Skechers Shape-Ups Mens Leather XT Lace Up Trainers 75% off now £25 @ ebay barrattsshoes

Skechers Shape-Ups Mens Leather XT Lace Up Trainers 75% off now £25 @ ebay barrattsshoes

Found 6th Sep 2012
Normally I do not rate too highly the deals which appear on the ebday daily deals website, but this one caught my eye.

These are not the most fashionable of shoes, but they are incredibly comfy, and for anyone who has ever had problems/injuries with their feet or legs, or for people who want to walk a bit taller and straighter these are great shoes, and a steal at £25.
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just be careful when you buy this kind of shoes, I had a pair before, was feeling comfortable with the shoes but after couple of weeks, my ankles started to get sore and I went to my doctor, and he said that I have damaged my ankles due to the shoes which put extra pressure on it. It was painful for couple of weeks after stop wearing the shape-up.
It's my personal experience, so it may suit some people but definitely not all.

I've had a pair of the white ones for a year and they are super comfy.

They are weird to start with, but after a week or two, they feel great.

Personally I love them, but don't expect a super body just from buying a pair of trainers!

I do honestly believe that they help you walk more upright, so that has to be a good thing...

Heat from me!
Most comfy shoes I've ever owned, though they do take a little getting used to... I usually wear through the soles in a few months, so hopefully these will last a while! Got a pair for £25 last time they were on offer, bargain
Heat added! Great for ladies too I bought size 7.5.

I damaged my foot wearing very expensive walking boots and got plantar fasciitis. Shape-ups helped me heel really quickly and are now the only shoe I'll wear to walk the dog and other long distances.
Cheers op
Bought a pair of these a few weeks ago, and they say to wear them for an extra 15 minutes each day, which I'm sure most people won't do. I wake up with sore feet muscles each morning now, which I'm sure is due to these. Maybe I should of listened to the instructions/warnings I stopped wearing them after 2 or 3 days. Although, for those 2 days, I was mainly sitting down at work, so I didn't walk around in them that much

Just thought I'd pass along my experience with them
Hot from me..anyone with knee problems these are great, takes the pressure of the knee into the surrounding muscles.
I use a pair to help me lurch around in a zombie / monster costume ..they are wired but comfy.

Wife wears these at work alot (nurse) & swears by them as she's always on her feet, very good slow training shoes.
Was tempted until I read this:…nd/
I looked in to getting a pair of Tone Ups a few years ago and completely changed my mins after reading how much these can put your knees and hips out of balance. I have enough joint problems with out trying these out.
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