Skins Season 1 - £14.99 Pre-order - 10% back throuh quidco
Skins Season 1 - £14.99 Pre-order - 10% back throuh quidco

Skins Season 1 - £14.99 Pre-order - 10% back throuh quidco

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Channel 4's great series about the trials and tribulations of a gang of hip young things as they behave badly under the noses of authority figures and their parents could have been some terrible, pandering teens-ploitation effort but thanks to witty writing and some well sketched characters, it turned out to be the TV hit of the year. It does suffer a little from Grange Hill syndrome, that weird phenomena where a huge amount of wild things happen to a very small group of young people... I was a teenager once and my life was never this exciting, but I think I am being deliberately obtuse and missing the point. Skins exists in it's own hyper real space, A kind of magnified reality of sex, drugs and pre-adult anarchy.

Highlights include the most psychotic drug dealer ever seen on TV, an orgiastic rave in a rich girls house and a gang of posh lads exacting cruel revenge on the leading man for all the dubious sexual adventures he's had that cause all his friends to reject him. So, for all it's pill crazed, horny insanity, Skins still has a moral centre and you can't party forever...because people wind up getting hurt. This is a guaranteed DVD hit and a perfect example of how Channel 4 get TV drama right. Lazy comparison: Shameless for kids.

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