Skate Ramp 50% off now £5 @ Halfords

Skate Ramp 50% off now £5 @ Halfords

Found 24th Dec 2014
Could be an addition to all those new wheeled presents that Santa will bring on Xmas day. Can be used for a skateboard, bmx and scooters etc and supports up to 90kg in weight (so good for most teens and some adults :). If order before 26th you get an extra 10% off. Recommend safety gear

They also have a skateboard and safety gear for £10.…set

Not available for home delivery but checked stock and available in most Halfords stores to reserve and collect.

Product info from the website:


With the Monster Skate Ramp, you can practise plenty of skateboarding tricks from the comfort of your own garden! Lightweight, compact and portable, this mini Monster ramp is a great way to improve your skills and can be used with skateboards, skates, BMX bikes and even scooters! Just make sure you wear a helmet and protection pads to keep your bonce, elbows and knees safe.

Single injection moulded ramp
Portable & ready to use
Max user weight limit 90 kg
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thanks reserved for pick up good to go with sons new stunt scooter

thanks reserved for pick up good to go with sons new stunt scooter

No problem glad someone found it useful, can really go wrong for £5. Merry Christmas to you !!
How are you managing to order? All I've got all night is page unavailable as soon as I try to check out. Can't even sign in as same error page comes up. I did manage to get something in my basket earlier but then couldn't check out.
was over an hour ago I did, they must be really busy atm. Hopefully you can get one.
It was a bit of plywood and some bricks 'back in my day' X)
Enjoy Christmas in A&E.....
Plenty round Glasgow
Nice, £5 gets you a free ticket to A&E
price is a bit steep.

It was a bit of plywood and some bricks 'back in my day' X)

We used to lift up pavement slabs turn them long ways, and hold em up with bricks or something. Worked a treat while skateboarding, still does.

The plastic ramps are a bit poo.

Their too light, no real anti slip paid, so nothing to take serious. Kids may enjoy it, but for a cheap kicker, it shows its quality. (coming from someone who skateboards for 13 years).

price is a bit steep.

That's worth a "Boom, Tish"
As others have stated enjoy a trip to A&E if buying this, word of advice make sure it's got so.ething none slip under it,

My friends daughter got one for Xmas a few years back and she tumbled as it slipped out as she went over and ended up with a broken arm.

£5 ain't such good value anymore
Might get for kid rc trucks,
Got this today along with skateboard - both for £9. Couldn't be bothered wrapping it though, it'll do a birthday.
Thanks OP...reserved for pick up. It will go great with my sons new stunt scooter. Have some heat!
Bought one of these recently and went over it on my bike. It was ok but I hit a dog and fell off my bike. Dog died but it was still quite fun.
You get like 3 feet of air.
Not sure a swl of 90kg is enough for the fat kids these days!

Might get for kid rc trucks,

Thats not a bad idea.
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