Skid ebook for kindle FREE

Skid ebook for kindle FREE

Found 13th Dec 2013
Free eBook can't go wrong for free really or less you are like me and don't have an eBook device (kindle) lol

Product Description

Racing is a game that kisses death on the lips...

Samantha drove the car that killed her dad. Now racked with guilt, the 17-year-old girl racer from Oklahoma promises to fulfill the racing dreams they shared. Even if it kills her. Samantha sneaks into a private testing session and impresses the eccentric owner of Formula 1 racing team who takes a chance on the outspoken, yet crazy-talented girl.

Samantha pushes herself, pushes her car, pushes her luck at 200 miles per hour. She battles a seven-time world champion and Ferrari racing god who was once a crush-worthy hero to a girl, but now a dream-crushing rival to a young woman. Samantha befriends the nerdy-cute nephew of the team's owner who she leans on for support and to keep her sanity. Yet his gentle advances beyond friendship clash with Samantha's racing goals. For advice on what to do, Samantha wants to ask her two sisters, but they won't speak to her. Not since she told them the real truth about Dad's accident. The real truth about that dark and rainy night that splits her family in two.

All Samantha's problems come to a head at a place called Spa in the lush Belgian forest. A place infamous for killing race car drivers. Samantha must use all her skill, all her daring, and all her luck to win it all and become the young woman she's destined to be.

But only if she can beat the Ferrari next to her. And only if the rain stops falling. And only if she can get her hands on the steering wheel to stop shaking.

Skid should appeal to readers of John Green and Courtney Summers who love character-centered stories with more action and readers who love empowering heroines who can change the world around them.

“Samantha soon wormed her way into my heart and I found myself routing for her, both in love and in races. I could hardly put the book down and read it in less than two days.” - Jess from the UK

“It has a very original and exciting plot with a blend of perfection - sports and a strong heroine! Doug Solter completely nailed Samantha's feeling, thoughts, and emotions.” - Erfra on Goodreads

“I think guys and gals alike will enjoy Skid and it’s fast story line. It was a quick read and keeps a great pace.” - Mandy on Goodreads

“This is a great, character driven, fast paced read with a unique plot/premise that you can not put down.” - Angela Townsend, Author of AMAROK
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Would this give you Skid marks?

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