Skillz for iPad, Free (Usually £3.99)

Skillz for iPad, Free (Usually £3.99)

Found 30th Nov 2011
Skillz for iPad is a rhythm game for existing and wannabe digital DJs. It has two turntables and lets you mix, cross-fade and scratch your way to DJ stardom. The gameplay is similar to Tap Tap Revenge and requires you to control both left and right album decks, the sampler and cross fader.

When you are ready to play, you can select your DJ avatar and adjust your audio settings in the options. You can also download extra DJs and tracks, though the choice is still limited. There are several gameplay modes including Custom Play and Career Mode.There's also a nice tutorial that steps you through all the moves. After you have selected your mode, you can chose the venue, the song you want to sample and the difficulty level.

Once the game starts, you have to respond appropriately to notes, rhythms, scratches and crossfades coming down the sampler track. It's a complex series of motions that takes two hands to complete. Achievements are rewarded as fans, and the better that you do, the more fans you will earn. Your fan level is important as it'll let you unlock new levels, characters, and achievements as you play. The crowd also responds to your performance and will cheer wildly when they like what they hear.

Skillz for iPad includes 25 tracks that span a variety of hip-hop and dance genres so you have a good starting selection. The game also supports OpenFeint so you can share your achievements and post them on OpenFeint's leaderboard.

Skillz is an enjoyable and challenging game for anyone who enjoys this genre of music. The gameplay is fast-paced, even on the easy level. The two-handed play definitely keeps you hopping. The music is decent and the graphics are bright and lively. The only complaint is that the effects are subtle. When you scratch, it's sometimes difficult to hear the scratch sound that you're making because of the background music. The same applies to the notes and cross-fading. This takes away a bit from the gameplay, but you can tweak the audio settings to find that your preferred balance between music and effects.
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