency situations. You’ll learn how to help people who have heart attacks, choking, sever… Read more
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Never knew this thanks :)


You do have to give your phone number or email address just home address with opt out for any correspondence.


Yes -- this was posted a couple of weeks ago:


REMEMBER, the idea is to read it BEFORE you find the person having a heart attack/with their arm hanging off. (My favourite STAB casualty was a guy with an 18" steel rod sticking out of his right eye).


however they plague you with constant phone calls asking if you would like to financially contribute

FREE - St John Ambulance First Aid Guide For Cyclists App IOS and Android and Free First Aid Guide App IOS and Android
Found 1st Sep 2017Found 1st Sep 2017
Was looking at THIS and its a shame its not open to everyone in the UK But these Apps are very handy if You have not done First Aid before and also like Myself brush up on Your … Read more
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Posted some month's ago, but always goooood to see this one back still. :-)


I cycle and I drive. Most annoying thing that happens when cycling is the number of people who don't look around before stepping into the road. They think because they can't hear a car that the road is clear. People even do it when pushing children in prams. Crazy. Look around before stepping into the road!


Blimey, looking at some of the anti-cyclist comments here you can see why cyclist might need to learn first aid!


Hahaha yeah my bad, guess it touched a more whining! Btw heat added, nice one OP ;)


Can't tell which side's whinier, the motorists or the cyclists?

Get a Free First Aid Guide - Provided By  St. John  Ambulance
Found 12th Jul 2017Found 12th Jul 2017
This pocket sized guide gives you essential first aid advice. Keep it handy – you never know when you might need it. Remembering St John Ambulance is also a charity you may want t… Read more

Sadly, none of the money given to central office ever seems to make its way down to the Division level; I think I can only ever remember one "donation" from London to my cadet Division - £50 for coming 2nd* in the UK First Aid comp regional finals (U18s); even the adult Division had to find its own resources. We got our money from collection buckets at the events we attended. * The team we lost to went on to win at the World finals in Australia


Also Free St John Ambulance apps : iPhone app : Android : NEW Android 1st Aid for Cyclist: I think its good to go through app once installed ( not wait till emergency !)


Save the charity money and instead get an online guide or look at videos.


As an ex St John member, I have to say, the modern version of both the Red Cross and SJAB First Aid manuals have been severely dumbed down. All because their lawyers told them to........


Thanks for this Boz..

Free First Aid Guide.
Found 7th Aug 2016Found 7th Aug 2016
St Johns Ambulance fold-out first-aid guide. Handy to keep in the car for days out, or the obligatory medicine cupboard!

Just be aware from personal experience previously - they may use your details and a 'hard sell' to get you to donate a monthly amount to them. I had a very difficult conversation that started with them asking for £20 a month and slowly got down to £2 a month - gave them a one off donation in the end. It is a couple of years ago now and given the negative publicity over such phone calls, they may have changed their ways (or the ways of their agents) If you can resist the possible guilt trip then fine!


​Have you tried this Might do one of these tonight see how they are


AGREED!. :-) Wish I could find a few of such free Courses via some means in London though?, as not everywhere does it now? (I believe only Wales and Scotland still do these for free?, but I could be wrong?). :-( My search continues ..... hehehe.


Thanks for the post but I wasn't sure what the link was for. I clicked it and was pleased to see it was the link for the ios, android and blackberry versions I have clicked like on your post and given heat to the original posting


Download an app as well. Saves you hinting for the paper version.

Five ways you can save your baby’s life poster @ St Johns Ambulance
Found 5th Feb 2015Found 5th Feb 2015
Hopefully no one will need this but might be handy to take a look at or print out. The video maybe useful too:… Read more

great find


Yes excellent for new parents to place on the fridge/freezer or kitchen cupboard. The poster in the pdf doesn't seem to like the letters f and i together though.


Great idea, a real life saver.


Definitely Heat. Years ago our toddler was choking on a penny she had picked up from the floor. Luckily I managed to save her with the advice as above. She is now at school but I'm still very careful, particularly as Hotfinder said with grapes - we cut them into thirds.


We had to do this when our child was starting solids. It was only a small piece of soft pear but when they're learning to eat I guess anything can get lodged. The ambulance guys said that the worst culprit were grapes - cut them up small, NOT WHOLE! It's just the right size to get stuck in the windpipe and you'll be lucky to get it out. Hope that bit of advice helps someone!

