Skeleflex: Skelesaur Powerflex Lab T-Flex - save £15 - £9.99 delivered @

Skeleflex: Skelesaur Powerflex Lab T-Flex - save £15 - £9.99 delivered @

Found 23rd Nov 2009
Skeleflex is the only creative building system that allows children to create an endless number of outrageous flexible figures with life-like movement. Each set in the Skeleflex range can be added to the next, allowing for incredible variety and a huge number of unique creations.

The Skelesaur Powerflex Lab allows you to bring your Skeleflex creations to life! The lab base allows you to control the speed and motion of the creatures you create. The Powerflex lab is supplied with the pieces required to build a terrifying Skeleflex dinosaur!


Looks interesting, ta.

Oh wow! I would have killed for this when I was younger. Seems to be a pretty good deal, can't find it cheaper - so hot! Play also has alien bones skull thingy add on for a fiver which might be worth getting as well. To make alien T-Rexs I guess

Any idea on the size of this kit? (The built T Rex).

Would suggest you read the reviews on Amazon before buying:

]Amazon reviews

Not exactly 'rave' reviews.
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