Skeleton Dial Cufflinks - Argos -Was £14.99 now £2.49

Skeleton Dial Cufflinks - Argos -Was £14.99 now £2.49

Found 15th Jan 2015
Gold, rose gold and rhodium plated skeleton dial cufflinks.

Size 24 x 20mm
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Reserved a couple, cheers
Thanks OP, just reserved a set
great find, thanks OP, ordered a set
Ordered a couple of sets. Thanks
Just ordered, thanks
Wow they look naff ! Cheap though X)
They look quirky, shame I don't know anyone who would wear them though. Heat from me.
They do look at tad tacky, (No offence) but very good find, thank you Heat added xxxx
Great spot. Ordered, thanks!
Great present for a relative you don't particularly like, £2.49 for rotary cuff links, perfec
Nice share - thank you. Heat added.
would be alright for using on a steampunk outfit, if anyone does that kinda thing
Reserved a couple off these cuff links for Xmas pressies , starting early lol
Thanks op x
those are lovely. I know lots of lads that'd like the design, pity none of them are cuff link types!!!
steam punks must-have.
awesome find. Thanks for sharing this
Great, these will be good gifts for my best men! Heat!
do they actually move? the dials inside or is it just for show ?
On one of the reviews they say they got it free with the watch. Nonetheless I've reserved a pair, at £2.49 they're a bargain
If you like those then you may also like these.…all
Thanks for sharing - they do look like something you get out of a cracker and the picture makes them look like plastic...
Good reduction though - have some heat!
Wanted something like this, but looking at the bigger pictures, quality doesn't look to justify £15, certainly. Probably ok for £2.50.

[edit] - especially when compared to those linked to above.
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great!! cheers!!
these look great but I have no one to buy for.

these look great but I have no one to buy for.

treat yourself
now all I need to go with these is Dyson's specs or Steve Jobs'

I am sure Alistair Darling would love these too
Edited by: "crazymonkey" 15th Jan 2015
Ordered ty

Another Argos "no stock" offer!

Not online or nearest 10 shops...
Thanks reserved ! Heat
Some Shankle Shonk has just reserved the last pair/s from Nottingham Parliament Street. There one sec, gone the next!
Looks good, thanks OP ☺
Reserved thank you
I know they are cheap but they look horrible. Would rather spend an extra £10 and get something like these, after all cool gimmick is kinda the point of an item like this…ery
I had a watch cufflink once where the cuff link was an actual working watch, broke tho thought this moved
Reserved it, but even on the argos website it says has been £4.99 previously so hardly less than half price
Got these free in a cracker over Xmas! So voted cold.
Now I just need a shirt with cufflink holes that doesn't have frills and a bowtie collar haha

EDIT: The deal photo made them look good quality, but on closer inspection on the Argos website they look pretty tacky Pity!
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Hot, but no stock near me

Reserved 2. Hot.
Managed to get some, well worth a punt at that price
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