Free First Aid App from St Johns Ambulance
Found 21st Jan 2015Found 21st Jan 2015
A very useful app, free first aid advice at your fingertips. Available for AndroidTM, BlackBerry® and iPhone® mobile device users, the app provides easy to follow advice on a rang… Read more
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I think it's good to post these apps often, whether it's hukd etiquette or not - having a good first aid app handy could save a life. I'm kinda ashamed to say I didn't have one on my phone before, so this was a good reminder! In the end I downloaded the Red Cross ones, which are also free: <- baby and child first aid ...but the St John's one is smaller and simpler, so it might be the better option if you don't have much space on your phone. Otherwise, there's no harm in checking out both! Thanks for posting this deal:)


St Johns, or as the Red Cross call them "The Penguins of Doom"


A crappy world we live in. All first aid kits will come with a costume like this soon so that you cant be identified :P


Why do my replies keep getting submitted for moderation?


Just to let everyone know that I did a St.Johns first aid course on Tue past and they now have insurance for anyone who has passed the course to protect you if someone does decide to sue.It is complete madness these days with too many claims etc! Never be afraid to save someone's life....think how you would feel if you just walked away like a coward and they died without help!

Free St John Ambulance First Aid Guide
Found 31st Dec 2015Found 31st Dec 2015
Visit the St John Ambulance web site and you can request a pocket sized guide that gives you essential first aid advice. It covers five common conditions where straightforward firs… Read more

Thank you for sharing. x


Android App


Thanks HUKD ites


I got mine last time. It's very helpful, Didn't take long to receive it either. :)


very interesting....thanks for sharing

St John Ambulance free online first aid session for students Friday 20th June
Found 21st May 2014Found 21st May 2014
While looking for a free First Aid course I spotted this, looks interesting. Just sign up to join the lesson. Have fun. Book a front row seat for the biggest free first aid lesson… Read more

The course will be for primary and secondary schools. I will post more details once I get a reply from them.


Anyone know what age is this suitable for?


cmon everyone this should be hotter than this by now!!


Good good good Had someone die on me and wish I could have been more prepared! I cannot think of a more important subject to teach.


Thanks for that, sometimes silly objects get so hot in here. I hope people will see the real value in this, it's a skill for life that could save many lives.

Free first aid pocket guide.
Found 28th Mar 2014Found 28th Mar 2014
This pocket sized guide gives you essential first aid advice. It covers five common conditions where straightforward first aid could be the difference between a life lost and a lif… Read more

Doesn't work for me :(


that deal was not jew only, it was directed at the jew community but anyone could get it. I received one :)




Why no work for me?


still waiting for mine from months ago!

St Johns Ambulance FREE First Aid Guide
Found 9th Nov 2013Found 9th Nov 2013
Get Your Free First Aid Guide Today! It Can Save A Life!

As I am a trained first aider this is great for everyone and may just save a life. Heat added op and thanks.




Looks good.thank you.


The app is pretty good too. Not ideal in a real situation, but if you've got someone there to help you when dealing with a casualty then it could be handy. For each illness or injury there's an audio guide so you don't need to look at your phone whilst trying to help someone.


I think this was posted months back, so well worth a reminder. The great thing is it's small enough to fit into a purse - you just never know when or where you'll need it.

Free St. John's ambulance first aid guide
Found 31st May 2013Found 31st May 2013
Everyone should learn basic first aid techniques. You never know when you might need them - you could be at home, at work, at school or on holiday. Whether it's a minor situation o… Read more

Buy a pot of nutella? but this is the freebies section. :p


What a ***** attitude you lot have, anything free or cheap you r all up for it, yet anything free, yes free, from a organisation, that actually matters you are all shooting it down, because they are trying to raise some funds to keep itself going , which saves lives, and as for knocking on your door to give you the guide u ordered on the Internet, u r full of it, u lair, sneaky behaviour , yer ok, it's really a sneaky organisation isn't it, trying to make people aware of life saving methods, why don't you all **** off and buy a pot of nutella


They knocked on my door and handed me the free first aid booklet saying what a vital life saving tool it was. When I refused to give a monthly donation they literally took it back out of my hands. Made me laugh how ridiculously rude and pathetic behaviour it was so they'll never get any money from me now!


Cold for the sneaky behavior of st johns..


I refused to make a donation and told them not to bother sending me the guide out, they got all arsey on the phone so I hung up in the end!