Skinny Cow lollies £1 for 4!
Skinny Cow lollies £1 for 4!

Skinny Cow lollies £1 for 4!

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There are packs of skinny cow lollies in various flavours, £1 for a box of 4, ideal for slimmers who want an ice lolly through the summer.
I think the deal is nationwide.


Im assuming the offer hasnt expired, but these have also been £1 a pack in tescos for a while now

These lollies are horrible, taste like pure fat(know it isnt)

Sickly ewww

have to agree with ryouga, boght some of these and they was horible. maybe thats the idea for them being ideal for slimers, make them taste vile so you dont eat them

Yep have tried them and would not take them again for FREE!!!!
Think once shelves are cleared, you wont see them around agaian.

Vile?!!? oh come on, while theyre not as tasty as their unhealthy alternatives, they certainly arent vile!

.....pretty sure any kids wouldnt complain about eating them, and they wouldnt even know about the lack of sugar

I'm going to have to back up the vile posts. I wouldn't buy them again if they were 100 for £1

Fabs are much nicer... :-)

They are not as nice as non fat variety, but considering what they are aren't that bad

Another vote for vile! Still have 1/2 a box in the freezer, I wouldn't buy again.

OOO my slimming world consultant recommends these, think i will give them a miss as so many hate them lol

These are mank.

Only tried the chocolate 1s and they werent nice at all!

like the minty ones!

Lol..........at 44% it seems a hot(ish) deal, but everone who comments hates them!

Have to disagree!

These are lovely, especially when you take into account the lack of any guilt when eating them! And as far as clearing the shelves not to restock, quite the opposite - I've been pestering Skinny Cow online to introduce Skinny Cow cakes (ice cream with two digestive-like 'wafers') for months after having them in the USA, and they are introducing them next year after they've finally been cleared by whatever our version of the FDA is.

Voted hot!

Healthy eating is about a lot more than just fat content. Have you seen the ingredients on these things? Not only do they taste vile, with the most awful after taste, but they are full of rubbish.

I'd fill a lolly maker with flavoured low fat (sweetener free) yoghurts anyday over this.
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